Personal Finance Roundup

35 minutes to riches [CNN Money] “47 smart ways to get on track to a rich life.”

How to Master the Subtle Art Of Self-Promotion on the Job
[CareerJournal] “Five ways to highlight your achievements without making yourself look like a braggart or a buffoon.”

A Break on College Costs [Kiplinger] “New legislation will make college more affordable by directing federal money to students instead of to student lenders.”

Retired by 50: What it really takes [MSN Money] “It’s possible to pinch pennies in your 30s so that you can give up the daily grind by 50. Just don’t expect to spend the rest of your life on the golf course.”

5 Things to Look for in a Retirement Home [Smart Money]
“Here are some tips on what to look for when shopping around for a retirement community.”

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  1. RandomHookup says:

    I am so ready to retire at 47. I have put my finances in great shape and know how to save money (and make a small income from a hobby). Only my ego and the cost of health care have me a little scared about making the jump.