Bank Of America Refuses To Pay 80-Year-Old's $5,000 Bond

Bette Miller has a bond she purchased in 1984 from Rainier National Bank. That bank was purchased by other bank, which was then purchased by Bank of America.

Now Bank of America says they have no record of her bond and have been refusing to pay it since she first tried to cash it in 2 years ago.

Haggerty [Senior Vice President of West Coast Media Relations for Bank of America] said the only way to find out what really happened in this case is for Bette Miller to find tax records dating back 20 years or more.

“I think they’re stonewalling her,” said Bette’s attorney, James Jackson. He’s been trying to get the bank to honor Bette’s bond.

“Claiming they don’t have the records, when she has the original certificate, is insufficient,” he said.

Jackson says the bond is proof that Bette didn’t get her money.

“The only way that she would have been able to cash the bond out was by bringing the certificate with her,” he said.

Those are the rules — printed right on the front of the bond certificate.

Both the bank and Ms. Miller have checked the unclaimed property office and there’s no sign of the bond. Did it just disappear?

‘I want my money’ [KOMOTV](Thanks, Sean!)

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