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The current email address for Aylwin B. Lewis, President & Chief Executive Officer of Sears, is

An anonymous Sears employee provided this information after reading our post, “Sears Left Me Without A Refrigerator For 18 Days,” a complaint letter written by a man who had to chill his familiy’s insulin with bags of ice while waiting for a repair.

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  1. LTS! says:

    Tomorrow his email address will be I highly doubt the CEO takes a backseat to the other alewis that is on the same mail system. :)

  2. AnneCA says:

    I once had an issue with my Kenmore dishwasher purchased from Sears. Within a month of it going out of warranty, the heating element started to, well, dissolve. I poked around and it turned out that they had recalled DWs in my model line for a “heating element problem,” but that the recall did not apply to my serial number. Hmmmm. I called and called and called (it was really difficult to get through to anyone who could do anything), and was eventually booted up to the “Special Problems Department.” Once I was in Special Problems, it was like the keys to the kingdom had been handed over. I got a new DW installed the next day. So, anyway, that’s apparently the Sears name for its executive customer service, and you might want to ask for the Special Problems Department.

  3. Sandee says:

    As I was searching for the name of the CEO of SEARS, I found your site and would like to share a “flood” of information with you about a recent experience with SEARS.

    My mother is 87 and a faithful customer of SEARS (at least until today). She buys all of her large products from SEARS because she always trusted them (at least until today). Our Four Day War started with the typical automated runaround. Once I started documenting the problem, I spoke with spoke with 19 different people. One of the 19 I spoke with three times and another twice.

    Unfortunately, I never received the Special Problems Department as your other consumer did. I talked with the Service Center, Sear’s Specialists, Parts and Service, Recovery, the Service Unit, and, of course, Customer Relations. Three of the 19 people I spoke with were nice and tried to help. One gave me a sprint phone number that never had anyone answer, one gave me his number to call him back, but when I did call, I had to leave a message and he never returned the call, and the third set us up with an appointment three days after all of this began, but my mother waited all day and no one ever arrived.

    This has been really difficult for my mother. She’s had to clean up the flood in the garage three times before she called a plumber to install a shut off valve. Now she has saved a bucket of water to boil and use to wash up. She has been in tears everyday! She has been totally stressed out over this mess and it breaks my heart that I can’t help her.

    No one will help us and I’m stressed out, too. I called at 4:15 the day of her appointment to make sure the man was coming to fix the problem, three days after the original emergency. I was assured the technician was still coming and my mother was on the list. I called again at 6:15 to make sure they were still coming. I was told yes he had just finished the ninth job and we were the eleventh on the list, but he would be there. A little before seven they called my mother and told her the plumber called in sick and wouldn’t be finishing the jobs. They also told her he was going to Las Vegas (for special medical treatments I assume).

    Today, I got back on the phone with my typical run arounds to finally reach a Floor Supervisor who told me she was so sorry we were having these problems, but she could book us in for an appointment NEXT FRIDAY (well, over a week after this whole problem started.) If we were on the list for Saturday and they didn’t come, don’t you think we would be at the top of the list for Monday? No, not if you are dealing with SEARS.

    If Mr. Lewis is an advocate of out-sourcing, maybe he should find a plumber they could have on call for emergencies. If no one shows Monday morning, I plan to have my mother go buy one from any place other than Sears and get a plumber to install it. I don’t think there is a judge anywhere who will not rule in my mother’s favor in small claims court!

  4. gened says:

    I have been a loyal Sears customer for 35 years. Evidently, Sears does not seem to care. Most recently, I made a appointment to have my front load washer repaired as it is making a loud clunking noise. When making the appointment, I was told that the window for the technician would be between 1-5pm. I requested that it be as late as possible and around the time of 3:30pm. The young lady advised that she would notate this on the record and never advised that this was not set in stone. Well, I assumed (we know what that means) that the tech would be there 3:30 or later. I came home to a notice on my front door advising that the tech was at my home at 1:45pm and I would now have to make another appointment for service. I was ticked.

    I placed a call to the ” 4 my home” number and spoke to Edgar who was not the correct individual to speak to. He transferred me to Matthew, a service technician who stated that the machine was probably out of balance and started giving me instructions on how to load the machine. I thanked him for the instructions but also stated that I wanted the tech to return to my home to repair the washer. Not feasible. You have to make a new appointment. The conversation turned sour and I requested to speak to a supervisor or manager. Matthew felt that the information he provided should have satisfied me and thanked me for calling Sears and hung up. Great customer service!!! He should be fired!!!

    I now had to call back and spoke to Maria. After detailing my previous call, and requested the number of a national customer service rep. which she did provide. I called the number and spoke to Jacqueline who was very understanding and would log the complaint but couldn’t assist otherwise. She transferred me to Jeff who then gave me another appt. for the following week. A complete circle.

    Over one hour on the phone speaking to 5 Sears folks and back to square one. I would hate to start going elsewhere for my appliances, but, with service like this, Sears is heading in the same path as Bradlees, Caldor, Rickels and other stores that became outdated and could not provide good customer service.

    I wish Mr. Lewis all the luck in the world in changing the attitude of the individuals who work for this organization. He’ll need it!

  5. StefyPearl says:

    These stories kind of kill me. Being a Sears Employee myself, I used to pride myself on the company I work for. Lately, after having to do a research paper on Sears Holdings, and Aylwin Lewis specifically, I’m quite disappointed that I’m associated with them.
    The problem is up top. I guess I just want to put it out there that the Sales Associates DO CARE (at least at my store. I’ve been to some where they don’t give a damn). I wish Sears was still a respected company. I wish that Service and Parts weren’t so hard to deal with. I’m sorry you’ve had bad experiences, you don’t deserve them as a consumer. I hope you’ve found a store that can take care of you.

  6. feduponmaui says:

    @StefyPearl: I would like to see that research paper. I have had nothing but grief from Sears and I am considering starting a class action lawsuit. It is clear that they know there are problems, but are not motivated to fix those problems. Perhaps a class action lawsuit might motivate them.

  7. donrobmac says:

    fyi. Yet another Sears issue. If you want good customer service is suggest you do not use sears. There prices are not that great and after all it is a failing business model. Here is my story. It is a copy of the email complaint I sent to Sears. Don’t let this happen to you.

    Dear Mr. McDougal,

    Thank you for your recent e-mail correspondence regarding your order with

    Mr. McDougal, please be assured that we understand your frustration, and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced.

    By sharing your concerns, you have enabled us to address the issues and provide feedback to the appropriate person. Truly, your remarks provide forthright feedback that will enable Sears to achieve excellence in everything we do.

    At Sears we value you as a customer and we value your business. Again, we thank you for taking time to contact our office with your concern.

    Thank you for choosing Sears and have a great day.

    Look for Great Ideas throughout the store and find Sears exclusive innovations from great brands like Sony, Kenmore, NordicTrack, Craftsman and Reebok.


    Ted M.
    National Customer Relations
    Sears Holdings Corporation

    Original Message Follows:
    I will take delivery of the safe for that is all I want, however I will never shop at Sears or Kmart again and I will be sharing my displeasure with others. I can not believe you used this email to plug sears’ specials.
    seem you need some training on how to conduct customer service. That will be all.

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Sears Orders []
    Sent: Saturday, June 21, 2008 4:21 PM
    To: Me
    Subject: Re: National Customer Relations – (KMM647779I15977L0KM)

    Dear Mr. McDougal,

    Thank you for contacting regarding order, 34566841.

    We understand your frustrations regarding the delivery method of you order.
    When an item is ordered, it does show that it is an oversized item and it will need special shipping. We are sorry for any inconvenience you have experience regarding your purchase.
    If you wish not to have the delivery complete and return the safe for credit, you may immediately contact Demar Logistics. They will not deliver the item and once returned for credit. We apologize for any inconvenience this experience has caused you.

    We appreciate your business and value you as a Kmart and Sears Holdings customer. We certainly hope you will continue to make Sears Holdings your choice for quality and value.

    Look for Great Ideas throughout the store and find Sears exclusive innovations from great brands like Sony, Kenmore, NordicTrack, Craftsman and Reebok.

    Shop now to pick up great products for July 4th.

    Marion M.
    Sears Customer Care

    Original Message Follows:
    Comments: I recently ordered a safe from on 6/6, Salescheck #: 093000024533, and when I received the safe it was obvious that it was a used item. When I called to speak with a representative she said Sears would replace the item with a comparable safe because the one I ordered was no longer in stock. She put me on hold and I waited for her to come back for over 45 minutes.
    She never returned. I called back, while waiting, from another phone and I was told the rep had closed the issue and gone home. I was then sold a larger safe that cost me more money. I needed a safe and I was frustrated so I went ahead and ordered the more expensive safe on 6/9, order # 34566841.
    On 6/16 I called to check the status of my order and I was told that it would be here by today 6/20 if not by 6/17. I called back today to check again and I was told that I needed to get in touch with Damar, a logistics company, to arrange for delivery. I was not told this until today. I called them today and they said that they can not deliver the safe until 6/26.
    This has been a less than desirable transaction and I will avoid doing business with Sears in the future and I will be sharing this situation with all who will listen. I have a bad back, so it was hard enough the first time to lug it upstairs to my apartment, downstairs to return it and now I have to lug the even larger safe upstairs again. It seems that Sears reps have not been properly trained. I have since found comparable safes from other retailers and now I wish I had not done business with Sears. Thank you for your time.


    Donald McDougal

  8. kylezone12 says:

    My son broke the front glass of our Sears front loading washing machine. I called Sears on a Tuesday to schedule service. I described the broken part and insisted that they order the part and bring it with them. The person on the phone (who was in another country) said that they would bring the part. The technician was scheduled to arrive the following Monday.

    I called again on the Thursday before the tech visit to again insist that they bring the broken part since there is no need for a technician without the part that needed to be replaced. Again, I was assured by the person with limited English skills that the information would be forwarded to the technician.

    The technician arrived on Monday (you guessed it) without the part and said that the only info he was given was that my washer had “a broken door”. He took one look at it, declared that it needed a new outer shell (no kidding) and went to the truck to inquire about the part.

    He returned and said that I’d have to pay $269 for the part and labor BEFORE they would order the part. I paid and was told that when the part arrived, I should inspect it, then call to schedule a service revisit to have the part installed.

    Thursday of that week, the part arrived. When I inspected it, I discovered that he had ordered the WRONG part! He had ordered the inner shell instead of the outer one.

    I called immediately and was told that a technician would be at my house a week from that Friday (8 more days). I asked what good this would do since they wouldn’t have the right part? I was told that I’d have to wait until the technician arrived for him to re-order the correct part!

    This meant that my washer would be out of commission another week waiting for the technician, another 4 or 5 days for the correct part to arrive, then another week or so waiting for another service visit! Thus, my washer would be broken for a MONTH!

    I raised hell, demanded to speak to a supervisor, but was redirected 3 times until they finally agreed to transfer me to a supervisor. The phone rang for over 8 minutes without an answer.

    I cancelled the repeat service call. I figure if they couldn’t get it right the first time, and didn’t care to make it right, I didn’t want their service any more than they apparently want my business.

    To date, I’m still trying to speak with someone who doesn’t speak from a script and someone who has the authority to correct the problem. (I want my money back and want them to pay return shipping on the wrong part).

    I’ve been promised a return call within 48 hours on TWO occasions, but haven’t heard back from them yet.

    I have been a loyal customer of Sears for many years. I always bought from them because I could get good service. I don’t know what has changed at Sears, but they will never see another dime of my money!

  9. TorreyLycus says:

    I can’t believe I found these posts. I have been so frustrated. I’m 4
    weeks now from the first phone call on a dishwasher that was still
    under warranty, I have spent HOURS on the phone with countless people
    (I wish I had kept track but I’m guessing close to 20) and still
    don’t have it fixed. When I try to speak with a supervisor they hag
    up or just put me to another service person. Each phone call is
    ridiculous. The man who old me the part was shipped and it would be
    here Monday. I said Monday was labor day and UPS doesn’t
    delivery…he kept saying of course they do (where do you think he is
    living? ) . Of course the part still isn’t shipped and the person I
    spoke with today, after 3 phone calls just today said it would be
    shipped the 8th… we’re going on 6 weeks to the next service
    date…it is SO hard to be civil. I would like to be paid for ALL the
    time I have wasted on the phone getting o where. Do they just hope
    we’ll give up?

    I had just bought a fridge, dishwasher, 2 stoves and a vacuum from
    Sears. ….NEVER again.

  10. CallMeJamie says:

    Same old story. Old A/C unit (1979) that an elderly couple continues to buy the extended warantee every year for 30 years, even though this has cost them enough to probably buy a new unit 10 times over. So…it is repaired twice in July. Less than a month later the living room ceiling and attic insulation crash down into the living room – you guessed it – the a/c is out again, with a leaking coil. Now we spend three days digging out the living room and broken antique furniture.

    Call Sears. They come out two days later. They have an independent sub-company come out to measure and work up a quote. That done, Sears forwards to another department for approval.

    Approval comes through, but of course (why didn’t I know this) the warrantee doesn’t cover this and that and this and that, to the tune of over $1,900. Sears quote man says my husband, a general contractor, can call him back for explanation of the uncovered expenses. Next day Sears quote man is not available three times and does not return calls. Day after that same thing. Day after that same thing. Day after that same. Meanwhile, there is a 101 year old lady with congestive heart failure not able to live in her home (it tends to get beastly hot in Florida in August). So – contact Sears through their website that says you can contact the executives directly. So we call “Mr. Lewis”. Well, Mr. Lewis is just code for “troubleshooting line”. TS line gest a very defensive “Sears Quote Guy” on the line. Says he has called my house (funny, no voice mail on home phone – and home phone is not contact number that sears has). Says he will call my husband – does and basically says “quote is what it is”. Who cares if the sub-contractractor wants to install a new thermostat ($210) when Sears just put one in last month (which, by the way, is not covered THIS month) and that a drop light won’t do (they want to charge your for an installed attic light) and they want you to pay for their equipment they need to do the job. Mr. “sears Quote Guy” says he will have his supervisor call back within the hour. Never heard from them. So a month later, still no A/C. Imagine if Sears had to wait a month before we even considered paying them for something. Worse customer service I have ever encountered! I will never step into a Sears store again.

  11. WebsterDowell says:

    talking to the “repair”customer service unit is like talking to a wall! I have a $3.000 refridg. that is dead…not running. I have childrens medications and insulin that need to stay cold! That 4 my home number is aw ful! Ed who is suposely a “supervisor” spoke to me as if I was a complete moron! These people think that they have all this POWER!!!!! I am the customer! To get the direct service line phone # was a 15 min. lecture from the sears rep! I hung up. I called the auto center spoke to Mark and got the number in 31 seconds.
    I would like a responce. and adress were I can send a good old fashion hard copy letter.

  12. Anonymous says:

    My Kenmore dishwasher has been broken since October 2008. We have an extended warranty on the item. The technician came and diagnosed the problem and ordered parts. We received the wrong parts. We contacted Sears. Who said we’d have the correct parts in 3-5 business days. Didn’t happen. October came and went. We’d get 3-4 calls a day from the Sears service center who said that we do have correct parts according to their records. This happened multiple times daily for the lst 2 months. One repair center called and said the technician would deliver the part on the service call, didn’t happen. They made serveral appointments to fix the item, the repair person didn’t show up. Each time Sears schedules me for a 4 hour block, I have to take off from work. When they don’t show (5 times now) I get furious. With the income I’ve lost waiting for a repair that never happens, I could have purchased 2 new dishwashers. I spoke with Naomi, Mandy, and finally Lisa. Lisa informed me that Sears is not responsible for tardiness of their technician. What’s the purpose of having an appointment. I asked to speak to the supervisor and Lisa informed me that their supervisor wasn’t available for customer calls. Sounds like customer service is an afterthought at Sears. If there is a class action suit, please count me in.

  13. Anonymous says:

    These posts remind my wife & I of what we went through.
    Bottom lines; 2 days off work for appointments that never happened, a store manager (6th ave in Tacoma, Wa) who basicly told us tough luck as to why their delivery service cannot keep an appointment. Class action? count me / us in too.
    A friend had a delivery problem too. they did NOT hook up the drain hose into the drain line for his washing machine (new house too) flooded 2 rooms, and the garage. the delivery guys said that there was not a drain to put the hose into…. there was. My friend was told … oops, sorry about that. and that was it.
    Basicly, for appliances, I say F sears.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I have also had the worst experience with Sears!! My top of the line washer broke December 14th and I had to wait over a week for an appointment to have it fixed. My appointment was for Monday, Dec. 22nd. At the end of the day the technician showed up to fix my washing machine (of which I was told on the phone when I booked my appt. that I would need a new tub kit). The technician was not told this and did not have a tub kit with him so was unable to fix it, although I was charged $90.34 for the service visit! I set an appt. for the next Tuesday, Dec.30th (because of the holiday they were supposedly short staffed). Keep in mind, at this point we have been without a washer for over 2 weeks! I pointed this fact out and that we are a young family with lots of baby clothes to wash but that didn’t seem to make a difference in getting an earlier appt. Anyway, Tuesday came along and noone showed and I called at the end of the day only to be told that they were understaffed and were not able to send anyone. I expressed my annoyance with having to take 2 days off, only to have nothing done. No apology was given, just a reply that they are short staffed. So, they then make an appt. for Friday afternoon. Two technicians show up (as this is supposedly a big job and they need to people) on Friday, only to tell us they have the wrong part and will not be able to come again until the next Saturday (Jan. 9)…a MONTH since my washer broke!!!!! Needless to say I was extremely annoyed! I said that I would NOT wait, that they were to make something work. They got on with customer service or whatever dept. that said they would call us later that evening to arrange an earlier appt. They never did call so I spent 3 hours on the phone (again) trying to get some resolution. After being transfered over and over, connections lost, etc., etc. I spoke with Francois in corporate customer service. I told him that I would not wait another week and that he needed to make something work. After a while he tells me that someone would call me in the morning (Saturday, Jan. 2nd) to let me know when they would arrive that day and that they would also reimburse me the money that I spent at the laundromat. He told me that he would call me the next day to make sure that the money was refunded to my account and that the repair had been done. On Saturday I waited and waited for the call, only to be disappointed. I called Sears again that afternoon (Sat) to ask when they were coming but they had no notes of an appt. for that day, only for Saturday, Jan. 9th. They also had no note regarding the refund of money spent at the laundromat. I asked to speak with Francois (who the night before told me he was working all day Sat.) but I was informed that Francois would not be in again until Monday evening. I have not been able to contact a manager or a supervisor and I am so frustrated. I had to go out and buy a new washing machine (NOT from Sears!!) because of the unknown regarding when my machine would actually be fixed!! I don’t know what to do…I don’t want them to just get away with this…any advice????

  15. Bradford Briskey says:

    For the past two weeks, I have been attempting to get Sears to take action on a Christmas present I purchased for my daughter. The product is a Samsung i85 digital camera and it hasn’t worked since she received it. So, I originally called the store of purchase in Columbus IN, they were out of stock. I preceded to call each store within a hundred mile radius of my location and tried several out of state stores that family may have been able to help us in the process. Still no cameras in stock. I now have seen that once again the cameras are available online. So, I call the Columbus Sears store in hopes of working out a solution. At this time, they inform me that they have a 30 day return on electronics, this policy is not stated anywhere on the original purchase receipt. In fact, what it does say is that I have 90 days after purchase for exchanges and refunds. I have spoken with the Assistant Manager Angela at the Columbus IN location who was extremely rude and only repeated their electronics departments veiled 30 day policy several times and then ended the call. I contacted corporate’s customer service department who was not anymore caring or helpful. This irresponsibility occurring in the customer service areas of department stores is truly their downfall. A personal example, we entered a Circuit City store in Columbus IN last spring wanting to purchase a LCD TV, their salesman proceeded to insult our researched decision and tell us that we were purchasing a poorly made product (a Polaroid 40″ LCD TV) and expect for it to lose pixels quickly. Never once did this salesman attempt to show another television just to insult our decision. I actually had taking out my method of payment and several times asked that he just allow us to make this purchase, he continued to refuse and finally fed up with the salesman we asked to speak to the store manager who didn’t even give us an opportunity to explain what was happening but rather, immediately requested that we leave the store and make our purchase elsewhere. I whole-heartedly agreed that I no longer wanted to spend any monies in their store and took my business to Wal-Mart. This company, Circuit City is now bankrupt. From that day forward, I informed everyone I came in contact with who was considering a TV purchase not to use Circuit City. All of them went elsewhere for their purchases. I’m sure this was a contributing factor to the bankruptcy. Why is it in such a poor economy that retailers are unwilling to work with their patrons to ensure their current sales and future sales through repeat business. My consumer confidence dwindles each time I encounter problems with customer service in a store. It is unlikely that I will continue to shop the Columbus IN Sears store in the future. Why would I want to continue doing business with a corporation and store that does not value the part the business they depend on; their customers.

  16. Kellianne Benson says:

    Oh my goodness. This has been a months long process, and I am at the point where I don’t really believe it will ever end. I called Sears to repair my washer before Christmas, and had an appointment set shortly before New Years. They gave me a EIGHT HOUR time frame of when they would be there, and never showed up. I called a few times at the end of my 8 hour house-arrest, and the folks on their line insisted that they would be there, and kept insisting during a few other calls that the repairman would show even after my window was up. Finally, at 7pm, after I had waited in my house for 10 hours, I called again and they said they were so sorry they hadn’t called me, but no one was going to make it out that day… and since they were booked for the next few days, I couldn’t get a tech for another week. So frustrating!

    A week later, I finally get a tech. Turns out that I need a new washing machine. I decide to get a new dryer as well. The tech and I look through options on the Sears website and I decide on what to purchase. The tech recommends that I switch to an electric dryer. The person on the phone asks if I have a “Three Prong Outlet.” Well, yes, everyone has a three prong outlet. I order a washing machine, a dryer, and a pedestal with a drawer for the whole unit to mount on. I am told that the dryer I want won’t be in for another 2 weeks, which stinks, but I wait.

    When they came to install my electric machines, it turns out that I don’t have the right kind of dryer outlet, even after we talked about outlets for an hour on the phone some weeks before. They also don’t have my pedestal. I spend a whole hour on the phone explaining the situation to 5 different people who seem to be so confused, I wonder if they are high. They tell me that they can do an exchange in a week.

    The automated exchange calls to confirm my appointment and my address. It has my address incorrect, which is funny to me since they had already been to my house two times at that point. I spend time correcting that. My appointment was confirmed.

    The next morning, I get a call saying that my dryer was not in a shipment, and that installation would have to be delayed another week. The next week, they say that my dryer is suddenly no longer available. I call the warehouse, and they say that they are going to call me back within the hour to tell me what in the heck is going on, because they don’t know what happened to my dryer and they have NO record of my pedestal, period. I never get a call… but then I very mysteriously get a call saying that my dryer is going to be delivered. Again, they have my address wrong in the system- the same mistake as before. I call them to correct my address and ask them about the pedestal. They still have no clue about the pedestal and say that they are going to call me back. I never get that call.

    They supposedly try to deliver the dryer as scheduled, but I am at work. I left my husband at home to get the delivery- but they never try his name on the call box, so they never get let in. I call to reschedule the delivery, and I ask again about the pedestal. They say that they know nothing about a pedestal and that someone will call me back. I never get that call.

    Before my newly scheduled delivery, I get an automated call giving me my delivery window. I wait for my delivery. At the end of my 2 hour window, I call Sears. They apologize, and don’t know why no one has called to notify me… but my dryer has suddenly been damaged and will not be delivered. Delivery will be rescheduled for 2 days later. They have no record of my pedestal and will call me back.

    I am still waiting for that call.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I purchased a patio set on 6/2/08 from Sears. I loved the set until Aug. 2008, when I starting to find rust spots on the arms and legs of the chairs and also on the table. I flipped out. I called Sears to see if they could send an inspector to witness thesse rust spots. They told me I had to send an email, in which I did…and I also sent pictures, which you have on file.

    I just rec’d an email back today, telling me that all Sears can do for me is send me a $50 Sears gift card inwhich I will never use. I don’t shop at Sears. I purchased the patio set with AMEX and I asked for a $50 check. I was told “NO”!

    I cannot believe for a patio set that cost me $526.80, that Sears will only give me a $50.00 gift card. The patio set was only 2 months old when it began to rust, what kind of merchandise is Sears selling to customers. I have always known Sears to stand behind their products. What happened? I am requesting a full refund at this time. I have all the paper work/ pictures and emails you need.

    Thanks for your time, I know your are a very busy person!
    Thanks for listening!

    Katie Puglise

  18. Anonymous says:

    The new CEO is William Crowley
    Call the following number – 847-286-2500
    If after hours dial *411 and spell Crowley as specificed by instructions.
    Email address is

    • Anonymous says:

      That is the kind of info I am looking for!! I have been on the internet for hours trying to find better contact info for top ranking people at sears, and all i can find is 100’s of complaints about how terrible sears is. I have to agree with everyone. I bought a kenmore washer/dryer the day after thanksgiving and it is still backordered. I either get no answer at the phone numbers I am given, a “we’re working on it, and I’ll get back to you” response. I can tell right now calling the cs line is a complete waste of time. If you have any other contact info like that I would love it!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Applied for a sears card and went ahead and purchased a washer & dryer in January. This was placed on 12 No interest, No Payment. That really does not affect me as I have never paid late, nor had any overdue bills.
    It is now the end of February. I have spent the last two weeks fending off calls from Citi Bank and Sears wanting their monies. I explained to them I never received a bill, have never received a credit card and am on a 12 promotional.
    This to no avail as now I have accrued late charges. I don’t have an address to where to make a payment as no bill has arrived, nor a credit card.
    I promise as soon as I receive an address, the account will be paid off and closed and I will never ever set foot in Sears again.

  20. Anonymous says:

    We purchased a whole kitchen full of appliances from wonderful sears. Well guess what sears is not so wonderful they do not stand behind their warrenties nor their products. We had trouble with our double oven, we called and to no luck at all got it fixed. That all started in August. The last of Febuary we were told they would give us an exchange comprobatible to the one we had. They didn’t make our model anymore. So the next year model was what was available. Fine but the even exchange was going to cost us about 150.00 dollars. OPkay that is okay. Guess ehat the cost ended up being over 300.00 dollars. Wow! Then the oven didn’t come with the brackets to put it in. So after spending over 2000.00 dollars on an oven we were told we would have to order the parts and pay for them to be able to install our oven. No one at one source cared that we were upset about all of this. I’m telling you my husband has been a devout Sears guy for over twenty years, I’m here to tell you we will do what ever it takes to let people know how they screwed us over, we will not spend one more penny with the company. And the thing is they don’t care because just one person is not going to hurt this company. If you buy be ready to spend more on repairs or what ever has to be done to what ever you buy.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Wanted to share an email I sent to the CEO

    I was looking for a job via the Internet and found a position at Sears in my area. I applied for the position and your on-line website schedule an appointment for today 3/6/2009 at 11:30 for an interview. I went to the location that held the position only to be told that if you apply for a job on-line for a Sears position that the system sets you up for an interview however when you show up there is no one to interview you!!!! In this economy how dare you advertise employment opportunities, schedule appointments for people to show up, people driving, paying gas, taking the bus whatever on their dime to have no one there to even talk to.

    As I left the interview location I decided to contact the CEO of Sears, you Aylwin B. Lewis, President & Chief Executive Officer of Sears, to let you know of your hiring practices ASSUMING you may not know of the issues. So I go back on the Internet to get your email address and guess what I find more complaints out there regarding Sears service that I was truly shocked. You as the CEO are a disgrace to everything customer service is all about. You should either resign, or if other shareholder were smart enough they would remove you from you position.

    I will never purchase another item from Sears nor will I recommend you to anyone, actually I will tell this story to everyone and tell them to shop else where.

    Jean Powers
    Fort Lauderdale Florida

  22. Anonymous says:

    On 11/15/09 I purchased a washing machine @ Sears for over $700.00 including delivery charges. Those $75.00 delivery charges were to be reimbursed. I filled out all the paperwork and spoke with numerous people from the store and rebate personnel, but, after16 weeks, I am still waiting for this rebate. I shall have to contact the CEO and hopefully never got back to Sears again.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Never buy anything at Sears with a gift card nor never give a Sears gift card to anyone that you care anything for. I got Sears gift cards from cash back on Discover card and used them to purchase a TV from Sears. After waiting a week for the TV to be delivered to the store they still did not have it nor did they know when it would come in. I asked for my money back, then all hell started. I was told that no I could not get my money back I could only get a gift card or wait 7 to 10 business days for a check from the main office. After many calls to corp. offices I spoke with S. Roberts at 512.248.7856 and was told that she had phoned the store and for me to go to the store and I would get cash back. That’s what I did and the store manager would not give me a cash refund, only gift cards, or wait 7 to 10 days for a corp check. I left the store and called Ms Roberts again and she phoned the store again and this time she sided with the store and I still do not have a tv or money back….BEWARE STAY OUT OF SEARS

  24. Anonymous says:

    Sears Mastercard just doubled it rates after being a good customer for 11 years i opened my statement to see 21%
    interest rate. 34 billion in TARP money to Citibank and i have to pay twice.
    Good bye Sears

  25. Anonymous says:

    My problem was with their automotive. I bought tires a month ago here at their Key West store. Expensive. It was obvious they never balanced them. Went in Tuesday AM. Sales guy ‘Guy said it would be over an hour and a half ’cause they were backed up. I asked if I could make an appointment and he said sure, whenever you want! I asked him about 9:45 Friday (today). “No problem” he says. I arrive today. Another guy “William” wrote it up. Said it’d be an hour. I’d budgeted an hour of my time so I had some glasses repaired, bought some vacuum cleaner bags, then went to the grocery store feeling that cold items would be fine for the remaining half hour. Well, long story short, it took TWO HOURS to balance tires! They didn’t seem to give a damn. Of course, I had customers at my place of business waiting on ME but that didn’t matter to them. When I complained I was told “Well, we don’t DO appointments”. So I guess that the associate ‘Guy’ just wanted me to go away on Tuesday?

    SO I phoned customer service while I was in the waiting room. Got someone named ‘Rye’. Asked for name of supervisor over South Florida. She said she wouldn’t give that info. She tried to give me the address and phone where I was sitting. Idiot. I asked for the CEO’s name. She didn’t know. I could barely understand her. It was an awful experience.

    I too have been a customer of Sears for over 40 years and I’m done. Everything we do is a mess. Everything we buy is crap. Service is non-existent. Long-term businesses such as Sears (and others like GM who have steadfastly refused to build marketable products) deserve to fail for their arrogance and stupidity.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Hi i would like to know how does one find out if the tool he buys is life time guaranteed or not ? I have always bought craftsmen tools . never had any trouble replacing them .I bought a set of nut/bolt removers , well the are stripped . i was toll that they are not life time guarateed . Can u help me with this ?
    Thank you very much . Peter Curcio

  27. Anonymous says:

    Add me to list of “Never buying from Seras again”.On june7,2009 I went online & ordered $59.00 worth of Men’s jeans.The ad stated if you spent $50.00 or more of Mens jeans/pants you were to get a $50.00 gift card for future use at Sears.I submitted my rebate online to save postage & time.One requirment was a 30 day waiting period to make sure I did not return the clothes & get the money back.(if only I had been that smart)I checked my “status” of the gift card on July7,2009 & found out I was denied.After 5-8 emails I was told that “deal” had expired on 11/08.But yet it was still posted on the website.I tried to email the CEO because I knew he could get to the bottom of this.Only to have it returned as undeliverable.Imagine that.I refuse to make copies & send them in or waste my time trying to get ahold of the person who can take care of it by phone.I will never again buy from any of their stores & I make sure to tell everyone what lousy service they have.

  28. chakram1 says:

    Sears repaired my Bosch washer 4 months ago. It is broken again with the exact same problem. After calling Sears three times (I was “disconnected” the first two times) I was informed that they will only honor their repair for 90 days. The woman I spoke to in the executive office, Deborah, said because I A) did not buy my washer at Sears and B) did not have insurance, Sears would not help me. When Sears “repaired” the washer the first time, these conditions seemed not to apply. I suppose these conditions only apply when Sears is asked to re-repair the shoddy repair job they originally performed.

    Also, dealing with the repair department originally was a fiasco. They ordered the wrong part and only after I personally called Bosch and had them e-mail a breakdown of the washer parts could Sears order the correct part. The entire process took 1 month. I swore I would never use Sears again, but I did want them to re-repair the job they completed 120 days ago. I always liked Sears before, but the quality of service has declined to the point that I will now take my business elsewhere.

  29. murphyrj says:

    bought a craftsman lawn mower 3 months ago and the wheel has broken off twice. 1st the left rear wheel – which took 3 weeks to fix and now today the right real wheel. We have only had it back for 2 weeks since the last repair. All customer service says is their sorry and that it will probably take another couple of weeks to repaire. I will never buy from Sears again. If they keep on pissing off their customers they will be sorry – as they stand on the unemployment line when Sears closes.

  30. rburris says:

    I sent an email to this email address and it was rejected. So apparently Sears does not truly care about its customers.

    My problem is not so much directly with Sears but its Sears/Citi relationship. I have found other boards where long term customers credit limits are being cut to nothing, without notification. When I contacted Citi, I was told that the only thing they could help me with was closing my account. Have been trying to contact Sears corporate ever since to see if that is how they feel about a 30+ year customer and that I can more than handle that request and never set foot in another company associated with Sears.

    The email address above bounced and I sent the email through customer service without even an acknowledgement email that Sears would be processing my email.

    Guess companies do not realize that when the economy recovers, or if it does, that people will remember companies who are reputible and respect their customers and those who do not.

    Apparently loyalty is not a valued trait for companies anymore. Specifically Sears.

  31. nailah says:

    I am livid. After waiting out a window of a 4 hour arrival time of a sears technician to service my refrigerator I had to call 3 times to ask when he was actually going to show up. It’s now 2 hours past the time and he still has not shown. So much for Sears Customer service! On top of that the technician, AL, finally calls me 90 minutes after the end of the time he was scheduled to give me excuses as to why he might not be able to come after all. Believe me this is the last time I’m doing business with Sears. And after reading all of the other horror customer stories I’m convinced that this is an ongoing problem for this company. I will take my business elsewhere from now on.

  32. jbird says:

    Does anyone know the contact info for the new Sears CEO, Edward Lampert?

  33. shoops3 says:

    What most people don’t realize about the orders is that the items you’re ordering is coming from a 3rd party company. Sears itself isn’t shipping these orders to you. Sears and is 2 totally different entities.

    We had a situation this Christmas season where we went “into” the Sears store in Oak Brook Illinois and the cashier actually escorted us over to the computers where you make the online orders. Well he did the entire transaction online then took us over to the register. We paid at the register. The order never came and when we called the online costumer service rep told us the order was cancelled because it was out of stock. Nobody called us. We asked for the refund and the online support told us that we had to contact the 3rd party company We called and they told us that because the order was paid for at Sears we had to contact them. We got the run around and after 4 hours of being on the phone we finally found “Customer Solutions”. They took control and handled everything and even gave us a $25.00 gift card for our troubles. Their number is 1-800-479-6351. The online customer support for needs a huge amount of traning.