Subway Cheese Scam Protest Tshirt Designed

For only $12.95, you can protest Subway’s cheese geometry scam in this fetching tee.

A writeup on Digg says, “The Subway cheese “problem” has been bothering a good friend for quite some time, and after he saw the latest news on the Consumerist a day or so ago, he decided to make a protest t-shirt. I may have to wear one into my local subway as soon as the shirt shows up.”

Tongue firmly lodged in cheek, to get every last morsel of improperly laid isosceles cheese from our Subway sandwich that we deserve, we might just buy one.

Scam Tee [Spreadshirt]
PREVIOUSLY: Subway’s Incorrect Use Of Isosceles Cheese Actually A Vast Conspiracy


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  1. shoegazer says:

    meh. What would have been really funny is having fig.1, fig.2 and fig.3 of the original cartoon on there. I’m sure DrewMo is amenable to a cheese payment in lieu of cash…

  2. Tzepish says:

    Too bad this shirt doesn’t say subway or cheese anywhere on it… as far as anyone can tell, it says “Three triangles equals scam”.

  3. TedSez says:

    When Subway advertises a sandwich as “low-fat,” they’re measuring it without any cheese added. Those slices actually add a significant amount of fat and calories. So if they sell you a sandwich with only half the surface covered in cheesy goodness, they may be ripping you off, but they’re also making sure you stay halfway between thin Jared and fat Jared.

  4. Secularsage says:

    Those T-shirts being sold at cost? Are the proceeds going to charity?

    I’d hate for someone to be making a profit off this. That would be just as much of a scam.

  5. thepounder says:

    Since it’s from Spreadshirt, how about “Chuck Norris does not eat isosceles cheese”

  6. moorie679 says:

    I actually like the subs at subway and how is it a scam? when they show their subs on ads they do not show wheels of cheese on their subs, they use the triangle ones……..I just don’t get how this is a scam to begin with.

  7. homerjay says:

    @Tzepish: Clearly this tee shirt is telling people that the upside-down chapter of the Lambda Lambda Lambda fraternity is nothing but a big scam.

  8. stubblyhead says:

    @homerjay: that’s delta delta delta, a sorority. that reminds me of a dirty joke that i won’t repeat here. tri-lam upside down would be VVV.

  9. bbbici says:

    This guy is just trying to get you to buy the another t-shirt with the triangles pointing upwards, doubling his profit.

  10. mandarin says:

    Dont expect a lot of calories eating subway sandwiches, that is what they advertise right?
    So why complain about the cheese?

  11. urban_ninjya says:

    That’s how they make it healthy. Cut down on the unhealty cheeze.

  12. Aut0mat1c says:

    @Secularsage: How is it a scam? Somebody took the time to draw this up, why not try to make a buck off it?

  13. Buran says:

    @shoegazer: Yes. Put the whole thing on there and I’d think about one. This one makes no sense.

  14. Buran says:

    @Aut0mat1c: Read the original rant…

  15. SybilDisobedience says:


    The “scam” isn’t the triangle cheese itself, but the way it’s laid out on the sandwich – in “razorback” formation, leaving gaps, rathering than alternating directions so the sandwich surface is evenly covered by cheese.

  16. Craig says:

    I thought it was the non-overlapping triangles that were the scam, not the overlapping ones shown on the t-shirt.

  17. nobodyman says:

    I do think that Subway’s position (no pun intented) on this is kindof silly, but has anyone tried simply asking the Subway employee how *you* want the cheese to be placed on the sub?

    The people that work at my local subway are pretty laid back, I seriously doubt that they would come back with “sorry sir, corporate policy demands I place the cheese just so”.

  18. joemono says:

    This is all still just a big joke, right? Or are people actually genuinely upset about this?

  19. RvLeshrac says:

    I actually asked the guy at Subway last night if he would tesselate the cheese for me.

    After explaining what “Tesselate” means, he was happy to oblige.

  20. homerjay says:

    @stubblyhead: Whatever- I’m no scientician.

  21. LiC says:

    @RvLeshrac: Ditto, I got the Tuesday special yesterday and the guy making my sandwich flipped my cheese around in an instant. Very talented cheese handlers they have working at my Subway, very talented indeed.

  22. msbeer says:

    I just get the provolone. Big, round cheese gives better coverage. Tastes better than processed American too!

  23. djconnor says:

    I’ve been protesting this for years. How? Simple- I stopped patronizing crooked Subways.

  24. OKH says:

    Wear that and wait to get pummeled by a militant gay rights activist.

  25. Chicago7 says:

    If you want to be like Jared, you can’t get the cheese on your Subway, anyway!

  26. moorie679 says:

    @SybilDisobedience: yeah i get the razor back thing but how is it a scam? you get what you pay for and its not like they are trying to hide the fact that they leave cheese gaps in their subs…. this is like complaining to mcdonalds for not putting in kobe beef in their big macs.

  27. ShadowFalls says:

    Heh, when it comes to a shirt, that is a ripoff, the design is practically nothing, I would at least expect something on the back. Guess someone just wants to try and make some money off of something so silly.

  28. mac-phisto says:

    bleh. could’ve come up with a better slogan like “tessellate the cheese, please” or “unnecessary dairy overlap is a crime against humanity”

  29. zibby says:

    And we wonder why they hate us…

  30. guymandude says:

    Don’t you guys have a real life? Oil just hit 80$ a barrel and you guys are whining about cheese slices on Subway sandwiches? Jesus Christ gimme a break and grow up.

  31. ironchef says:

    No wonder Jared lost that weight!!!!!!!

  32. mattbrown says:

    has no one spotted an issue with sporting triangles on shirts?

  33. Saboth says:

    People still haven’t figured out Subway is a ripoff? In addition to the cheese, the way they cut their bread (not sure if they still do that little “V” shape cut, as I haven’t eaten there in like 2 years), allows for fewer toppings while giving the appearance of a big old sub. I don’t eat there…$6-$7 for a little sub with little substance to it, and I am hungry again in 2 hours.

  34. thepounder says:

    @guymandude: Everyone shut up! A real adult has entered the conversation.

    Sorry man… had to do that. ;)

  35. harshmellow says:

    Go for the provolone! It’s much better. Oh yeah, and if you can, go to Lenny’s instead of Subway. Much better…

  36. guspaz says:

    If this was supposed to be serious, it’s idiotic. If this was supposed to be funny, it’s lame. Either way…

  37. infinitysnake says:

    12.95? A sharpie is what, $2?

  38. kenposan says:

    @Secularsage: That was my first thought, glad I’m not alone.

  39. royal72 says:

    holy jeebus horatio christianson! people have absolutely lost the damn plot…
    (a) it’s fucking cheese.
    (b) it’s subway.
    (c) [ass]uming it’s truly a conspiracy, you got screwed for 10 cents worth of cheese. give me your address and i’ll send you a dime in an envelope that cost 15 cents and requires a 41 cent stamp.
    (d) or you could just shut the fuck up and eat somewhere else.

  40. BrockBrockman says:

    I have no sense of humor, so I’m going to rail on some people who oppose my viewpoint on this clearly serious issue of Subway cheese, as soon as I catch my breath. My rage is causing me to hyperventilate, thus preventing me from properly going apeshit on you douchebags.

  41. RvLeshrac says:


    They now cut the bread almost-in-half. They had to do it in order to compete with Jersey Mike’s et al.

    Same amount of everything, just a more convenient sandwich where your toppings don’t shoot out on the first bite.

    A lot like Old Faithful, only with more lettuce.

  42. RvLeshrac says:


    $0.10 of cheese at wholesale. But remember, Subway is charging $1.00 for the extra.

    That said, it IS a little silly, but that’s precisely the POINT. As I mentioned earlier, they’ll happily turn the cheese around if you ask.

  43. ktoth04 says:

    That t-shirt is going to cost you 32.375 iterations of extra cheese on your subway sandwich.