Find a Farmers Market Near You

Farmers markets are a happening thing right now—everyone who’s anyone knows that if you don’t buy your mud-covered carrots from a sleepy teenager who just drove four hours into the city that very morning, then your carrots will taste like sawdust, the dinner party will be ruined, and you won’t get that promotion. But how do you know where the nearest farmers market is located? You could ask around, or you could hit up this handy farmers market locator from the USDA, which lets you search by market name, state, city, county, zip code, or forms of payment.

The directory lists 4,385 farmers markets throughout the U.S., and it’s a good resource for locating nearby “direct to consumers” markets. It’s also got a lot of other “fun” information. For instance, 94% of all U.S. farmers fit into the “small farmers” category of less than $250k in annual receipts, and for them, farmers markets are a good revenue generator.

Also: did you know that low-income mothers and senior citizens can receive WIC coupons to use at farmers markets?

USDA Farmers Market Locator
(Background photo: Stacy Y)


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  1. scoobyhed says: is a much better version of this site. It lists farmers markets, as well as small family farms, U-picks, and restaurants that serve local foods.

  2. leftistcoast says:

    @scoobyhed: I totally agree. It also lists CSAs, which is awesome.

  3. Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg says:

    A much easier way to find a farmers market: Follow the 90-year old driver who’s doing 60mph on side streets.

    Works every time.

  4. Mary says:

    Almost every place I’ve ever lived had signs that were hard to miss for the Farmer’s Market.

    Of course, right now it’s extremely difficult to miss. It’s about 300 feet from my house. I guess I just live in not-so-urban areas. Both of those websites seem good though, I’ll have fun exploring.