Slate Tests Snoring Solutions

Living with a snorer brings out the worst in you—things you would never do while awake, like punching your partner in the face, seem trivial at three in the morning when your bedmate suddenly sounds like an old lawnmower. This chronic snorer tested several solutions to find what worked best, ranking them on ease of use, reaction of spouse, and how he felt the morning after. The surprising winner? A tennis ball tied to the back of a t-shirt to prevent him from rolling onto his back.

The one that fared the worst was the terribly named Pureline Scoreclipse. We still can’t figure out what they were going for with that second “word”—it looks like “score,” “sore,” “clips” and “eclipse” all mashed together. Why would you want any of those words associated with a snoring cure? The clips use magnets and apparently go into your nose, and were uncomfortable. The spouse also hated them.

[Correction: Turns out it’s called the Pureline Snoreclipse, which makes a lot more sense. In our defense, as of this afternoon Slate is still spelling the product incorrectly—but we could have followed the link to confirm spelling the first time around. Thanks, MadMolecule!]

“Silent Night” [Slate]
(Photo: Getty)

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