Which Cellphone Company Is Best About Fighting Text Message Spam?

Cellphone text message spam is still rare, but annoying, especially as each one usually costs you. If you’re experiencing a deluge, often the only way to fight it is to turn off text messaging entirely, but which providers let you?

Tmobile: No, “because it’s where voice mail and billing notifications are delivered.”
Verizon: Yes,, you can ask for “data” to be shut off, which will turn off text messaging, get it now, mobile web, and mobile email, or just simply ask for them to disable receiving text messages sent from emails or web browsers.
Sprint: Yes.
AT&T: Yes.
Alltel: Yes

Verizon wins. Almost all text-message spam campaigns are run from a computer so disabling receiving messages sent by computer, while still retaining the ability to receive cellphone text messages, is the best option.

For some, there’s no way around text spam [Red Tape Chronicles]
(Photo: NOC)

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