Skorts Are Never Appropriate At Comcast

This is the dress code policy for Comcast call centers. It strictly forbids the use of skorts.




Comcast’s Official Make A New Pot Of Coffee Policy
Comcast’s Official Water Jug Changing Policy


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  1. Rando says:

    Whats the big deal?

  2. Parting says:

    Well, they a bit too casual. So I agree with this policy.

  3. Parting says:

    Sorry, but how that affects us as consumers?

    As long as a company provides good service, I don’t care if employees work in bathing or santa suits.

  4. LTS! says:

    You know, as long as you don’t buy the skort with a credit card you’ll be okay. Although, they’ll be able to find you if you continue to work at Comcast, so I guess you should just buy the skort, with cash, quit your job, and get on with life.

  5. Alvis says:

    @chouchou: So you can picture what the people screwing with you look like.

  6. HungryGrrl says:

    culottes are ok but not skorts????!!!!!!!!!1 OMG!!!

  7. stevekal says:

    a skort is a skirt with hidden (not visible) shorts underneath, right?

    Who gets the job of skirt vs. skort checker?

  8. CrapoCrap says:

    Um, fingertip length skirts are OK? My fingertips are less than an inch long. So a skirt, about the size of the end of a band-aid is just fine.
    What are they complaining about?

    • nbs2 says:

      I think they mean end of finger when your arms are at your side. I’m not sure how this would play out with someone who had short/no arms, though.

  9. uricmu says:

    Doesn’t every company in America have a dress code that isn’t too different from this?

    And besides, even in this day and age the vast majority of women working for Comcast are likely not the ones doing the field work (at least I hardly saw any even though I lived in a large apartment building). Hence, they’re probably working in an administrative office so as a customer you never see them.

  10. darkclawsofchaos says:

    college is funny, some people come to class dressed for the beach, in PJs straight out of bed(probably just woke up five minutes before class sometimes), half naked, yeah, early fall and late spring is really intereating, I’ve even seen girls walking around only in towels in the dorm (security is really bad in the dorms, I don’t live there but its co-ed, no one ever questions me if I just walk in, especially if I’m with a friend who lives there)

  11. HungryGrrl says:

    ‘Fingertip length’ means at least as long as your fingers when your arms are hanging down at your sides. I learned about this rule and to do this ‘check’ when I was in high school.

    ‘Fingertip length’ varies depending on how long one’s arm is… but it always is a hell of a lot shorter than knee length.

    • mharris127 says:

      Finger-tip length is actually quite short. Traditional professional guidelines always stated at least knee-length on the skirts and dresses. Slips must be worn with skirts and dresses. Also, no breast areas showing on blouses. For men, dress shirts (some even specified that they were to be white), ties (black or blue) and dress slacks (some specified black or dark navy. IBM and the accounting firms even specified black or dark navy suit jackets when outside the office on official business. Dress shoes for men and women. I know things changed in the 90’s in many places, but some may run into older businesses that still require the old guidelines. The guidelines shown are actually loose enough to just about drive the proverbial truck through.

  12. StevieD says:

    I have a pretty open minded dress code, but I must be blunt, most of my employees are just not worth looking at, regardless of what they are wearing.

    So if I had a hot looking babe as my administrative assitant I would let her wear whatever in hell she wanted to wear just to give me something to rest my eyes upon.

    Alas my AA is, well, almost my mom’s age and uglier than a pile of (edited).

  13. jaredgood1 says:

    Ok, mini rant coming. I hate skorts with the fury of a thousand exploding suns. Why? I’m a leg man. Legs in skirts are sexy. Legs in shorts, not so much (I don’t know why, they just aren’t to me). There is nothing worse than walking down the sidewalk and seeing a woman with great legs wearing a skirt, only to reveal when they pass you that they are wearing skorts. Instant freaking turn off.

  14. swalve says:

    Why the Comcast hate? This is good. If people dress professionally, perhaps they will finally start acting professionally.

  15. faust1200 says:

    As much as it pains me to choke down the bile that fills my throat as I say (well type) this, Comcast is right – Skorts are never appropriate.

  16. swalve says:

    @jaredgood1: I’m pretty sure guys like you are why skorts were invented.

    Lets get to the REAL question- are sporks allowed?

  17. bpotterr says:

    Ok. Is there any kind of bare feet that have shoes on them? I’m interested to know why they need to specify “bare feet without shoes.”

  18. neithernor says:

    Are they crazy? Skorts are about the least provocative piece of clothing I can think of that is still commonly worn in the U.S. (Granted, I’m a girl, but still.)

  19. bpotterr says:

    @swalve: I think yes, unless you are using sporks to cover your head.

  20. Lin-Z [linguist on duty] says:

    casual fridays? count me in!

    and skorts are almost the same as shorts, so it does make sense.

  21. kellyhelene says:

    Well, there’s two kinds of skorts. There’s the kind that are shorts with a flap in the front, so it looks like a skirt, but only from the front. And then there’s the kind that’s basically just a short skirt with shorts under it, so you really can’t tell unless you’re looking far too closely.

    And in a twisted way, I’m a big fan of the latter. Mostly because I’m a skirt person, and hate pants and shorts. But some occasions just aren’t skirt appropriate. I think the last time I wore a skort was when moving.

  22. RumorsDaily says:

    Can someone explain the difference between culottes and skorts to me?

  23. BensAngel says:

    Can someone explain the value of this post to me?

  24. flackman says:

    I love Ben Popken.

  25. BritBoy says:

    @uricmu: No, not every company in America has this sort of dress code.

    Plenty of successful companies have no dress code at all. Individual choice and discretion works just fine.

  26. Caroofikus says:

    @stevekal: My thoughts exactly – who’s looking up the skirts to make sure there’s no shorts secretly sewn in?

  27. Benny Gesserit says:

    @uricmu: I worked for a company with a very similar policy but it also included:

    Employee will always wear appropriate undergarments

    I kept expecting someone from HR to show up, make me drop trou and tell me my trunk briefs had to become boxers immediately.

  28. rolla says:

    i agree…maybe no appropriate for business setting. They look like mini-skirts…Must be at or below the knee.

  29. crashman2600 says:

    I have to weigh in on this. They work in a call center, no one sees them. Who cares if they are naked, if they are fixing your problem and answering your questions. Whats wrong with jeans every day, what about shorts, do I sound more professional based on what I am wearing, no. Corporate dress policies are stupid.

  30. B says:

    What is their policy on sporks?

  31. bravo369 says:

    I never understand the flip-flop/sandal thing. I saw a guy at work one time with sandals on. It was close to 100 degrees outside so i’m sure they were comfortable for him but it intrigued me. I could look around and find a dozen women with the same if not worse footwear, ie flipflops or other sandals but the fact that they are women, it is acceptable If the company had spoken to this guy about sandals then I sure hope he pointed out the dozen women within armslength that had the same footwear on.

  32. mobilene says:

    @uricmu: I work for a software development company; yesterday I came in in shorts, a golf shirt, and flip flops. I blended just fine.

  33. @HungryGrrl: LOL, I’m like “Capri pants are okay, but not skorts?????”

    Only Audrey Hepburn gets to wear capri pants. And only because the Nazis starved her during her teenagerhood in the Dutch resistance so she could never gain weight on her once-emaciated adolescent frame.

    NOBODY ELSE GETS TO WEAR CAPRI PANTS, OKAY???? They’re SO unflattering.

  34. @RumorsDaily: Coulottes are shorts so wide in the leg that they look a little bit like a skirt; usually they’re cut to mimic an A-line skirt and made of a material that looks reasonably skirty when made as coulottes.

    Skorts are shorts with a wraparound panel that makes the front look like a skirt while the back is shorts. Also, Satan invented skorts to burn the eyes of the holy with their ugliness.

  35. Jacknut says:

    I can’t frigging stand sandals in the work place. People sound like metronomes. Then again, I wear suit and tie every day and prefer it to “business casual”.

    And yes, I’m under 40.

  36. That’s actually a decent dress code.

  37. If the dress code is dress casual it makes sense that skorts aren’t allowed. They’re too casual. However, crashman2600 has a point. Why is the dress code dress casual?

  38. Tucking in a golf/polo shirt is a crime against G-d. Especially when a braided belt is looped around it.

  39. aro says:

    Who the hell wears skorts anymore anyway? On that matter, who the hell still sells them? I’ll give someone $10 if they point out a merchant that still sells skorts. Seesh.

  40. axiomatic says:

    This is a leftover from an older generation. I work for a large computer manufacturer and productivity went WAYYYY up when the dress code became more relaxed. Don’t get me wrong, the “suits” (VP’s, Upper Mgmt.) hated the change but they can’t argue with the statistics. We are more productive when we are comfortable.

    I live in a lab so I am not customer facing and I wear shorts and a tee-shirt every day. I can see though that if you were customer facing that you would at least need to be dressed appropriately.

    But the days of “suits” are over for good I hope.

  41. @aro: Google Product search is currently listing 18,943 results for “skort,” but at first glance, a lot of them appear to be athletic wear, or just too short for an office. There was one hilarious result for the “court skort,” which was described as “not just for the courtroom.” Female lawyers are looking for skirts they can run in?

    Anyway, at least Comcast has written guidelines. My employer defines its dress code as “business casual,” but doesn’t give specifics. A couple of years ago, they had a whole silly debate because two supervisors couldn’t agree whether open-toed shoes (for women) fit the unwritten guidelines.

    Business casual is annoying. I wear a sportsjacket to work everyday (I’m at the overdressed end of business casual), but my leather workboots (which look dressy, because I keep them well-oiled) apparently wouldn’t fit Comcast’s rules. I’m a college graduate, but I don’t dress well enough to work for Comcast.

    Anybody know if Comcast has hairstyle guidelines?

    • mharris127 says:

      You can buy work boots from a retailer that sells Red Wing Shoes that unless you lift up your pant leg, no one knows they aren’t shoes. I wore them in the office for years, no one knew different until I mentioned that I had to wear them for ankle support (otherwise I twist my ankles constantly). Even after that conversation, there was no problem with me wearing them to work. The credit union I worked in had a dress code between casual and “business casual”. Suits were out of place (almost verboten) there, but if I had to go to a function outside the CU I was allowed to wear a suit on that day if I felt the need. Before, I worked at a university — anything went for what you wore there as long as it was legal to wear in public. Most of us chose a dress shirt and dress slacks with appropriate footwear, some did keep a suit jacket and tie around, but we usually dressed better than the students voluntarily.

  42. Craig says:

    Eyebrows McGee: IIRC, Jackie Kennedy looked pretty good in capris.

    I have an 11-year-old daughter and I can tell you that capris and skorts are definitely in style with her set at the moment.

  43. Mo MoDo says:

    I’m trying to figure out what “slogans other that brand logo trademarks”. It’s okay to turn yourself into a billboard for Nike, but saying “Han Shot First” is verbotten.

    My boss and her boss argue over whether denim is ever appropriate in an office.

  44. ErikTheRed says:

    I’m just amazed that such a dedicated team of human resource professionals and fashionistas are unfamiliar with the correct spelling of the word “sheer”.

  45. caffeinequeen says:

    Skorts are never appropriate for human life. I’m no clotheshound, but seriously, ugh.

  46. aro says:

    I don’t understand what the big deal about choosing to wear what you want…I’m not saying people should be allowed to look like slobs but to have a written dress code that specifies what kind of shoes to wear is just obnoxious…who wants to work for a snooty organization like that anyway…their is no written dress code where I work, people generally come in wearing business casual but no one is going to be looked at funny if they decide to wear jeans for the day

  47. aro says:

    sorry I was typing fast…their=there

  48. spinachdip says:

    @swalve: Heh, you should see the traffic my site, gets.

  49. Leiterfluid says:

    So wait… crocs are OK?

    (Sartorially speaking, they’re never OK.)

  50. Tonguetied says:

    I’m so grateful that my job has an incredibly relaxed dress code. I’m wearing shorts almost every day. I have occasionally kicked off my shoes to walk around my cube area barefoot and never heard a word.

  51. ViperBorg says:

    Okay, 2 things here…

    1. How does the dress code help keep ‘diversity’ in the workplace? Isn’t that the opposite effect?

    and 2. Show up nude. It did not explicitly forbid it. If they complain, say it is for religious reasons. :P

  52. AnnC says:

    @aro: You say that people shouldn’t be allowed to look like slobs but how do you define what a slob looks like? Does an untucked shirt count as slobbly? Wear condition of your shoes?

    Comcast probably started with the the requirement of “professional or business attire” and with a lot of employees asking about lots of edge cases eventually the “professional or business attire” gets defined as a list of allowed and prohibited clothing.

  53. AnnC says:

    @ViperBorg: Remember to wear shoes if you show up nude. Bare feet are not allowed.

  54. wring says:

    skorts on grown women should be banned EVERYWHERE.

  55. @Mo MoDo: They probably aren’t concerned about slogans like “Han shot first.” They’re worried about political slogans that might start disagreements between employees or offend paying customers. It’s a bottom line thing — employees arguing about somebody’s “Impeach Bush” shirt are wasting company time. Even worse (from an a company perspective), somebody might wear a t-shirt that could be used as evidence in a harassment case, like a Confederate Flag t-shirt. So they just ban all slogans.

    (Digression: I once had a paying gig registered voters for the Democrats. The only writing allowed on my clothing? Political slogans. But I wasn’t allowed to wear jeans. Dress codes suck everywhere.)

  56. RandomHookup says:

    This is exactly how the Taliban got started.

  57. @Craig: Well, she’s 11. :) Skorts are kind-of cute at 11, and capri pants aren’t ugly until you have hips.

    Then capri pants make every woman on the planet look short in a dumpy way by the way they crop the line of your leg, and they make your calves look fat to boot. It’s like someone said, “What is the most unattractive piece of clothing possible for 99% of the female population? Let’s make THAT popular.”

  58. Rosasharn says:

    Women are only here for eye candy so let’s all talk about how skorts should be banned because they make women unattractive or how policies like this shouldn’t apply to the female colleagues you like leering at. Casual sexism is fun!

  59. quickstrike says:

    I work for at a comcast call center I cann also tell you that one piece leotards are not acceptable.

    Start blogging about that one.

  60. quickstrike says:

    As a comcast call center employee I also regret to inform you that one piece leotards are also unacceptable. effectivly ruining my summer collection