Verizon Sold 1,000,000 Old Accounts To AFNI, Who Then Fraudulently Tried To Collect Debts

A reader whose wife received a debt-collection notice from AFNI regarding a seven-year old Verizon account was actually just one of over a million consumers getting a similar letter, WSYR reports.

Apparently, Verizon sold over 1,000,000 accounts to Anderson Financial Network, Inc, who promptly began churning out debt collection notices to the customers. In many cases, there supposed debt was never incurred in the first place or had long since been paid

If you got one of these letters, try the tactics used by one poster on the RipOffReport board. Jean sent a letter by certified mail with a return receipt disputing the debt and asking for verification. Shortly afterwards AFNI responded that they had closed the account and would not try to collect further.

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