Tiny USB Flash Drive In Entertainment Weekly

CBS and Cadillac are running a fancy-schmancy new ad campaign in the September 21st issue of “Entertainment Weekly” (the one with Britney on the cover) that includes a free “world’s smallest” 128MB flash drive. It doesn’t appear to be in the issues for sale on stands, so if you know anyone who subscribes, ask them for their copy.

If you’re a subscriber, don’t overlook the easy-to-miss 2-page spread, which has a tiny white plastic card attached to the page. At only 128MB drive, it’s not going to win any capacity awards, but you can erase it and then have a free flash drive small enough to mail in a standard envelope if you like. Or swallow. Or insert into a custom case that you build yourself from hot glue and glitter.

In the past, we’ve found from talking to people in other parts of the country that these multimedia campaigns don’t always cover an entire subscription base—so if it doesn’t show up in your mailbox, don’t blame us. However, CBS will also be distributing the flash drives to American Airlines customers this month, according to another source.

“Cadillac is CBS’ Monday driver” [Hollywood Reporter]
(Photo: Chris Walters)

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