Save On Textbooks By Borrowing Them From The School Library…

We always knew one of the biggest scams in college was the school bookstore, but we never realized that you could actually try borrowing textbooks from the library. The blogger behind The Baglady certainly did:

“It’s hilarious because I had a class with 200+ people, and there were 3 to 4 copies of the current edition of the textbook in the library, but no one borrowed the books except for me… I just kept on renewing the books until the end of the semester and kept them in my locker.”

Not all your books might be in the school library but it’s certainly the first place to check, and after that, the used books on Amazon.

How I Saved Over $30,000 While In College and What I Did with the Money [The Baglady via Frugal For Life]
(Photo: Lisa Pisa)

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