Verizon Doesn't Care If It Eats Up All Your Vacation Days Waiting For Installations

To whom it may concern:

I signed up online for Verizon DSL. I was sent an email on August 1 informing me that my DSL, and the dedicated data line I set up, were both ready. However, when I did the installation, the DSL light was blinking and none of the repairs worked. I called Verizon to try to remedy the problem. The operator led me through the steps before telling me that I would be receiving a call from dispatch to set up an appointment with a tech. No one called. Over a day later, I called again, and was forced through the same tests I did before, and was again told dispatch would call me. They did not call. Between these two phone calls and your automated system, I had already spent approximately four hours on the phone with your customer service department.

Finally, last night (8/8), I went through the whole program (AGAIN), and actually got to speak with dispatch. They informed me that a tech would be out today (8/9) between 8 am and 7 pm. As I am actually employed and live alone, this posed a problem for me. But your customer service refused to narrow down the time frame. So I wasted a vacation day to await your technician. I sat at home for approximately 10 and a half hours, waiting. At 5.45, I called customer service, and again went through the test of my line, because your company refuses to give out the number to dispatch so I can call personally. At 6.15, the rep told me there was a “promise” in my file to come by today and they would be there before 7. At 7 pm, I called again, because no one had shown up, and no one had called to tell me they werent coming. After 45 minutes, I was told that they were not coming after all, and they would be able to swing by tomorrow. I told them that that was not acceptable, as I have a job and cannot take another day off to wait for their unreliable technicians, and that I wanted to speak to a supervisor. While I was allegedly being connected with a supervisor, I was cut off. Since I still don’t have a direct line to dispatch, I waited another 45 minutes to be reconnected with dispatch. I again told them I needed to speak to a supervisor, and the rep hung up on me.

Finally, I called the resolution center, and spoke to a very nice lady (the first who was actually helpful and was not reading off a script in broken English because they are not from this country). She waited with me for over a half-hour to connect me with dispatch again, even though she was not a DSL rep. This time the dispatch rep told me that they’d be by tomorrow…or Monday. I told him that if I couldn’t take a day off work to wait around on Friday, there was no way I could take off two MORE days to wait for the tech not to show up. So I asked to speak to a supervisor again. This time, I was not hung up on, but informed that the supervisor was in a meeting. The rep told me he would leave a message for him to call me. I’m sure you can see where this is going. No call.

So. After 8 days, approximately 5 hours of waiting on the phone, and 11 hours of waiting for a tech to show up, my DSL still does not work. I am being charged for it even though I have not gotten any service at all. And I never got the $25 Target gift card that was promised to me for registering for DSL online, on top of it all.

When is my DSL going to get fixed, and why exactly should I remain a Verizon customer? Your company has managed to replace my student loan lender as the company with the worst customer service on the planet.

PS I have already filed a complaint with the Maryland Public Service Commission. But from what I understand, it is just one of many, since the MdPSC is now investigating your company for providing horrific customer service and failing to show up for service calls.

Ms. Esquire

Maybe companies need to start issuing “cable install days” in addition to regular vacation days. From the stories that we are, about four per year should suffice.

(Photo: davidbivins)

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