The state of California recalled 56,000 children’s lunchboxes over lead concerns. The lunchboxes had been distributed by the Health Department to promote healthy eating. [AP]


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  1. morganlh85 says:


  2. *facepalm*

  3. mopar_man says:

    It’s pretty bad when the health department can’t even get lead-free products.

  4. Cowboys_fan says:

    Don’t eat your lunch boxes!

  5. revmatty says:

    Gee, and on the same day that Mattel says that their recalls are not the fault of their Chinese suppliers but rather failure on the part of Mattel. Note that none of the US news outlets other than Chicago Tribune are reporting this development.

  6. cde says:

    So now will all lunch boxes in Cali come with a letter saying it is known to cause lead poisoning as well as cancer in the state of Cali?