Pat's Plumbing Charges Guy In Wheelchair $550 To Remove Dispoable Razor From His Toilet Trap

Image courtesy of My name is Pat. I recently needed some plumbing done on my toilet. It was clogged, and we couldn't get anything to work for us to get it unclogged. I looked through the online websites in the area of plumbers. Holy crap, here is Pat's Plumbing.

My name is Pat. I recently needed some plumbing done on my toilet. It was clogged, and we couldn’t get anything to work for us to get it unclogged. I looked through the online websites in the area of plumbers. Holy crap, here is Pat’s Plumbing. I didn’t even know I had a plumbing business, so I figured “what the hell”. I called them, and I told them of my troubles. “We cannot give prices over the phone sir, but we give up front pricing after our technician shows up”. Well, c’mon over I said. They showed up, and without even looking at my toilet, they whipped out a book of prices, and quoted me $500 to do this obviously tough job, but not obvious to them because like I said, they had not even looked at the item yet.

Well, I am physically handicapped. I had a spinal cord tumor removed from my back, and it has really screwed up my G.I. system, so this is one reason the toilet was clogged, plus, I depended on that toilet to work. I was desperate. I reluctantly agreed thinking that this job was going to be a toughie, but 15 minutes later, they were done. They told me the problem was a disposable razor head lodged in the trap. Well great, then since it was so easy, they would only charge me about $100, which was fine with me, I was happy, but no, they wanted $550. Well, under duress, I paid, and I complained to the President of the company about it, and told them how I felt they had taken advantage of me and my situation, and that they basically earned about $2000/hour on my job, and her retort to me was “well, you don’t know if other companies would have come in there and taken 2 or 3 hours and charged me even more than they did!” which to me is like saying “other companies could have taken 4 hours to screw you over, but when we screw people over, we are very efficient about it!!”. She then offered me some bogus $150 customer satisfaction guarantee, which still was astronomically high, and they wanted me to sign legal papers saying that I was satisfied and had no further right to complain against them, and this had to be notarized. This just pissed me off more.

If you go to their website, , You can see how “professional” they are. Click on the “About” button and read the total horse shit they write about themselves. “Pat’s Plumbing is ran with great morals; we believe in treating our customers the way that we would want to be treated.” They apparently aren’t “ran” with grammar checking!! Their Motto “We’re in it for you” should read “We’re in it TO **** YOU”

I have complained to the BBB and the AG and to Angie’s list, but the President, Linda Houser, an ugly old Skag Hag who blames me for the whole problem. I could have said “no”, and that may be true, but I figured a “Morally ran” business would fuck me over, but they did, and didn’t even use any KY or Vaseline to do it. Watching the I-caught program has given me a lot of ideas. I already mess with their signs in the Men’s room at Safeco Field. I have season tickets, and every game, I use a sharpie to put a mustache on Linda’s face, and write “Unclog toilet – $2000/hour”. At first, the stadium didn’t catch on, but now they erase it after every game, and have been putting people in to watch for who is doing it, so I have to go to other men’s rooms, and I am in a wheelchair, and the pictures are above the urinals, which are not appropriate, because when I see that man floating picture and their slogan and that hag’s face, I usually have to crap my pants.

Anyway, I am thinking about video journaling and letting other people in the Seattle Area know just what kind of “Morally Ran” company has the balls to put my name on their business. Thanks for the ideas, and I hope you are interested in knowing how things go.

Yours Truly

Pat F. – Renton WA

Pat, if you didn’t feel the price was fair, then you should not have paid it. However, fishing out a razor shouldn’t cost $550, or even $300. You scammed the guy. Just because he agreed to it doesn’t make it any less of a scam.

And now, since you wouldn’t work out a fair deal with Pat, he’s rolling around from restroom to restroom, drawing mustachios on your advertising. How much does that negative advertising add up to over time? Probably over $450. Not even the wheelchair bound need take a case of consumer injustice sitting down.

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