Scammers Arrested After Claiming They Could Multiply Money With A Secret Potion

Some scams are clever and some are not. This is one of the not-so-clever ones. Jean-Luc Mbilli and Constant Yao were arrested in Fort Lauderdale, FL after trying to convince Samith Ghazawi, an convenience store employee, that they could use a special potion to multiply money.

Ghazawi suspected that the men were using slight of hand and not a magical potion, so he called the cops. The BSO Economic Crime Unit and U.S. Secret Service set up a sting operation, complete with surveillance.

While the Secret Service watched, Ghazawi offered the men $3,000… which they refused because they wanted more. From the Sun Sentinel:

The two men were then arrested and investigators found a metal box filled with paper the size of U.S. currency in their vehicle.

Authorities asked any other people who may have fallen prey to the “black money scam” or “wash wash scam” to call sheriff’s detectives at 954-321-4255 or Broward Crime Stoppers at 954-493-8477.

You know, if we had a potion that doubled our money, we’d sit around doubling it and not bother with store clerks except to buy life-time supplies of this really expensive dark chocolate that we like. What a nice thought.

2 arrested in alleged ‘special potion’ money scam

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