Verizon Doesn't Care If It Eats Up All Your Vacation Days Waiting For Installations

To whom it may concern:

I signed up online for Verizon DSL. I was sent an email on August 1 informing me that my DSL, and the dedicated data line I set up, were both ready. However, when I did the installation, the DSL light was blinking and none of the repairs worked. I called Verizon to try to remedy the problem. The operator led me through the steps before telling me that I would be receiving a call from dispatch to set up an appointment with a tech. No one called. Over a day later, I called again, and was forced through the same tests I did before, and was again told dispatch would call me. They did not call. Between these two phone calls and your automated system, I had already spent approximately four hours on the phone with your customer service department.

Finally, last night (8/8), I went through the whole program (AGAIN), and actually got to speak with dispatch. They informed me that a tech would be out today (8/9) between 8 am and 7 pm. As I am actually employed and live alone, this posed a problem for me. But your customer service refused to narrow down the time frame. So I wasted a vacation day to await your technician. I sat at home for approximately 10 and a half hours, waiting. At 5.45, I called customer service, and again went through the test of my line, because your company refuses to give out the number to dispatch so I can call personally. At 6.15, the rep told me there was a “promise” in my file to come by today and they would be there before 7. At 7 pm, I called again, because no one had shown up, and no one had called to tell me they werent coming. After 45 minutes, I was told that they were not coming after all, and they would be able to swing by tomorrow. I told them that that was not acceptable, as I have a job and cannot take another day off to wait for their unreliable technicians, and that I wanted to speak to a supervisor. While I was allegedly being connected with a supervisor, I was cut off. Since I still don’t have a direct line to dispatch, I waited another 45 minutes to be reconnected with dispatch. I again told them I needed to speak to a supervisor, and the rep hung up on me.

Finally, I called the resolution center, and spoke to a very nice lady (the first who was actually helpful and was not reading off a script in broken English because they are not from this country). She waited with me for over a half-hour to connect me with dispatch again, even though she was not a DSL rep. This time the dispatch rep told me that they’d be by tomorrow…or Monday. I told him that if I couldn’t take a day off work to wait around on Friday, there was no way I could take off two MORE days to wait for the tech not to show up. So I asked to speak to a supervisor again. This time, I was not hung up on, but informed that the supervisor was in a meeting. The rep told me he would leave a message for him to call me. I’m sure you can see where this is going. No call.

So. After 8 days, approximately 5 hours of waiting on the phone, and 11 hours of waiting for a tech to show up, my DSL still does not work. I am being charged for it even though I have not gotten any service at all. And I never got the $25 Target gift card that was promised to me for registering for DSL online, on top of it all.

When is my DSL going to get fixed, and why exactly should I remain a Verizon customer? Your company has managed to replace my student loan lender as the company with the worst customer service on the planet.

PS I have already filed a complaint with the Maryland Public Service Commission. But from what I understand, it is just one of many, since the MdPSC is now investigating your company for providing horrific customer service and failing to show up for service calls.

Ms. Esquire

Maybe companies need to start issuing “cable install days” in addition to regular vacation days. From the stories that we are, about four per year should suffice.

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  1. theblackdog says:

    Gee, I must have gotten lucky because I just installed Verizon DSL (and I’m in Maryland) this week and it went off without a hitch.

  2. RumorsDaily says:

    Ha, at least when Comcast doesn’t bother to show up, it’s during a four hour window.

  3. Jon Mason says:

    Had exactly the same problem with Comcast – waiting a whole day, called them near the end of the day to see where the tech was “We’ve just spoke to dispatch, he’ll be there within 30 minutes.” An hour later, no tech, called back “The local office is closed now, someone will call you tomorrow.”

    However, after doing an executive email bomb (This was not the first visit they had had to make) I got two techs the next day and numerous calls from local managers/tech leads to make sure I was happy… Plus they sent me a huge tin of gourment popcorn as an apology – so, yeah the system often doesn’t work as it should and I fricking hate it… but I got free food ;)

  4. royal72 says:

    “… and why exactly should I remain a Verizon customer?”

    you shouldn’t be their customer. the only real power you have against them, that can possibly make them (corporate america inclusively) change their ways, is to stop giving them your money… in a way these stories remind me of people in abusive relationships. you keep getting beat up, but you always go back for more. stop it. break the cycle.

  5. MameDennis says:

    I just cannot believe how awful Verizon is about sending out techs. Do they not understand that if you skip work and get fired, you will no longer have money to pay them?

    They pulled similar nonsense on me, so I switched to Comcast, including digital voice. I know, out of the frying pan… but at least Comcast has never stood me up. (Sent borderline idiot techs, yes; stood me up, no…)

  6. jamesdenver says:

    Ya know I fortunately haven’t had to have a tech out in a while, but I think I’d rather PAY a relative or neighbor kid to housesit rather than use a vacation day sitting at home.

  7. harumph says:

    verizon dsl sucks. i dumped them because they took a week to fix my dsl when it crapped out over the summer. they did the same thing where they would promise certain times and then nobody would show. the only way i ever got a repairman was because i actually spoke to dispatch and they told me that customer service reps will tell you any lie they have to to placate you on the phone. i was promised a repair person between 4 and 7 and then the dispatcher told me they NEVER work past 4:30. he actually admitted that the customer service people lie to us, he even used the word lie. horrible company for dsl, avoid them at all costs.

  8. harumph says:

    @royal72: when i dumped them, i told the rep over and over the exact reason i did so.

  9. Electroqueen says:

    Verizon really does suck at DSL connections too. I waited three freaking months for my connection. I called in to complain many times and I got the shaft.

  10. appleface says:

    “From the stories that we are, about four per year should suffice.”– Ben, was your brain working faster than your fingers were typing?

  11. saralegal21 says:

    This was me. I sent the above email to all the Verizon higher ups at the email addresses that Consumerist posted a few months back. Within 10 minutes (at 9 pm) one of them emailed me back and said my problem would be resolved first thing the next day. Shockingly enough, I received calls from four people with “important” titles apologizing and promising to work everything out. And…even more shockingly, they did. The techs called and made an appointment around my schedule and everything was fixed by the following evening. Then the head of Verizon DSL called me to personally apologize and gave me the installation and three months free. He also thanked me and said he was going to take my complaints (especially about the outsourcing of customer service) to the board.

    I still hate the way they operate for the most part, but I was mildly impressed that some corporate vice presidents actually got on the problem and had it resolved. Maybe they should staff the customer service hotlines.

  12. FLConsumer says:

    Verizon has the appearance, to me, of being exactly how it came into being — a company made up of archaic acquisitions where things were basically left alone as they were pre-acquisition. Some things, like outsourcing, have been done, and all marketing appears to be handled by a central organization, but that’s about it. No one has bothered to truly merge the companies nor have they bothered to examine how each company works & how to optimize/streamline the operation.

    I had similar difficulties trying to get my DSL service moved when I moved. First, Verizon couldn’t tell me which Verizon company/department could handle this request.

    I called Verizon DSL
    which said I needed to call Verizon Landline,
    which said I needed to call Verizon Encore,
    which then said I needed to call Verizon Avenue.
    Verizon Avenue said they had no idea why I was to talk with them — they only handle apartments, not houses and that I needed to call Verizon DSL!
    I went around & ’round a few times on this before a Verizon Encore operator finally was able to handle things. Despite moving down the street, in the same zip code & area code, Verizon absolutely refused to let me keep my phone #. Mind you, I didn’t use the Verizon landline for anything than my alarm system, but still… I use VoIP all over the country, port Tampa #’s to carriers in New York all the time, but Verizon can’t port a number a few miles down the street?

    Well, Verizon cut off my DSL service at my old place 2 days early. Not a major loss as I still had internet via cell phone, but slightly annoying.

    So, I get to my new place and get my “service ready date” only to discover that it’ll be ready in THREE weeks! WTF?!?! That’s why I called 3 weeks early — to avoid this crap. They said they couldn’t move it up any earlier, blah, blah, blah. A few calls to a friend in state gov’t and it was installed 14 days early.

    BUT, this story’s not over. Verizon has a switching station here which looks like a regular house… and it happens to be on my street. I can’t quite chuck stones far enough to hit it, but could easily nail it with a paintball gun. It’s about 200-400 cable-feet from me. Because of this, the DSL signal is actually too strong and I’m having all sorts of issues with it affecting the modem, transfer speeds, and it’s bleeding over every phone I have, even with multiple DSL filters. Yet again, I got the privilege of dealing with Verizon’s incompetence and arcane structure of multiple departments.

    First, I called Verizon DSL… the Indian tech couldn’t fathom the idea that I was trying to relay to him. He couldn’t understand that rebooting my computer, modem, nor does the operating system my computer runs have any bearing on the DSL levels over my phone line. Then again, he didn’t understand that DSL was a “signal” that ran over a phone line. As long as the DSL modem was lit up, even if it wasn’t passing traffic, it was working in his book. After being transferred to several offshore techs (and being on hold for more than an hour in total), I somehow managed to reach a US-based rep which understood what I was talking about. Then the fun began, trying to figure out how to get a line tech out to the house. I don’t remember the exact way she went about it, but I know she had me unplug the DSL modem so the DSL techs couldn’t say it was working and she also filed a land-line trouble ticket. Once we got the tech out here, he was very good and knowledgeable, ‘though confused at the convoluted work order. He straightened out everything, putting the DSL service on a dry-loop separate from the phone line and it was (mostly) happiness ever after.

    I can hear some people — why bother with all of this? Because the alternative (BrightHouse cable co) is totally unreliable. I wouldn’t mind some real competition in internet here.

  13. magus_melchior says:

    @MameDennis: Re: Comcast techs, I had a weird issue with my computer and their network that turned into a proverbial “how many Comcast techs does it take to screw in a light bulb?” joke. I had recently moved from one house to another, and wanted to transfer a Comcast ‘net installation to the new house. One tech couldn’t connect to the network with my computer directly connected to the modem, so he called for assistance. Next tech, same story. Third tech had the idea of replicating my old environment (computer -> network switch -> router -> modem). THAT fixed it, and we all had a good laugh.

  14. dingusmg says:

    I have just had an unbelievably horrible experience with Verizon DSL…please if anyone can give me an e-mail address or phone number for someone in authority that might listen to my horror story, and maybe even care enough to do something to resolve it, I would really appriciate it…It would take pages to tell ou all the little details, so to sum it up…I spent no less then 12 hours on the phone, sent equipment back to be replaced..put in a new dedicated phone jack..had a new phone line installed from the telephone pole to my house, that is still not buried, but they keep making appointments and breaking the appointment…just to find out, that the signal from the office was to weak to reach my area, but that wasn’t discovered before I agreed to change from my dial up service to the Verizon DSL, because they offered me a good deal to bundle my phone service, cell phone service, and internet service…My computer is screwed up from there tecs, trying to connect me..I paid firedog to come out, and try to put it back together is still not working like it did before Verizon got to it….any help you can give me about WHO to contact would be appriciated..I miss my internet..thank-you