BOSE: Customer Service Never Sounded So Sweet

I wanted to acknowledge something I thought was very cool. I purchased a pair of BOSE TriPort IE headphones about ($99) a year ago. The Silicone earbuds are interchangeable for different sized ear canals. After some use the earbuds fall off quite easily, and rip. I chalked it up to my frequent use and was planning on buying replacements.

In my mailbox last week BOSE sent me a package. Inside was a set of 3 replacement silicone earbuds, they sent these to me unsolicited. They explained that consumer feedback had prompted them to do this, and since I purchased them at the BOSE store they had my info.

They also mentioned they were sending an accessory kit later this year to deal with the exercise market, making it a better experience to use the earphones while exercising. I wanted to give they a big THANK YOU, this is rare and I wanted to let them know I will be a repeat customer.

Why don’t other companies get this?

Why not indeed. BOSE did everything right. Not only did they respond to customer feedback, but they did so without prompting. Companies occasionally replace defective parts, but usually as part of a class action settlement reached after years of litigation that vastly outlives the life of the product. Even more impressive, BOSE is also planning to send a complimentary accessory kit. Such excellent service is truly worthy of commendation.

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