Southwest Tells A Second Woman To Cover Up

Since when did Southwest Airlines become the fashion police? CNN is reporting that a second woman has come forward to say that Southwest Airlines told her to cover up because her dress was too revealing.

This coming from the “LUV” airline that used to force its flight attendants to wear hot pants and boots that Britney Spears would wear to a funeral.

What the hell, Southwest? From CNN:

Setara Qassim said a flight attendant confronted her during the trip from Tucson, Arizona, to Burbank, California, and asked whether she had a sweater to go over her green halter-style dress.

Qassim, 21, told KNBC-TV in Los Angeles she was forced to wrap a blanket around herself for the rest of the flight. She complained that if Southwest wants passengers to dress a certain way, it should publish a dress code.

Southwest, every time you think you need to tell a woman to cover up, look at some old photos of your flight attendants instead.

Second woman says Southwest made her cover up
[CNN] (Thanks, Anne!)


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  1. ElizabethD says:

    Wonder if they will give a blanket to a 300-pound guy wearing a tight polyester polo shirt over his gut, too. Equal-opportunity cover-up!

    And maybe cover the woman wearing the fuschia muumuu… and a sack to put over the head of that teen with the orange mohawk and multiple eyebrow piercings.

    The list of “offensively clad” passengers may be close to endless.

  2. Razzler says:

    Absent a photo of this woman, we can’t really judge on whether Southwest’s decision was unfair or whether she’s just another case of “I didn’t wear underpants under my miniskirt and now I’m humiliated! I’m so humiliated that I’m going to wear the same outfit on a national talk show! Look at me! Look at me!”

    That said, Consumerist, who cares what Southwest’s uniforms looked like thirty years ago? I doubt they were that different from those of other airlines’, and the company has long since changed their policies. It’s not really relevant.

  3. LionelEHutz says:

    I wonder if this is the same SW flight crew as the last incident.

  4. dbeahn says:

    Anyone else notice it seems to always be Tucson involved? Maybe someone should tell “Keith” to STFU about people’s outfits?

  5. kc2idf says:


    Can you possibly miss the point by a few more miles?

    The customer’s point is valid. If Southwest has expectations of how its customers should dress, it should publish them.

    The matter of their stewardess uniforms of the past is relevant because it demonstrates that they are hypocrites.

  6. urban_ninjya says:

    @ElizabethD: Southwest actually has a policy forcing overweight people to buy 2 seats. So they wouldn’t really be offending anyone next to them.

  7. I think it’s just their way of saying “You didn’t have a problem with it before, but all of a sudden you have a problem with it now?

  8. Keter says:

    I don’t care if Southwest tells passengers to cover themselves. I dress to fly like I dress to work on an ordinary business-casual day — nice blouse, comfortable pants plus shoes I can walk in. I don’t say anything, but I’m really sick of people who show up in public dressed as unwashed slobs and people with body parts on public display. Even if the body parts in question are of artistic merit, flying is kinda like business, one should think of others and use a little more discretion (and antiperspirant).

    As for the policy of making oversized persons by two seats — bully for them! I wish American had that policy one time when I was literally squashed between two 300+ lb. people. The flight attendants actually invited me to sit with them because I literally had about six inches and was having to sit sideways. I had to go back to my assigned seat only when the plane was about to land — I can’t imagine what that flight (3+ hours) would have been like otherwise.

    • idip says:

      @Keter: I agree. I dress in nice pants or Jeans and a regular tshirt. Causal perhaps, but still respectable.

      I hate it when I see women come on the plane and they have skimpy cloths or flipflops on or their cleavage is showing. Like I want to see that, yuck.

      Likewise, when men come on the plain in cut off ‘work out’ shirts and their sweaty armpits next to my face. Ugh.

      And then the the women who dress all skimpy get upset and complain to the flight attendents that some pervert is staring at them. Well… What do you expect?

      And the argument, “It’s too hot to wear pants and a respectable tshirt” is not valid because over 200 other people on the plain are wearing that!

  9. kenblakely says:

    @kc2idf: “matter of their stewardess uniforms of the past is relevant because it demonstrates that they are hypocrites.” That’s just dumb. What they did 30 years ago relative to dress has no bearing on today, period, end of story. I for one am happy someone’s standing up to the ‘dumbing down’ of our society. Perhaps if a few more people were told to coverUp/turnOffTheCellFone/turnDownTheStereo etc the world would be a more pleasant place.

  10. Buran says:

    @Keter: You could have asked to be given another seat… every flight I’ve ever been on has said that if you need a different seat, just ask.

  11. Canadian Impostor says:

    I hardly expect people to dress business casual to fly on a BUDGET AIRLINE with all of their skin covered up IN THE DESERT IN THE SUMMER.

    I’m so glad you all dress business casual all the time out of concern for others. I didn’t think a little skin bothered people this much, the Amish weren’t allowed to fly last time I checked.

    • idip says:

      @Canadian Impostor: Why would you want to put yourself in a position to be oogled by men, including nasty dirty perverts and… ohhh… scary homeless men.

      I don’t know, be respectful of others.

      • ShizaMinelli says:

        @idip: Be respectful of others….like by not making nasty comments about their outfits just b/c you wouldn’t wear it perhaps? By not staring like a fat kid watching a cupcake run away?

  12. waxigloo says:

    Flying is not like business. Maybe it was 30 years ago before they started treating airline passengers like greyhound bus passengers. If they are going to cram me in between two fatties (like your example) I would prefer to be wearing a comfortable t-shirt and sneakers than my suit.

    When they treat me like a professional, I will dress the part (i.e. when I fly business class). And if you think everyone in coach is sloppily dressed, then pay your extra cash to be surrounded by your fello0w ‘bussiness’ associates in the higher classes.

  13. pinkbunnyslippers says:

    Looks like Keith strikes again! Haranguing one woman is one thing, but a 2nd is borderline jealousy. ;)

  14. Canadian Impostor says:

    @waxigloo: Thank you.

  15. I think this happened last July or something, so its not really a new occurrence.

  16. axiomatic says:

    Yeah, wear what you want until SW specifies a dress code.

    And some of you prudes needs an orgasm S.T.A.T.!

  17. Ickypoopy says:

    Complete with video and all:

  18. Razzler says:


    Could you possibly be more rude for no reason? Lighten up.

    Airplanes are not public transportation, no matter how much you want them to be. The fact is, Southwest doesn’t need to have a “dress code”. Like any private company, it reserves the right to refuse service – says so right on the back of your ticket. An inappropriately dressed person would fall well within this right.

    My point was that we have no idea how prudent this action was without a picture of the woman’s outfit. What I do know is that halter dresses do not always provide adequate coverage and support for larger-breasted women – speaking as one myself – and there’s a possibility that this woman was exposing a bit more of herself than she intended. And while I might be a FASCIST REPUBLICAN AMERICAN TALIBAN for saying so, I feel that that situation would warrant asking the gal to cover up a little more.

    But then again, we really don’t know.

    And no, it’s not really relevant that Southwest’s flight attendants wore ridiculously sexist and objectifying outfits thirty years ago. Believe it or not, things change, that’s not their policy anymore, and it hasn’t been for a long time.

  19. cryrevolution says:

    The real issue here is that SW doesn’t have a dress code. The chick could’ve been wearing a freakin’ bathing suit and flip flops, the fact is that there is no known dress code, therefore you can choose to wear what you want (well until you hit public indecency, which last I heard was when ya went nakie). Like I said on the other post, I can completely understand it if she was sitting in the aisle seat, spread eagle, with no underwear, but people, if shes just sitting in a normal seat, with her knees facing the seat in front of her, whats the problem? A little thigh never hurt anyone. Same goes with her chest area. As long as she’s not bending over with her boobs flying around, whats the problem? With no dress code on file, SW is completely out of line forcing these folks to change or wear a freakin’ BLANKET on a flight to hot hot Arizona, no less.

  20. oldhat says:

    @urban_ninjya: Unless, of course, there are 3-seat rows?

    So a fatty takes 2 seats but I still have to sit next to them!

    Still, big improvement. Heh, maybe they should go in cargo like the animals…

  21. speedwell (propagandist and secular snarkist) says:

    @axiomatic: This fat chick gets them regularly (as does my boyfriend), which is more than I can say for the smelly pieces of skin that think they’re too good to sit next to me.

  22. Razzler says:


    I wouldn’t kick her off a flight for that – it’s a cute dress – but I can see the reasoning. It’s a short, low-cut, backless party dress that doesn’t allow the use of a bra, and she’s big-busted gal. We all know how strong the air-conditioning is on airplanes. Perhaps the twins were getting a little excited, if you know what I mean.

    But some of you really don’t get it: Southwest is not required to publish a dress code. They’re a private company and they are within their rights to deny service to a customer who they feel isn’t abiding by community standards of dress; they’re a family airline. It may piss you off, but they’re not breaking any rules.

  23. JMH says:

    @Ickypoopy: Wow. If I had been on that flight I would have *complained* when they made her wear more clothing.

  24. forever_knight says:

    @speedwell: kudos for admitting you’re a fatty!

    kudos for getting orgasims!

    kudos for insulting skinny people (people of skin)!

    p.s. it’s not that people think they are too good to sit next to you. it’s that there’s NO SPACE to sit next to you. large people tend to overflow into others’ personal space.

  25. ElizabethD says:


    Very interesting, but I was commenting on the hypothetical man’s girth as potential eyesore, not as intrusion on other passengers’ personal space.

  26. Kaien says:

    I think it is pretty stupid to ask someone to cover up unless it is really that horrible to look at. Maybe we should tell 300lbs people to cover up their folds of flab or the double chins or people that have skin being too loose because of age?

    The only good thing I see out of this is that they didn’t boot her ass off by providing her with a blanket. A blanket isn’t really that bad, and it could be a hint that it was a bit cold inside, but really that’s nothing compared to what you see in the urban areas.


    Although they are not required to publish one, they probably still should if they are so offended by certain fashion garments. The fact is, no style of fashion is offensive to everyone, we’re a diversified country with many “standards” and some people who are just simply apathetic. However, SW Airlines still gives a damn; so, they could at least help their customers by warning them what could get them kicked off the flight.

  27. Pasketti says:

    Here’s a picture, without having to watch a video: []

  28. Freedomboy says:

    She made it passed TSA and THAT should be the end of it, she paid and they accepted the $$ = contract is made,let those TSA jerks decide who and who is not dressed “right” and let the airline worry about, oh I don’t know, how about flying the plane and getting in on time and let the “head up their ass” [and “everyone else’s ass” as well] crowd worry somewhere else about who is and who is not showing a little skin.

  29. Freedomboy says:

    Sorry passed = past

  30. mconfoy says:

    @Razzler: And neither is having a photo of what she was wearing relevant. If it was legal in public, then Southwest should mind their own business.

  31. mconfoy says:

    @Razzler: Last I heard, they were regulated by the FAA. Its not their decision as to what I can’t bring own and rather or not I can smoke.

  32. mconfoy says:

    @mconfoy: But then again, most airline flight attendants will make you put your seat backs up when the row behind you is empty even though there is no reason to.

  33. Razzler says:


    The FAA does not regulate company policies that don’t concern civil aviation. I have no idea what your point is.

  34. kc2idf says:


    Could you possibly be more rude for no reason? Lighten up.

    You are right. I should choose my words more carefully. My apologies.

    My point was that we have no idea how prudent this action was without a picture of the woman’s outfit.

    This is true.

    In the previous case, it is my belief that they were plainly wrong. In this case, while we don’t know, we do know the history doesn’t look good.

    And no, it’s not really relevant that Southwest’s flight attendants wore ridiculously sexist and objectifying outfits thirty years ago.

    I don’t think we will see eye to eye here. They once required it for their employees, now they prohibit it for their passengers? I’m sorry, I just can’t agree that this is not relevant.

  35. waxigloo says:

    @mconfoy: I’ve got to disagree. There are two questions here: 1) Is what they did legal, and 2)Is what they did a savvy business decision?

    I think what they did is totally legal, especially based on the fine print of the contract you agree to when you purchase the ticket.

    I don’t think it was a smart business move. You don’t want negative press about your airline, especially press about treating your customers like crap. Most airlines already treat us like crap…you don’t want to be known as the one that goes the extra mile to have extra bad service.

    Whether or not you agree about the business decision probably depends on who you are. I tend to think that our society’s fear of flesh is a bit silly. But some more conservative folk may say that this was a smart business decision because it shows what a family friendly airline Southwest is.

  36. Esquire99 says:

    Having a picture of her outfit does very little for the situation. One might see her outfit as entirely appropriate, while another may find it terribly offensive. That’s the problem with letting the flight attendants make the decision. If the flight attendant that day happens to be a bible-beating zealot, they might feel that the fact you can see her legs is inappropriate. Some people even find a woman wearing pants to be inappropriate. So while I think her outfit was more than acceptable, thats not the point. The point is Southwest should be expected to have an objective dress code, or none at all. Really, the dress code would have to be so specific, it would be ridiculous. In my opinion, if the other passengers were offended, they shouldn’t look at her. Maybe next they will start to require mothers to tape their loud, inconsiderate children’s mouths shut while on the airplane, because it bothers some people. I’m all for private companies being able to regulate as they please, but they need to make these policies public so people can take those into account when making travel plans.

  37. protest says:

    still amazed that these girls are getting treated like crap while dudes are watching porn on their labtops while seated next to young women who complain and are told “there is nothing i can do” by the stewerdess. wtf.

  38. jaubele1 says:

    A photo of the young lady (it’s a pretty unique name, I’m just guessing here): []

  39. thepounder says:

    I’m in aggreeance with the other folks who’ve said “flying is not like business”… well, because it’s just not.
    There’s a mix of types of people on each plane who are all there for different reasons. While I’d certainly agree that people need to wear something “better” than their pink fluffy-bunny PJ’s and a pair of slippers, I also say dressing up – or business casual – is simply not the answer either. I’ve seen everyone from African people in classic African garb, to skateboarder kids in torn clothing and ratty shoes, to men and women in full suits, to Soldiers in uniform, to people I could only identify as “Hippies”… so what’s really “appropriate”? I wear jeans and t-shirts with my slip-on cowboy boots… does that make me a scumbag because I’m not in a suit? If so, I don’t give a damn.

    I’ve seen the picture of what she was wearing and it looks to me to be a quite tasteful dress. Remember, if it’s not your style, that doesn’t make her wrong. SW is apparently losing their minds and drifting off either to the far-far-right or that “guy” Keith is everywhere now & very jealous of this beautiful woman’s outfit.
    And I’m sorry; cleavage is NOT inappropriate on an airplane… if it seriously bugs you, you should be asking yourself why in the world a part of a woman’s anatomy that you’ll never be forced to look at is bugging you so much. People who are ugly inside want other people to suffer right along with them.

  40. orielbean says:


  41. thepounder says:

    @JMH: I’m with you… I’d ask what she “did wrong” and why they felt in necessary to “single her out” like that.
    I want the person who went and told her she needed to wear some form of blanket for the whole flight to explain if she was some sort of “threat” in her green, mostly backless dress.
    People seem to be applying far too many preconceived notions about “well, what if her boobs popped out” or “oh my, her back is exposed”. Don’t hate, people.
    (As far as I’m concerned I’d be seen with her in that outfit anywhere)

  42. @Razzler: “Perhaps the twins were getting a little excited, if you know what I mean.”

    Oh, please, pokey nipples aren’t indecent. If you don’t like it, don’t look. I’m not puttin’ my A cups in giant padded bras on the off chance they might over-poke if I’m just wearing a simple thin bra.

    Are you also offended by men with pokey nipples? Because I see pokey man nipple a LOT through their thin business shirts. You can even see the color change where the areolae are through men’s white shirts. Or are only girly nipples offensive to you?

    Airlines are private companies, but they’re what’s known as “common carriers,” which limits their ability to refuse service. That does frequently include limitations on the ability to impose dress codes, since dress codes are easily used as tools of racism, sexism, or ageism to exclude “undesirable” groups from your establishment. But if no dress code is mentioned at the time the contract is made, anything that’s not public indecency is presumed allowable.

  43. mandarin says:


  44. ZugTheMegasaurus says:

    To everyone wondering, there’s a picture of her in the dress at this link: []

  45. CumaeanSibyl says:

    Jesus, this is stupid. Whose standards of appropriateness are we going to end up following here? The Amish?

  46. UpsetPanda says:

    I’m pretty conservative in how I dress, and I watched the video and I didn’t see anything wrong with either outfit. The only problem I have is that the girl in the second case (green dress) didn’t have a bra on and that’s not something thats inappropriate per se, it’s just that I’m pretty sure a bra would make the dress look 10 times better on her. I actually think its a very cute dress and the length of it isn’t too short. The first case, her skirt was very short, but she was appropriately dressed otherwise.

    I don’t think the flight attendants should have singled either one of them out. Like others have said, if they attempt to control one behavior, what about others such as like people watching porn, like Protest said.

    In my experience (though I have never flown with SW) neither of them would ever be let into business class. My family and I traveled business class one time and my mother told me I was required to wear a nice shirt and black pants or a skirt. I did so and we were seated just fine. When I fly now, I fly coach (doesn’t bother me a bit) and I try to dress comfortably. For these two girls, their dress is comfortable. For me, it wouldn’t be. It’s a personal style, I don’t think SW should dictate it for these two people and not establish a dress code for everyone to follow. I’ve seen much worse on a plane.

  47. bedofnails says:

    I’d hit it.

  48. Youthier says:

    Honestly, while I think that her outfit was probably okay and this may not be the soundest business practice for them, Southwest has the right to refuse and/or require whatever they want. They should have a policy available but it’s not your right to fly on their planes.

    If you think it’s unfair, vote with your dollars.

  49. Zombietime says:

    I would volunteer to cover her offensive lady parts for the duration of the flight. I wouldn’t mind one bit.

  50. Razzler says:

    @Eyebrows McGee:

    “Oh, please, pokey nipples aren’t indecent. If you don’t like it, don’t look. I’m not puttin’ my A cups in blar blar blar…”

    *shrug* Cool down, honeybunch. I wasn’t saying I was offended, I was just putting it forth as a possible reason the chick was told to cover up the gals with a blanket.

  51. AskCars says:

    two things:
    She was flying from VEGAS!!! WTF. You think she was the only one in the past five years dressed like that?

    Second, after all the attention from before you’d think Southwest must have an unwritten dress policy somewhere in their training.

  52. cryrevolution says:

    Upon seeing the photo, I would assume they were offended mostly by the boobage area. Which makes NO SENSE at all. There is absolutely nothing showing on her outfit and I don’t see that outfit as particularly offensive. I don’t get it.

  53. Freedomboy says:

    The Amish would have more class than SW and never act this way.

  54. MercuryPDX says:

    Waits for the inevitable SWA Flight attendant cut-out at the ticket counter: “Your skirt must be THIS TALL to fly Southwest.”

  55. girly says:

    they need to come out with a dress code already if they are going to keep doing this

  56. CurbRunner says:

    Southwest Airlines stated today that it’s up to their employees to make the decisions as to what is acceptable for passengers to wear aboard their planes.
    So if you have an Evangelist flight attendant, guess what’s gonna be acceptable.

    Of course they won’t tell you that you don’t meet their standard until after you’ve purchased your ticket and have boarded the plane. They want to make sure they have your money first.

  57. amoeba says:

    Maybe some of you may disagree with me; but I think SWA are the only ones who bother to see other people dress a bit sexy. I think the F.A. are rude and irresponsible to approach two females in a road (both of them in their 20’s) to cover up themselves with blankets and even request them to keep themselves covered during the fly. I hope they get sued or they must change their “passenger’s dressing code” which I find absurd.

  58. kantwait says:

    So I was on an Amtrak train recently wearing a similar (although somewhat longer dress) going to NYC because I was going straight from the train station to dinner. Should one of the Amtrak attendants have told me to “Cover up” because I wasn’t wearing a suit or large old-lady holiday sweater?
    I don’t find her outfit at all inappropriate, and I do not think it’s the place of a random flight attendant to deem what is appropriate or inappropriate, especially if someone is not acting disruptive. So what’s appropriate? Would it have been ok if she had been wearing shorts and a tank top, but not ok to show the same amount of skin if she’s wearing a dress? So, pajamas are ok, but not a halter top? This whole thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth about Southwest and their policies.

  59. metrorachel says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but when flying, I always wear multiple layers on top(a tank and cardigan/twinset usually works), with either pants or jeans, depending on where I’m going from the flight. The idea of getting on a plane in either of their outfits gives my legs and sternum the chills. I vote Southwest should just crank the AC and freeze the inappropriateness right out of their customres.
    In other news, can I start complaining when people show up for flights in pajamas, or offensively ugly clothing? There’s LOTS of that zooming about the friendly skies.

  60. UpsetPanda says:


    CurbRunner: “So if you have an Evangelist flight attendant, guess what’s gonna be acceptable.”

    What one person believes doesn’t mean they lack the common sense to respect other people.

  61. Leofan7 says:

    Oh, Southwest. How could you do such a thing. Where’s the LUV!!!!

    If the women want to show their open faced…um…BRANwich to the public, than SO BE IT!!!!

    Ok. In all seriousness, Southwest shouldn’t care what their passengers wear within reason. If I was a well-endowed woman who shells out good money for a plane ticket, I would expect the attendants to hold their objections.

  62. MickeyMoo says:


    ROFL! You’re not serious are you?? The “Moral Majority” would police thoughts if they thought they could get away with it.

    If someone decided to sue SW – i’m sure that the company policy of leaving it up to the FA’s would be thrown out as being capricious and lacking in uniformity as to how it’s applied. They either need to have a clearly stated policy available for inspection prior to ticket purchase or abide by the law as to what is indecent or not.

  63. @Razzler: Only people who understand either feminism or the first amendment get to call me “honeybunch.” kthanxbye

  64. windycitypolski says:

    Miss Morality here…does anyone beside this old lady remember when you actually used to get dressed up to go fly on a plane? It wasn’t all that long ago, folks! Every time we try to make things more casual for ourselves, we turn them into sh**. We went “business casual” in the office, look what happened there. We went casual in the restaurants, now everyone complains about the unruly children that folks bring to the “casual” (read: OKAY TO BRING KIDS) restaurants. We went casual on airlines and now you complain about the dude in the next seat with the leaky cheeseburger and the the lady up front with the halter dress on (without a bra). Last spring, a 2nd grade student in my classroom wore a a shirt that said, “You make me want to puke.” A second grader. I wear a dress, with underwear, to work every day. No one has ever tried to kick me off a plane or out of a restaurant. Hooray to Southwest for trying to bring some decorum back to flying.

  65. sibertater says:

    Just because they make it in your size doesn’t mean you should wear it.

  66. swalve says:

    @kc2idf: It is not illegal to be a hipocrite.

  67. BrockBrockman says:

    Can we hire these Southwest employees to follow around Britney Spears as style consultants?

  68. BrockBrockman says:

    Oh, wait, I think I figured out what happened!

    Southwest Employee 1: “Check her out, she’s smuggling raisins” [chuckles to self]
    Southwest Employee 2: [thinking Southwest Employee 1 said “razors” and noticing passenger has a muslim-sounding name pulls aside the passenger]

    Southwest Employee 2: [realizing that scantily-clad woman in skintight clothing could not possibly be smuggling anything tries to think fast] “Miss, you’ll, uh, have to cover up because, uh, your clothes are … inappropriate.” [Crap! We just got in trouble over that!]
    Southwest Employee 1: [Laughs heartily in the background.]

  69. acambras says:

    …but not a real green dress — that’s cruel…

  70. Her Grace says:

    My concern for both women…aren’t they cold? I’m freezing on planes, in jeans, t-shirt, and a hoodie. I can’t imagine being comfortable in a short skirt or a halter dress just because I’d be freezing. The blanket would be welcome.

  71. ZugTheMegasaurus says:

    If you want to complain about how people used to dress up for flights, then you’d better take into consideration how different the airlines treat customers now.

    My grandfather was an airline pilot who started back in the 50s. You can bet that every passenger on his flights (including relatives of crew members) were dressed to the nines. But I’ve also got boxes full of his old documents, and came across a bunch of PanAm stuff. There were menus, in full color, in several languages, including appetizer, entree, and drinks. Drink service was included in the ticket price. If you paid for a more expensive ticket, you actually got different service, rather than just a symbolic curtain barrier.

    When I’m jerked around and delayed for hours on end, and have to spend nights in the airport because a flight is cancelled, and get checked by security three times in one day because I’m on sedatives for the damn flight, then you can bet that I won’t be wearing my “Sunday best” to the airport. It’d be like wearing a ballgown to a sportsbar.

  72. UpsetPanda says:

    I remember a similar discussion on another forum involving cruise ships and Norwegian Cruise Lines allowing people to wear jeans to dinner. I remember the problem was that a lot of people felt as if cruises had become too casual, and that it wasn’t treated as a special occasion anymore because cruises are more affordable. Back when it was a novelty, everyone dressed to the nines. Same with planes now.

  73. vanilla-fro says:

    @acambras: Nice reference. Bet nobody gets it. Good thing it wasn’t fur.

  74. ucntcme says:

    Is there any evidence/proof this employee did this a matter of corporate policy, or is it just as likely it was a personal decision?

    And no, something a corporation did 30 years ago regarding dress is not appropriate to any alleged dress code today. People change over the course of 30 years. Corporations are almost always run by entirely different management after 30 years. Southwest certainly is.

    If 30 years ago your parents were Democrat, and you, today are a Republican, is it right to say that you are a hypocrite because your parents were Democrat? (reverse parties or pick two opposing ones as you deem fit)? No.