How To Order A Domain Name From GoDaddy

The times, they are a changin’: whether it’s for business, a hobby, some drunken money-making scheme at three in the morning, or just to feel like you own something (our girlfriend says it’s “the poor man’s real estate”), there’s a good chance that you have bought or will buy a domain name at some point. One of the cheapest and most popular places to do this is, and designer C. Julian Klewes has written a handy illustrated guide to getting through their check-out gauntlet unscathed.

If you’ve ever used GoDaddy, you know how confusing it can be to actually make it out alive with your purchase. This is because the GoDaddy checkout sequence is designed like one of those money sorting machines where each level has different holes to sort and catch every single item that passes through it.

Klewes’ guide also has a list of promo codes you can try for additional discounts, although we have no idea if any of them are still valid (but a little Googling should turn up fresh ones if necessary).

Order Domain Godaddy Idiot-safe Guide

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