Personal Finance Roundup

A Visual Guide to the Morningstar Mutual Fund Comparison Tool [Generation X Finance] “This tool allows you to compare one fund against another, or many other funds and display the results in an easy to read format.”

Don’t panic if your 401(k) plan stinks [MarketWatch] “What if your defined-contribution plan at work features a lineup of mutual funds that seems lackluster? Here are five suggestions.”

Cash Out and Live Off Your Investments [Smart Money]
“Books about early retirement are steady sellers, and virtual communities of would-be escape artists thrive on the web. Fortunately, it doesn’t take an enormous nest egg to fund a life-changing move. We interviewed financial experts and early retirees to find out how to get out while you’re young.”

Insurance you didn’t know you had [MSN Money] “Your home, auto and medical coverage could be better than you think. Here are 11 scenarios for which you might be pleasantly surprised to learn you can file a claim.”

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