Are Manual Transmissions Still More Fuel Efficient Than Automatics?

Bankrate says, “No.” For the average driver under the average conditions, there is little difference.

For drivers in everyday situations, a manual transmission is not likely to provide any difference in fuel economy over an automatic transmission. The reason is that to achieve the optimum fuel efficiency a driver has to execute shifts at precise engine rpms (revolutions per minute). Given the challenges of city driving conditions, most drivers won’t be able to realize greater fuel economy with a manual gearbox.

One consideration, however, is that usually an automatic transmission costs extra, which could factor into the buying decision. On the flip side, the majority of new vehicles aren’t even offered with a manual transmission.

Good to know. What do you suppose the mileage is like on the Wienermobile?

Best mileage: Automatic or manual? [Bankrate]
(Photo:Keylime Steve)

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