Comcast Installs Cable With Extreme Incompetence

This above pictured pile of cables is but the beginning of Glen’s magical mystery tour into the wonder of having a Comcast contractor install cable…

wallstellation.jpg“They took apart one of our phone jacks in our office room for some reason and left it hanging.”

Our story begins with the sales call. It was a door-to-door salesman, and after going through everything I was satisfied with what was being offered. I made sure that everything (except one thing, and that would come back to haunt me) was written down. All the fees being waived? In writing, each listed separately. Cost? In writing. I filed away the paperwork and waited for the installation. Having read about installation horror stories (on the Consumerist), I decided to stay home and supervise the installation that Comcast was going to be doing. It’s a good thing I did.

screwplate.jpgThe rest of the wall jack was left on the desk.

8/7/2007 – Installer shows up. He is a Comcast contractor with the company J&L Cable. As I start to talk to him about things, he interrupts me and asks to see where all the cable jacks are. I take him around, showing him where they are all, and then taking him to the office room, where a jack needs to be installed. Remember that one thing I didn’t have written down? Yeah, that’s it. He says almost nothing until the tour is over. Then he tells me that he couldn’t put the jack into the office room, because he was not allowed to. I ask why, since the salesperson specifically told us it would be no problem. He tells me that it would require him to drill through walls or floors/ceilings or he’s have to wall-fish, and “We don’t do that”. We argued back and forth, and he told us that the Comcast salespeople were dishonest, and that they’d tell us anything they needed to in order to get us to sign. There was nothing he could do. I told him that I wanted him to write that down on his installation form. He looked alarmed for a moment, then started over, this time adding an example. “See, if we do that we could end up in the same situation we ended up in last week at another unit here – when I drilled through the floor it ruined the carpet.” I told him that if he did the installation there then he must be allowed to do it, but he said no, he wasn’t allowed to. I asked him “what about last week?”, and he said they never do it.

extraongcable.jpgFor some reason they took our long cable and replaced it with one that barely reaches the television. I have to replace it now.

Then he changed tactics on me. Don’t underestimate the slyness of the Comcast Installation Tech. He tells me that he couldn’t put the cable modem into that room anyway. Why? Well, he described “it’s called VOICE OVER IP, and the cable modem has to be close to a phone jack so that we can pipe the phone back into the system…”

I interrupted him at that point and told him I knew exactly what it was and how it worked. Then I told him that there was a phone jack in the room. He then said the whopper: “Yes, but a cable modem is very sensitive to where it is physically in the house, and you’d end up losing too much signal there and lose your phone.” This will become funnier later.

wackyjack.jpgThey clearly spared no expense here.

He then says something that makes my fiancé almost blow up. He says he doesn’t think we’re keeping our current phone number. What? Then why did we sign this form authorizing it to be ported? When I asked to see his paperwork so I could find a phone number to call that he was in over his head. He called a “supervisor” and asked him to come by to explain it to us.

When the supervisor arrived it quickly became apparent that they could do a jack installation, they just didn’t want to.

When a gigantic cable box was brought in we told him that we were supposed to get one of the small ones. He replied that the FCC banned them and that there was no way to get one. It was FEDERAL LAW. Later in the installation I called Comcast directly and arranged to trade the big one in, the look on the supervisor’s face when the Comcast CSR asked to talk to them was pretty good.

When I made them check the signal strength of the line at all the jacks it turned out that we had more than adequate signal in all of them. He was surprised at how strong it was. As they were never going to agree to install the jack as promised, I decided to have them install the modem in the loft. The loft is physically the furthest point from where the cable enters the condo, and the line is split a couple of times before then. But cable modems like lofts (they just don’t like offices), so I guess we’re good.

I constantly walked back and forth between the two techs, watching what they were doing. I saved many of our more breakable items, as did my fiancé. The younger (first) tech seemed to have no idea that he was trampling things and knocking things over. Despite our best efforts, the techs did some damage. There is now a gouge out of the front of our TV screen, and grease and dirt all over one of our walls.

scuffedwalls.jpgThis is after a first washing.

When the techs left it was up to me to run some Ethernet cable down to the office. I put my PC on the modem, and found that it didn’t work. A call to Comcast technical support led to a number of hilarious “answers”. “We don’t support home routers” (I wasn’t using one yet). Sir, you need to shut down your PC, unplug it from the wall, and then turn off the modem. Won’t I lose my call to you if I unplug the modem? Yes. The next tech I talked to told me that all I really needed to do was hit the reset button. It worked.

After finding the internet not working, I decided to test everything else. I already knew the phone worked, so the only thing left was the cable. Everything was fine until I tried to use the On Demand. An error message came up that said there was a communications problem and to call the cable operator if it continues. I tried a couple more times, then called. They told me they would have the same technicians sent back since the installation wasn’t complete. A while later the younger tech showed up in a huff. He was not happy to be back at all. He checked a few things, then pronounced that it must be “low frequency”. I asked him if he meant low frequency interference. He explained to me, in his best Tech Talk, that as a signal passes down a coaxial cable that the frequency decreases, and this must be the problem. This is nonsense, but I was not going to argue the point with him. He said he would have to try it elsewhere in the house. Fine, but we wanted it in our living room. He said we might have to live without it if we wanted the box in the living room. I made it clear that it would be in the living room, but that we could test the other rooms as a troubleshooting step.

The On Demand did not work in the bedroom, but did work in the loft, but only after he changed a loop cable on the back of the box. Now that we’d found the problem, we went back to the living room, where we found the problem persisted.

He stated that we’d just have to have the box there. I told him no way. He then went on to explain that when they wired the house they must have brought the wire in to the garage, then run it straight up to the loft (bypassing the living room floor and the floor the bedroom is on), then split it and run it down to the bedroom, then split it again and run it down to the living room. That’s why the frequency was higher in the loft.

After some more discussion he gave up and told me that he’d have to have a supervisor figure it out, and that they’d stop by tomorrow.

The next day my fiancé looked over the damage and decided that she didn’t want them back in the house. She called Comcast (in tears) to complain about the whole process and to address the television damage in particular (the Tech had hit the front of the television with the cable box, gouging it – thankfully it wasn’t the screen). Comcast now claims that they are sending a “real” technician out.

Now we come to billing. The Techs left a sheet that told us our next payment would be $242. How could that be, if all the fees were waived? When we asked Nancy (a CSR), she claimed that we were being billed for this period (it’s August 8), next period, and the period after that. Also, the fees that were waived – well, Nancy explained that they can’t be waived. The FCC “requires” them to charge us a $29.95 phone activation fee – it’s another of those pesky Federal Laws. Another CSR (Helen) first told me that the fee would be waived if I had paperwork that said it was waived, then, strangely, refused to comment on the bill after that, and would not stop talking no matter what I said.

So what have I got right now for signing up with Comcast? I’ve got working internet (and it works very well), a working phone, partially working cable, a gouged television, a wall that will likely require painting (at least we could clean the grease and dirt out of the carpet), and billing disputes looming on the horizon.

boxontv.jpgWe specifically told him we didn’t want the box on top of the television. If we leave it here it will slide down the back and into the wall.

I can say that my experience seems to be better than some of the one’s on your site – at least the Installation tech didn’t try to murder me…

August 9th: Remember how they promised to send a Supervisor out to figure out why the cable didn’t work? Well, he never showed up. Good thing we went ahead and made the appointment for the Comcast repairperson to come out.

August 10th:

As I said before, the J&L contractors never showed back up as promised. We had made a repair appointment anyway, and he showed up today. This experience was far different. First, he showed up on-time. We talked a little bit, and I explained what had happened, and he asked me if it was J&L. I was surprised and asked him how he knew, and he said, “Well, there’s really only two companies, and…” He clearly didn’t want to badmouth anybody – which I can understand and respect. He was surprised at the damage they did – when he saw the gouge in the television all he said was “Oh, nice.”

gougeatron.jpgThis is the gouge that was made in the front of the television.

I was pretty happy with him, he knew what he was doing, and didn’t try to make up anything. And there was to be no compromises. “I’ll get it working – there’s only so many things that can be wrong.” It took him an hour, but he found it and fixed it. Years ago, somebody had worked on the cable wiring and put a couple of filters in the line. The only line that didn’t have a filter on it was the one going to the loft, which was the only one that worked. He removed the filters and put everything back the way it should be.

So far he’s the only person at Comcast who provided a good experience. He didn’t make up things, he didn’t make excuses, he was polite and he did a good job. I hope we run into more like him as we try to have the damage the contractors did. As it stands I’m going to have to do some work to clean up the wiring, but they’ll have to address the television, possibly the wall, and make sure the bill is right.

Moral of the story: Comcast returns excellent shareholder value by outsourcing and subcontracting to boobs, while retaining a smaller force of actually trained professionals to clean up their messes.


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  1. Falconfire says:


    My god this makes our part time techs look like neural surgeons. And here I thought we had problems getting a kid for 16 buck a hour to understand how to hook up a printer to a network and reserve the IP address.

  2. jwissick says:

    Typical for Comcast….

    I despise them… they have never done right by me.

  3. Buran says:

    Geez. At this point I’d say do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you, and just have Comcast hook their coax to the coax end coming out of the side of your house.

  4. Falconfire says:

    Just as a aside, since I have had my own experience with their “techs” it really is a crapshoot on who you get.

    When we switched over to the Comcast 3 in 1 plan it took me hours, and a lot of troubleshooting myself as well as going through 3 techs before I finally found one who realized that the tech who came to our house to set up the phone somehow managed to have the MAC address of our computer modem (which doubles as a wired and wireless router so I didnt have to have 2 boxes hooked up) erased from our records and replaced with the previous modem (which we gave back to them over a year prior to this).

    How he managed this I will never know, but the sheer stupidity I got from the 2 techs on the phone prior to this guy was mindblowing. Besides the fact that if you tell them you use a mac they use directions for OS 9 (you know the OS Apple used about 8 years ago) instead of OS X to utterly confuse people unless they work in the field, one of them flat out told me they dont support Macs, this DESPITE their own ads using Macs and showing the setup guide being done on a mac using safari.

  5. Xabora says:

    Comcast needs to hire less hacks and more skilled techs…

    But alas they prolly will not do that. :/

  6. Meg Marco says:


  7. Steel_Pelican says:

    Behold the power of monopoly.

  8. Xerloq says:

    Not that it’s going to net anything, I’d be submitting a claim for the damage to the television.

    Good job on the photo documentation.

  9. LAGirl says:

    makes me SO glad i don’t have Comcast anymore.

  10. mrearly2 says:

    Apparently, when Comcast enters a contract with these alleged installation technicians, they don’t require any evidence of proficiency.
    Also, it’s one thing to not be proficient and another to be a stupid, dirty, clumsy, destructive idiot. If I had to install something in someone’s home, I would do my darndest not to f-up their abode, while attempting an installation.
    I’m sticking with satellite TV and DSL and I install any hardware, myself. I just can’t trust others to do it right, even though they may do that.

  11. ninabi says:

    Comcast needs to credit your account to reflect the cost of a can of paint and carpet cleaning. And an apology. What an ugly mess.

    Larry Moe and Curly couldn’t have made a bigger mess of it.

  12. cyberdog says:

    Well that figures… That’s the whole problem. We hire contractors who don’t give a shit. They get paid by the job. So the faster they get in and out the more they get paid. Real Comcast Techs get paid by they hour and not the job. I work in Tech Support and can’t tell you how many times or calls we get because of Contractors fucking up the install or repair jobs.

    I work for Comcast and I know very well the deep dark secrets of their business. Many more stories to come… Mu ha ha ha ha!!

  13. gatopeligroso says:

    I’m sorry about your horrible experience. But… I don’t think I would call the damage to your TV a “Gouge”. Maybe a dent, deep scratch, or even crack would better sum that up.

  14. cyberdog says:

    Sounds like a Contractor

  15. eds70 says:

    Ben.. Thanks for all your work in relating this horror story. Comcast is just beginning to market telephone in our city. Since my experience with their TV and internet has been pretty good, I was thinking of giving it a try. I’m now going to stay with Qwest.

  16. drduran says:

    I have Astound cable, and had problems with a contracted installer at my last house, they told me they couldn’t put in a jack where there was no TV because the cable would “leak”. i laughed at the tech and called Astound directly, they had him leave and sent out their own tech within 30 minutes.

  17. mwwilk says:

    Every morning on my way to work, I drive right by a Comcast subcontractor’s office on the north side of Chicago. The outfit is simply called “The Cable Guy”. What amazes me is how much of a mess these guys make around their parking area. It is an utter eyesore, I don’t think any of these Yo-Yo’s have ever heard of the mordern technological marvel called a Garbage Can. On weekends, you can really see how bad it is when all their vehicles are gone — the Wendy’s wrappers and empty Big Gulp cups blowing around like tumbleweeds. Oh, plus I get a chuckle out of seeing one of the guys with a Lexus RX with the banged up ladders strapped to the roof rack. One step ahead of the Re-Po Man!

  18. bradym80 says:

    The best part of this is that you never really needed the cable modem installed in the first place. One of the things that Comcast doesn’t tell you is that their DVR box comes with a DOCSIS modem already installed. So they are basically charging their 12 million customers $10 dollars a month to use a modem that they dont even need. Another comcast bullshit charge.

    12 million customers X $10 a month = $120 Milllion

    $120 Million X 12 months = $1.44 Billion

  19. ukexpat says:

    And this is exactly why I will never let a Comcast tech anywhere near my home theater system. When I need a new digital box etc, I pick it up from them and install it myself.

  20. foghat81 says:

    Based on the rusty & crappy “Contracting for Time Warner Cable” pickups & vans I see out there, I’m confident TW does the same terrible thing. This is why monopolies suck for consumers.

  21. ShadowFalls says:

    First of all, I want to point out, you do not split the line when installing a cable modem. Fortunately, I have no bad tech issues when Brighthouse gets contractors for their work.

    They did the job perfectly how it should be done. One line separate for the cable modem, and one for the cable box. If you split the line, it degrades the performance of the cable modem itself.

    When it comes to that nasty mess, just wow explains it. How can your hands get that dirty like you just worked on your car? I have had a tech before come to my house with his hands dirty, he apologetically asked to wash them before starting, which I can respect.

    As for the frequency decreasing as it goes down the line, this is not realistically BS, but in this case he probably was using it as such. A signal will degrade the further down the line you go. Typically you would just a repeater, which takes the signal and essentially resends it.

    Coax tends to have less of an issue with this though. The chance of it degrading badly enough before it gets to you is really low unless Comcast was really cheap on their cable infrastructure.

    A person who thought there really was this problem though, would use a cable tester to check the line just to make sure.

  22. JMH says:

    Comcast? Incompetent? That goes against everything I’ve ever read on this blog.

    Wait. Scratch that. Reverse it.

  23. Corkybelle says:

    I have a family member that works for Comcast so this is first hand knowledge. If you call Comcast and request an actual Comcast tech and NOT a contractor they are required to send that person out to your home. An actual Comcast tech will be held responsible for any damage left behind and Comcast will reimburse you for said damage. If a contractor comes out to your house they are not responsible for the damage that is most commonly left behind. A Comcast tech will come out and fix it – but not supply compensation. The contractors are hated by the actual Comcast techs, so the complaints are understood as they actually supply more work than they complete more often that not. Call and talk to someone in customer service and if that doesn’t work go talk to someone in person. They WILL stand behind their work and fix your problems.

  24. silver-spork says:

    The Comcast contractors I dealt with in the Chicago suburbs were crap, but I have not had any problems with the ones that have come to fix problems in Delaware.

    With contractors, it’s always a crap shoot. Nicor Gas (Chicago again) uses contractors, and they are the biggest bunch of incompetent a**holes on the planet.

  25. Scuba Steve says:

    I don’t know about the apathy levels of some people, but if I were to be working at a shop I would be at least wanting to know my job and how to do it. They do train these guys, right?

  26. Zgeg says:

    Whew!! I thought I was going to have to go a whole day without some Comcast bashing… Now that I have my daily dose, I feel much better… I have to admit, I have had nothing but good experiences with Comcast Techs who came to my house. I’ve had to have Techs come in for an HDTV upgrade a couple of years ago and Internet issues when I moved. Each time the Techs were on time, SUPER friendly and new what they were doing. When I had the HDTV issue the Tech did his thing and then I told him how much of a sports fan I was, he made a call and he added a Sports package free for 4 months..

  27. enm4r says:

    HA! That looks extremely similar to my RCN setup here in Chicago. I had just moved into my apt, so I had nothing setup. I told the guy where I’d have my computer and TV, and because the RCN line was dropped right in the middle, and he was too lazy to actually do an efficient job, he just left like 8 inches of able from the wall, and then wanted to run cable back along the drop line for about 30 feet to my computer. The guy was a complete idiot.

    Fortunately I told him there was no way I was going to let him leave it like that, and essentially just wanted him to leave a bunch of cable, and told him I’d do it myself. I didn’t want him to touch anything, especially my new (at the time) plasma.

    I still called and complained when he left, because he basically demanded some soda (which I was drinking while doing the work) and left trash all over the place. They gave me like $20 credit on that first month, I called it even.

  28. geekfather says:

    Worst. Company. EVER.

    This story and the photos need to go directly to their CEO.

  29. axiomatic says:

    Just an FYI, if you ever use a power booster to boost the video signal line in to more lines for more rooms, do not let the contrator tech boost the line for the cable modem as well. Cable modems do not like a boosted signal line. It took the Comcast tech supervisor 3 different trips to my house to figure out that the contractors did this. TRY TO ALWAYS GET A SECOND WIRE RUN TO THE HOUSE FOR THE CABLE MODEM. Comcast are reluctant to do this because it eats up a second connection on the phone pole but it is worth it. I get my full 768k up/8mb down that I paid for now.

  30. hollerhither says:

    I am grateful that I had a great experience with the Comcast tech on my most recent install, and I did make the move to their phone service.

    However, when my internet service went down inexplicably it took no less than five days, eight hours, and 7 phone calls to fix the problem — some modem validation issue on their end that didn’t require in-home techs, but didn’t fit the script or whatever they use for support calls.

    Over and over I had to repeat: “I already rebooted. I already unplugged the modem and plugged it back in. I already ran that program.”

    Each time I had to remind them I had Comcast for phone service, and ask, “You won’t disconnect me during this call if you work on the modem?” (Lousy cell reception at home.) “Oh no, we’ll let you know if that’s going to happen, or we’ll call you back.” Six out of seven times, before I lucked out with the “good” rep, I got a click, dead air, and no return call. Grrr.

  31. elangomatt says:

    I have had comcast at my place once to install my triple service package. I live south of Chicago (far enough south to not be considered a suburb) I don’t know whether it was an actual comcast tech or a contractor. My experience with the tech was excellent. My only complaint that I can really give about the guy was that he complained a bit because my apartment had a crawlspace, and he didn’t like crawlspaces. Despite this fact, he still went down into the crawlspace a few times as necessary to get the job done. He did have some trouble because he didn’t know the previous tenant used satellite for TV and cable for internet, but he figured out the problem fairly quickly. He actually replaced some old splitters that were put in by a previous tenant as well at no charge. Before he left, he made sure everything was working ok and I didn’t have a single complaint about the quality of the install at all.

  32. davmattucci says:

    First time poster here! At any rate, we’ve had nightmarish results with Comcast here in MD. We had 9, that’s NINE techs out here for some of the same things mentioned. We finally got everything resolved three months after subscribing. The techs were deplorable, and we went through the trouble of having our front yard dug up to get a new feed from the main in our neighborhood. Since then there have been no issues, but I will say staying on top of them and trying to speak to one CSR each time you call can make all the difference. We’ve been given a significant discount for all of the trouble thanks to him…

  33. ShadowFalls says:


    I do feel for you. When mine went down because of a dead power supply (also known as AC adapter) on the modem, Brighthouse came out the next day (called on July 4th) to take care of it.

  34. pcj says:

    I’ve had good, and bad, experiences with Comcast contractors. The guys who moved our service when we moved down a floor to a new appartment screwed it up, but the guy who came to repair it was awesome. The guy who came to “install” my cable cards in my series 3 Tivo admitted right up front that he’d never done this before, so he let me do it myself, which saved us both a ton of time.

    I’ve never had a problem with Comcast service itself though. We’ve had phone, tv and internet for years without a hitch.

    Like others have said, it’s all down to the contractor, thats the crapshoot.

  35. kretara says:

    I’ve also had a Comcast horror story.
    I ordered the triple play (cable, voice and internet) from Comcast and had nothing but trouble.

    The contractor showed up on time and installed everything quickly and professionally. Everything was fine, until the following morning when I no longer had an internet connection. About an hour later my phone service stopped working.

    Over the next 2 weeks we had numerous modem reboots, a few replaced modems, hours spent on my cell with Comcast phone ‘techs’, numerous visits from techs support (they missed half of the scheduled appointments), many days taken off of work and I still only had only occasional internet and phone access.

    When I did have phone/internet access, it was pretty poor. The phone line has lots of dropped packets and my internet speeds were great during the day, but once 5:30pm hit the speeds dropped to 56K speeds.

    I was cussed out by the local tech supervisor because I had enough nerve to find his number and call him to complain about the lack of service. I found that most of the phone staff flat out lied about anything they could and that the local Comcast techs were pretty poorly trained.

    I finally got my number ported back to ATT (I know, one evil for another) but I had to go 3 weeks with no phone or internet. ATT and Dish were more than happy to have me back. They waived all reinstall fees and bent over backwards to assist me in getting the best deal and getting everything set up correctly.

  36. thepounder says:

    @JMH: Nice Gene Wilder reference.

    Maybe “Pure Imagination” could be Comcrap’s new theme song.

  37. kimsama says:

    For the grease stains: Mr. Clean magic eraser sponge. This saved me from repainting my apartment after the plumber dismantled a wall and left it ridic greasy.

  38. krom says:

    Next time someone (or myself) asks me why I pay more for long-loop DSL through a third-party independent (well they used to be) ISP, I should just send them a link to the Comcast category here.

  39. Landru says:

    A long time ago I said “never again” to comcast. I’m happy to say I’ve followed through.

  40. Quickness says:

    Comcast has always been known for their horrible “contractors.” Ask anyone who has or had Comcast, and the majority of them will give you a bad experience they had.

    We had a contractor come here. He didn’t know how to setup the cable modem to work on the computer. After about an hour of him using his Nextel 2-way to talk to some buddy of his to get help (also swearing every 5th word), I finally asked him to leave. I signed the paper saying everything was setup to my liking just so the prick would leave.

    I then spent about 4 hours on the phone with tech support trying to have them get my computer online.

    A friend of mine is a contractor for Comcast. He says it is the easiest, blowoff job he has ever had. They don’t check for the quality of work, being as they don’t work for Comcast. He knows other contractors who go to people’s houses drunk, pretend to setup a working system where the customer later finds out nothing was setup right.

    But when you have an monopoly, you can do shitty work, because people have no where else to go.

  41. dreamsneverend says:

    The joys of subcontractors rears it’s ugly head again! As a former neighborhood tech for Bright House in Tampa, FL I spent a lot of my time putting out fires that these types would start. It’s sad too because there were SOME who did awesome work and you could tell by coming to someones house and see how neatly things were done. Othertimes the scene was just like this, or worse. Those installers get paid piece work and I was often under the impression they fled many scenes because they had spent too much time there and it was starting to eat into their profit for the day.

  42. DrTweeker says:

    Wow – are you sure these aren’t the same guys from this consumerist story [] ?

    I’d highly recommend taking it all the way to the top – I got comensated for their lackluster skills and they made everything right in the end. It took a while, but all worked out well.

  43. marsneedsrabbits says:

    I would like to apologize for your lousy service. See, it is all my fault.
    Comcast’s service is awful. Their product is at best marginal. I cancelled it a couple of years ago & got a little dish & remain a happy camper. Comcast doesn’t respond when they say they will, they destroy stuff and they out and out lie to your face or over the phone and in most cases, both. Once, when they came to replace an overheating modem that they said wasn’t broken (it was) the repair guy said “huh. I thought they recalled these due to these things smoking and catching fire”. And he was serious.
    But here’s where the great part comes in: as soon as I cancelled, they started sending expensive glossy ads, post cards, and brochures to the house begging for my returned business.
    So, please allow my to apologize (since they won’t). Because the money Comcast spends weekly to regain my business could have paid for your installation to be done correctly. If only I would have returned to the Comcastic life, your wall, TV and service would have been fine.

  44. Bay State Darren says:

    @Corkybelle: “I have a family member that works for Comcast so this is first hand knowledge.”

    actually that would be second-hand knowlege.

  45. spunky_redhead15 says:

    i used to work for comcast, both on the tech support and billing end. i also got to take a lot of supervisor escalated calls. i can vouch for the fact that the bs with the contractors happened all the farking time, although it should not. what everyone says is true, the contractors only get paid per job, so they’re looking to get the most jobs one in a day. the actual techs from comcast are paid by the hour, therefore they are more dedicated to taking the TIME to fix your problem. i have talked to both sets of techs over the phone as well…have found the comcast techs to be more polite and very unappreciative of the botch jobs that the contract techs do. most installs are done by contractors, the repairs are done by comcast techs. i remember all the complaint calls i took about the techs showing up very late, not at all, and leaving before the job was done, saying they’d be back at this date/time, and never returned. try not to take it out too much on the tech support call centers…the resources they have for checking out issues suck hardcore. communication about outages, wheither they were resolved and if they are acutally outages that are happening was rare as well.

    all the time on the billing end, i did see that fees that were promised to be waived, were not waived. oh, and that $29.99 fee to connect the digital voice services…yes, it is required by the fcc, but it CAN be credited back, i did it lots of times and was never reprimanded for doing so. and i am a little confused by the “voice over ip” comment the tech made. as far as i knew (i haven’t worked for comcast since january, so things may have changed), comcast does not offer VOIP, they offer what’s called comcast digital voice, which is a voice service done over internet signal…oi. i’m sorry you had such a rough time.

    i worked for qwest for a while, too…and even though their service sucked most of the time…at least the technicians were pretty much competent. as excited as i was to start working for comcast at the time….if i had the choice to work for either again, hands down, i’d work for qwest again…but that means i must go back to the call center life, which is NOT HAPPENING! LOL

  46. solipsistnation says:

    When I had Comcast install cable in my old apartment in Massachusetts, the guy they sent out to do the install told me he was a retired bounty hunter. He showed me the scars where he’d been shot. Yeah.

  47. dragonpup says:

    Wow. Call up and file a damage complaint ASAP.

    The contractor did a horrific job there. And for what it is worth, you can be installed with both a cable modem and an eMTA (The ARRIS device used for voice) if you request it. The installer usually just needs to make a call into his dispatch office to change some codes for it, but it is easy to do.

  48. dragonpup says:

    Corky, speaking as someone who works for Comcast and with the field techs, let me correct a pair very wrong things in your post.

    1) You can request an in-house tech, but Comcast usually can not guarantee it. It all depends on who is available for what jobs. Also, I know some contractors who are amazingly good installers, so let’s not get on this, ‘All contractors suck’ meme. I am not justifying this contractor by any means, but I know some who are just as good, if not better than the in-house techs.

    2) Comcast does reimburse damages for contractors who perform work like we see in this case. You still need to file a damage complaint(started by calling customer service. A local walk in center I think can start the process, too.).

    The standard “I don’t speak for my company, blah blah blah”, but I wanted to clarify some things.

  49. star_ says:

    Stories like this is why I’ve never let any so-called techs inside my home. I just do it myself. If I don’t know how, I will learn.

  50. booticon says:


    I hate to be the Devil’s Advocate, but that’s not Comcast, that’s Motorola/General Instruments. They disable the modem capability before their boxes leave the factory.

    • Anonymous says:

      @booticon: @booticon: motorola or G.I. (mean) sh*t, i’m tiredmof trying ti install pooh and then explain the technical garbage of why the crap just don’t flush, oh i forgot the techs are now also in charge and have run amuck overthrowing the entire electronic manufacturing industry, as we swing to and fro from the rafters forcing the the generalk public to accept the inferior product we now individually reproduce in the dungeons we have built below our homes specifically for the sole purpose of having every install be excitingly horrifying. personally there have been several occasions of which i have feared i would be able leave and felt handcuffed to the customers furniture, hearing the infamous oh and one more thing before you can go emitted adoringly from their lips

  51. ju-ju-eyeball says:

    I used to install cable back in my twenties. I was fast, efficient, and competent. I took pride in my work and I understood I was in someone’s home. I was careful not to track mud on the carpet and not put hand prints on the wall. I fished any walls, ran cable thru ceilings and under floors. Nothing stopped me from getting the job done. Not attic heat, not snarling pitbulls, or dead cats under houses. All my customers were satisfied.

    What is wrong with installer’s today? I just don’t know…

    Also, the only wall fish I ever messed up was my own! I have four holes behind my big screen tv. DOH!

  52. HalOfBorg says:

    I LOVE photo documentation. I have about $15,000 dollars worth of home remodeling on HiQ Digital pics…..and they did a WONDERFUL job. :)

  53. HalOfBorg says:

    The WORST place I ever worked (installed alarms for a short time) was a 2nd floor of a garage. Wasps. It was like a freaking AIRPORT in there.

  54. micahd says:

    Oh, man big city Comcast… when I lived in my small college town and everyone knew everyone something like this would have never happened. But there are trade offs. For instance my roommate and I were one of maybe a dozen HD subscribers, no one at the local office even knew what a cable cards was…

  55. schlottj says:

    wow, that is a true horror story, not as bad as some of them i have seen on here, but still bad. when i first had my cable internet installed the Comcast tech took a razorknife and sliced my carpet halfway acrossed the width of a hallway, then decided he wasnt going to get a cable under there and proceeded to run cable around the exterior of the room

  56. shor0814 says:

    If you get too much of a runaround with Comcast’s customer service, call your insurance company and file a claim. 800lb gorilla vs 10,000lb gorilla and a larger lobbying group.

  57. sibertater says:

    A Comcast employee in my hometown of Huntington, IN accidently punctured a gas line in a house and went to call for backup. By the time the gas company got there the house had filled with gas, it ignited, blew up the house, killed the resident (Emilie Wilson) and the Gas Company Employee, destroyed the house next door and ruined the siding on 2 houses on either side of the 2 destroyed houses.

    The Comcast employee was unharmed, because he left. When they took the picture for the front page of the Huntington Herald Press the Comcast installation van was still sitting in the driveway.

    Feel free to Google Huntington Herald Press, and search their archives for Emilie Wilson.

    My point: Comcast really sucks, but I’m glad you weren’t blown up.

  58. DigiTM says:

    Wow. For those who may not notice the connection, Comcast and Time Warner are the same company. (Or so I was told by a representative). I live in L.A. and when I moved into my apartment tried getting a new Cable Box and account set up with them. The problem is that my complex offers a free basic cable box per unit (fees included in rent) but if I wish for additional boxes or services I must order it myself. I found it to be almost impossible to do so because of the ridiculous nature of every one of their employees. At one point, after calling several times, being transfered and hung up on, I asked a new tech to transfer me to a supervisor. He refused to do so until I provided an phone number so he could look up my existing account information. I tried explaining my situation and that I was looking to open a new account and he still refused to help. He said it was company policy to take the information he wanted and that he would not transfer me to anyone until I gave him a working phone number and the other information he wanted. When I said how ridiculous this was, he literally starting yelling at me and calling me names and trying to fight with me over the phone about it.

    Needless to say I told him that I would no longer be getting Time Warner and hung up.

    This doesn’t mean that other cable companies are any better. When my girlfriend moved into her new apartment, I helped out by researching and scheduling installation of Charter Cable Television and Internet. While they were very helpful, I had to be very careful about costs for billing on service and installation. Even when giving her address to the different service reps I went through almost 10 different reps total, at different times, before I started actually receiving similar “estimated” rates. The price difference by each of them was sometimes different up to almost 60 dollars!

    When the cable tech came to install everything I made sure I was there as none of my girlfriend’s roommates are very tech savy. Most cable companies charge extra money if a room needs to be wired and I was sure to check and confirm that her apartment was already wired and ready. The first thing the guy said when he entered and looked around was that he would have to list an additional charge of $20 dollars for wiring to the other two rooms. I quickly stepped up and corrected him and he still tried to defend it. When I countered him with the proper explanation and literally showed him what I was talking about, he quickly changed his tune and changed his mind.

    Further, when he set up the internet he offered to also set up a wireless router for a small fee. The fee was an additional $50 dollars plus $10 a month for the router. I quietly laughed to myself and politely declined. Once he had left after making sure the system was working straight from the modem, I took the needed 5 minutes to set up the router I had purchased earlier with mac filter protection and the works. The router cost $50 dollars in itself so I saved my girlfriend and her friends a good $120 dollars minimum a year in that.

    While the tech was not incompetent, he did show just how badly the Cable companies try to bleed consumers of their money. I feel sorry for those who are not very tech savy and end up getting screwed because they don’t know what is going on. My girlfriend and her roommates actually told me that they were glad I was there because if I wasn’t they would have gone with whatever the tech had said was needed and could have easily ended up being charged a lot extra.

  59. deepbluesea says:

    2 words for satisfaction – when you call up Comcast, ask for their “customer advocacy” rep. You will leap frog all the bs and get results.

  60. Edidid says:

    It is Comcast which is better known as Comcrap in my neighborhood (Comcrap is the ONLY broadband provider where I live…yes I know and it does suck).

    Don’t except them to repair the issue or even aknowledge it fully.

  61. Alvis says:

    Just as you should not allow someone who does not know that fire is hot to build you a fireplace, you should not allow someone with not even a passing knowledge of the properties of electromagnetic waves to install your DSL/cable broadband.

  62. mikeluisortega says:

    Yeah that was a sucky install, not to make excuses for the contractor but, in my area

    *The contractor gets paid by the job, NOT by what they do and NOT for anything that isn’t explicitly shown on the paper work.
    *The contractor is not responsible to bring the house’s cable system up to spec
    *The contractor probably didn’t have a signal meter to even see if the signal was good enough.
    *Most Contractors suck
    *Not reimbursed for Gas.

    I used to work for a Cable CO as a actual Tech for the company and it was stupid, very stupid.
    A: I had to wait on hold (15mins to 1/2 hour) to have equipment activated.
    B: Contractors were NOT responsible for bringing someone’s cable system up to spec so they would do the install and I would have to finish it because they did what they were paid to do and nothing else.
    C: Sales people would tell customers anything for a sale, “need 8 outlets? not a problem!” Problem being for everything a Cable Co tech has to do they have to put into the computer and it figures the correct amount of time needed, In order to fit more installs in a day they lie and put the install as 2 outlets instead of 8, so when Tech shows up with 1/2 a hour to do a 2 outlet install the customer is pissed because he wants 8 outlets in his unwired house.
    D: Cable can NOT be split 1000 times, a lot of people have a splitter here and there and expect stuff to work and it wont (not right anyway) You need one splitter in the entire house (90% of the time) and each cable box, modem, and phone modem needs it’s own dedicated leg from the splitter(not a decitated line from the pole as someone posted)Depending on the signal that is comming off the pole and the cable system you may need a amp to send or receive the proper signal. Sometimes Amps are just not available to the tech because the company doesnt provide them in a timely fashion.

    The only way to fix problems like Glen’s is for companies to better organize and give their techs the amount of time to complete the job instead of being on their ass to get to the next job. Quality over Quantity. But most companies are run by ass clowns so things like this will always happen.

  63. MrEvil says:

    Geez, what the heck was that guy doing that got his hands that dirty? I work on big laser printers and had a Color one with about a half pound of towner in a place where it shouldn’t have been. I still came out of the customer’s place with my pants and hands clean (and their premises clean as well). I guess some of these guys are the “unwashed masses”.

  64. cirrus_blue says:

    Could be worse! []

  65. EVIL357 says:

    I work for Insight as a collections/disconnect agent. Insight is also another name for Comcast.My job is to retrive cable boxes, modems or payments. I thank God each and every day that I have Brighthouse at my home. Hell, these evil shits won’t even give me proper tools to turn people off.

    I see install jobs that even I know are shit all the time. Everybody is always asking me about repairs (which I don’t do/can’t do) and billing.

    All I ever hear about the phone system is how bad it is.

    The office is just as bad with it’s collections sub-contracters (me) as it is with the customer. They are famous for billing mistakes and just plain ripoffs. The sales techs will sell you all the stars in the universe for a sale that day.
    I’d trust a crack dealer before the sales techs.
    Since I’m the one at the door asking for cash I have to deal with all of the hassle the office starts. I’m looking for a nice safe job right now like prison guard or coal miner. One of these days I’m gonna get shot by some crazy subscriber or ate by a pitbull.

    I’ve had Brighthouse/Warner Bros for 5-6 years and never had any problems.BTW

  66. So what have I got right now for signing up with Comcast? I’ve got working internet (and it works very well), a working phone, partially working cable, a gouged television, a wall that will likely require painting (at least we could clean the grease and dirt out of the carpet), and billing disputes looming on the horizon.

    Welcome to Comcast. Get used to it, especially the billing disputes.

  67. kylere says:

    If I had ANY other choice for a decent speed internet connection I would take it, but Comcast has bribed the local utility boards to the point that no one else is allowed in my area. We need the government to FORCE them to allow competition.

  68. Brad2723 says:

    Instead of arguing with the tech to get what you wanted, you should have just said “we’re through here” and asked him to leave immediately after you noticed the first signs of incompetence. Then call Comcast and ask them to reschedule with a different contractor.

  69. JoeMomma says:

    Comcast has a customer service record to rival AOL’s. I can’t wait till Verizon finishes laying fiber all over the contiguous 50 and kicks their ass with FIOS TV.

    My story is only better because I never actually let Comcast complete their install. The “installers” they sent to my apartment looked like Comcast found a couple of homeless crackheads on the street corner and gave them toolbelts. I was at work and my girlfriend didn’t know any better to watch their every move. They ended up cutting the terminations behind my wall jacks and tried telling me they had to re-wire everything. The place was 100% pre-wired before they got there so I smelled a rat right away and raced home to meet the “supervisor” that was being dispatched. This guy put a tone on what was left of my coax in the bedroom and picked up the signal on what was left of the coax in my living room and proclaimed that what I actually had was not a pre-wired cable ready apartment but merely a wire run going from the living room to the bedroom. Needless to say I showed him the door. I re-terminated my outlets and told Comcast not to send that same contracting company out again. They did anyway and sent the same 2 idiots (“hey, weren’t we just here last week?”) that cut my lines initially. I called them out on it and they got all shitty with me saying that’s how it was before they showed up. I had the prior tenant’s last Comcast bill in my hand and asked how that guy had TV and internet service without wiring or if they were suggesting that he cut the lines and replaced the wall plates as a practical joke. They got shittier and I told them to get out and called DirecTV (which has been great from the start by the way).

    Numerous calls to Comcast CSR ended with them promising that a supervisor would return my call which never happened. According to Comcast the crackheads were independent contractors and Comcast was simply not responsible for any damage they did. Calling the contractors’ company is a whole different story that ended up with me filing a complaint with the BBB. The total disregard for the customer runs all the way up the chain in Comcast.

    Comcast apparently don’t keep track of any complaints. My last call to their CSR was to state that they suck and I had an install scheduled with DirecTV and I would NEVER do business with them again. Yet they still stuff my mailbox with their flyers and cold-call me to try to schedule an install. I should pull a “Kramer” on them and actually schedule one day and just not answer the door and let them reschedule their crackheads over and over, wasting their time trying to do an install that will never happen.

  70. JoeMomma says:

    Forgot to qualify my original comment by stating that I was only getting TV service. I have Verizon DSL for internet. Verizon isn’t allowed to run fiber in my city (even though the burbs have it) because the city cut a contract with Comcast. Even though Verizon has a CO 5 blocks from where I live I’ll have to wait a couple more years to get FIOS. I feel for anyone that has no alternative to dial-up other than Comcast. They are absolutely the worst company I have ever had to deal with.

  71. JoeMomma says:

    Shockingly, the BBB has no record of my complaint…


    They weren’t even listed in the the BBB database when I filed so perhaps the first complaint just adds them to the DB. Well let ME go on the record. If you live in the Baltimore metro area, do not let the crackheads from Vandiver Inc into your home!

  72. acambras says:


    Not to nitpick, but it’s the contiguous 48, unless we’ve somehow managed to annex a couple of Mexican states or Canadian provinces.

  73. JoeMomma says:

    @acambras: D’oh! I feel like I just failed the stripper IQ test on the Howard Stern show.

  74. dlab says:

    I can only sympathize with Glen, as he is now intimately familiar with the Sub-sub-contracted Comcast installer.

    The last time I dealt with one of these, he did not show up. Twice. After Comcast called and cancelled the third appointment, we got a call back 15 minutes later from the technician, saying that he had been running a bit late, but that he could show up to perform the installation at 6:00 pm. We asked if that would be a problem, since Comcast only schedules installs between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm, he said not a problem at all.

    So plainclothes installer guy shows up in a beat up Caravan with a ladder strapped to the roof and a Comcast magnet-sticker on the driver side door. He comes into an apartment to install cable TV and a cable modem, and one of the first things he does when he steps inside is to suggest that he would trade us extra channels in exchange for “getting busy” with my friend Jen, who was sitting in the living room listening as all this was going on.

    Needless to say, we turned him down and asked him to leave as soon as he gave us the cable modem.

    I then called Comcast customer service to complain to them and request that legal action be taken. Comcast’s response was “he is a contractor”, and therefore the best they could do was provide me with the name and number of the dispatcher at the company that employs the bastard.

    As one of the Wired writers says, Comcast Must Die. The only reason I am still a customer is even less faith in AT&T and CrapAccess DSL.

  75. Comcast says:

    We are appalled by the experiences that some customers have recently shared on blogs and in other forums. Where we have been able to identify customers who have had unsatisfactory service interactions, we have taken action to fix their problems. We recognize that it should not take a public event to have good customer service and we are working hard to ensure that all of our customers receive the best possible service.
    Suzanne Keenan, Comcast Senior Vice President of Customer Operations

  76. saphyrre says:

    @ SPUNKY_REDHEAD15 digital voice is VOIP, well, not exactly “VOIP”, because that’s the actual protocol, but it’s the same voice over ip thing. Only difference is that comcast voice packet do not travel over public lines (unlike other voip providers), but travel over their own network.

    OP, sorry about your trouble with comcast, just call cust service, file a “damage report”, get a ticket number, speak with a supervisor (get his name and the call center location), call billing, and… you’ll see what happens. Most important is to keep calling until they have reimbursed you.

    And btw…telling them that you’ll cancel their service won’t get you anywhere; if comcast can make any money off you, they’ll be much more willing to help you; if you tell them that you’re going to cancel the service, nobody’s going to give a damn about you (give me a break with “retaining customers…” bla,bla)…

  77. JoeMomma says:

    Dear Suzanne Keenan:

    I am appalled by what it takes to get you appalled. You are absolutely right. It shouldn’t take a viral forum posting to get your attention. My and many other people’s repeated calls to Comcast CSR’s should have been enough. Comcast took absolutely no action to rectify my complaint regarding the malicious destruction of the pre-existing wiring in my home by your installers. I know they’re independent contractors. But let’s face it, they represent Comcast. Until you personally strap on a tool-belt and come to my house to install cable they are Comcast as far as I am concerned. You are the company you keep.

    Furthermore, I was repeatedly dismissed by and lied to by your CSR’s (one of them actually laughed when I relayed my story for the umpteenth time). I placed numerous calls trying to speak with someone who gave a damn or could assure me that something would be done to examine the business relationship you have with Vandiver Inc. and was told repeatedly that a “manager” would return my call. Of course, I never heard back from anyone. It’s a basic common courtesy. If you say you will do something, you do it. How do you expect people to believe that Comcast will do anything it promises if Comcast can’t even manage to return a simple phone call.

    So, forgive me if I take your sudden concern with a grain of salt. Not a single employee/affiliate of your company that I came in contact with during this ordeal gave me the slightest indication that they cared about me as person or valued me as a customer. I now have and always will continue to have nothing but contempt for Comcast and I seriously doubt that the measures you claim to be undertaking will do anything to change that.


    DirecTV Customer in Baltimore, MD

  78. JoeMomma says:

    @Comcast: Sorry if this is a double post (something happened during my last submit).

    Dear Suzanne Keenan,

    I am appalled by what it takes to get you appalled. You’re right. It shouldn’t take a viral form posting to get your attention. The countless complaints to your CSR’s should have done that.

    I know that Comcast likes to distance itself from the dregs of society it has enlisted to reek havoc upon its customers but until you personally strap on a tool-belt and show up at my house to install cable the independent contractors are Comcast as far as I am concerned. You are the company you keep.

    Despite numerous calls to your CSR’s I was unable to get the attention of anyone who would at the very least assure me that Comcast would examine its business relationship with Vandiver Inc. If a customer told me that one of my employees had maliciously vandalized their property it would be enough to get my attention. One of your CSR’s actually laughed when I relayed my situation for the umpteenth time.

    Furthermore, it’s a common courtesy that when you say you will do something that you actually do it. I was told repeatedly by CSR’s (whose hands were tied in all matters other than scheduling another install – as if!) that a manager (who conveniently was never on duty) would return my call. This never happened. How do you expect anyone to believe that Comcast will deliver on its promises if your people can’t even return a simple phone call.

    So, forgive me if I take your sudden interest with a grain of salt. Not one of the employees/affiliates that I came in contact with during my ordeal gave me any indication that they cared about me as a person or valued me as a customer. I now have and will continue to have nothing but contempt for Comcast and I doubt any measures you claim to be taking to address you customer service problems will do anything to change that.


    DirecTV customer in Baltimore, MD

  79. JoeMomma says:

    It looks like Suzanne has been nurturing Comcast’s customer service reputation since 1999. That’s some tenure. Check out this fluff piece:


    According to this article, Comcast’s customer complaints actually get escalated and the lucky few actually get to talk to Suzanne personally. Funny …every time I called there wasn’t even a manager for me to be transferred to. Who was running those call centers? Either I was being blatantly lied to or Comcast lets marginally literate phone jockeys manage themselves without any oversight or supervision. I’m not sure which is worse.

  80. Ben Popken says:

    @Comcast: Dear Suzanne, if you cared so much, why haven’t you emailed us to try and get in touch with the customer?

  81. JoeMomma says:

    @Ben Popken: The answer is simple. They have no desire or intention to actually resolve customer complaints. If they did then their CSR’s would do more than just give people the run around. I don’t have to tell that that pervasive type of phenomenon has to trickle down from somewhere. Comcast prefers to ignore and frustrate their customers until they simply tire of complaining. This is simply PR spin on Comcast’s part. They’re not looking to identify anyone as you have subtly pointed out. They knew exactly who I was and how to reach me for 2 full weeks when I had their CSR lines lit up and they didn’t do squat. For my part, I’m not sure if I want Comcast to identify me. I never had the install completed and currently enjoy fantastic service from DirecTV and Verizon DSL so I have no reason to speak with them. Aside from joining me in wishing cancer upon the scum that run and work for Vandiver Inc, Comcast really can’t do anything for me.

  82. jasnom says:

    Suzanne Keenan,
    Can you tell me why comcast doesnt tell the customers that their suppose to have 2 dedicated lines for the cdv units being installed???One cat 5 running to the outside nid and one RF directly from the ground block to the unit.You and I both know these system aren`t suppose to be backfed.Why does comcast leave it to the contractor to drop the bomb ont he custmoer that there are going to be extra cost.Maybe thats why the system are being installed they way they are.Anyone have any comcast support questions only a tech but I may be able to help you.These CSRs are for the most part are assholes and could give 2 shits about you.

  83. alhall3 says:

    Comcast came out to my Apmtnt home on 12/03/07,and installed the Triple play bundle pkg. It was 195.95 C.O.D. gave the tech rep 200.00 cash,and he said that he would get it turned into a money order.Now I have to fax them a copy of my reciept showing them that I payed them.This was just over a month ago and now they’re telling me that the tech rep says he didn’t recieve any money? I guess I’ll have to talk to ECS soon.

  84. jasnom says:

    You payed him cash and didnt get a receipt??If so shame on you..good luck trying to prove you paid it.
    He should have giving you a pink or yellow copy with the amount of money paid hand written in…if not then its your word against the techs.

  85. sochoi says:

    Comcast just sent over a contractor (ACI) to install a new cable line. He drilled a hole from the outside of my house (brick) through the wall. Of course, this contractor didn’t measure the height correctly and drilled right into my baseboard. So now I have a lovely hole from the outside of my house through 2 feet of wall space and into my damaged baseboard. When I saw that Comcast sent ACI, I should have sent him packing. So now I have no cable and a hole from the outside of my house into the inside and a damaged baseboard. ACI told me that it would be a week until they could assess and then fix the damage. Comcast is no better since all liablity falls onto the contractor. Even better – the contractor left while I was talking to his supervisor and didn’t leave me any paperwork. This has been a horrendous experience and now I have damage to my home and no actual paperwork.

  86. Anonymous says:

    my RESPONSE TO the “Comcast Installs Cable With Extreme Incompetence” forum :

    I am a comcast tech, and i feel bad for you. I don’t do sloppy work like that (in the pics) and I get many compliments from customers. Anyway, there is a slight truth to what the tech is talking about though, just FYI, about the signal lost and etc.

    And yes, if its going through mutlitple splitters, it will lose more too. Put it this way, the further it has to travel from the main source, say from the point it enters the HOME, the more signal it will lose. Going through more splitters will also cause it to lose more signal as well.

    Well, this is just my thoughts. I work for the company, and I am NOT a contractor. So I take pride in my work with care and quality. I do feel we need to elimate contractors. They do real shi**y work. Thx for reading this !!!

  87. Chris Hofstetter says:

    December 15, 2008
    7:30ish PM
    Called Comcast in Chicago to order new Internet and Cable Service. Talked with Venus. I practically had to beg Venus to tell me what products and promotions Comcast offered so I knew what to order. Luckily I had looked at the Internet first and was able to guide her along to what specials sounded good to me. Then she eventually ordered my cable service and set the appointment up for Wednesday, December 17 between 10-1. She told me that for the Internet I would need to call back the day after the cable was installed and ask them to send me a self install kit. I thought it sounded strange but she insisted that was how it worked. She told me I would get a confirmation call and then the technician would call me also.
    8:30ish PM
    I hung up the phone and sat there for about 5 minutes and thought it was strange they did not want to place my Internet order. So I called back and LeQuesha looked up my order. She said there was no Internet on the order at all. I told her what Venus had told me and she told me that it was probably one of their new people that did not know what they were doing. So she added Internet to my order. She also waived part of the installation for me and was very helpful. I felt relieved, not trusting in the process, but relieved that maybe someone would actually come and install Internet and cable for me.
    Wednesday, December 17, 2008
    10:30 AM
    I received no call to confirm the appointment so I called just to check on it. The guy on the phone said they must have turned the dialer off but the technician was still coming.
    Technician shows up. Keep in mind it is has snowed and is winter. 2 technicians come to my door. I asked them to take their shoes off and they refused. They asked if I had footies they could wear. I looked at them like they were crazy. Then one of them wanted to use my bathroom. I let him because if they left I knew I would never get my cable and Internet installed. They walked all over my apartment with their shoes on and the one was training the other. So they took their time. However, obviously not enough time to check the Internet before they left.
    Once I got off a phone call, I went to the computer and noticed it was pretty slow but worked. The technicians were long gone. My download speeds on my computer were between 2 and 8 kb/s. The speeds are supposed to be 6MB/s. I thought maybe it was my computer, which is a new computer and works just fine on any other high speed Internet so I did all the normal stuff. Checked for spyware, ran Norton, made sure firewall settings were ok, cleared the cache, etc.
    Received an automated call confirming my brand new installation appointment for Thursday, December 18 between 1-4? What? I just had the stuff installed 5 hours ago???
    Nothing worked. So I called in. The girl I spoke with could not find my order or account. Then she finally said she did. She then went through all the basic troubleshooting questions. I played along and answered all her questions. She then said everything is working fine. I said so my download speeds should be 5 kb/s? She said oh wait, I see a red signal something is wrong, oh wait it is gone, oh wait it is back, something with the packet data is not transferring. She said it sounds like your modem. She said she filed a ticket and someone would call me in 24 hours to schedule a repair appointment. I asked her to schedule it now. She said she couldn’t but someone would definitely call me. She gave me some ridiculously long ticket number that I wish I would have written down.
    Thursday, December 18, 2008.
    Called Comcast and explained that someone filed a ticket and I was to wait 24 hours for a callback but wanted to see if that was right. The guy on the phone said that was not anything he ever heard of and said there are no tickets filed at all. He then wanted to do troubleshooting, but I politely declined and told him we went through that last night and I need someone to come out. He then gave me several choices of times to pick from. I decided to stay home from work again and scheduled an appointment from 8-10 on Friday December 19. He read me a new ridiculously long ticket number that again I wish I would have written down.
    Friday, December 19, 2008
    Did not receive a confirmation call like I was supposed to for the repair appointment scheduled between 8-10. Called Comcast. The lady that answered the phone could not find my account, my order, my service, any tickets, said she checked the schedule and no one was coming out. She then had me read her the number off the modem and finally found my account. She said there was no ticket filed and that no one was coming out. I about cried from defeat. She then tried to force me through the basic troubleshooting again. I informed her I was not going to do that again. I asked her to send a technician here. I said they are supposed to be here now, call someone and have them come. She said she could not do that and that she was having them come Saturday, December 20 between 8-10. I said I want them to come now. Once I realized, she did not care, nor did anyone at the company and that they were powerless to help, I said ok well then let’s schedule it again. She said I already did. I said I do not want to wake up at 8 in the morning tomorrow and try this again. I told her I would like to know my other choices for appointments. She told me she already scheduled this and I would just have to miss it and reschedule. I informed her I would like to reschedule now. She finally agreed to help. I chose Saturday, December 20 between 1-4. I begged her to double check that it was really going to happen. I also took down this ticket number (1000317083652053). She assured me that it was in there. I asked her to then please waive the rest of my installation for me. She said billing has to do that. I asked if she would call billing and explain to them what is happening and get it taken care of for me. She said no. She said that is not how things work. I gave up and agreed to wait for my next appointment.
    I receive an automated call from Comcast. They informed me they are cancelling all service appointments in my area because they resolved the issue. Resolved the issue? You mean they went into my apartment and replaced the modem while I was not there? They said if I still had the issue, which of course I did, to press 1. I did so. The call connected. A rep was talking to his friends in the background saying that he hates talking to these mother f-ing (however, he used the full swear word) people. He then did not answer me once he realized I heard that and I had to hang up.
    I let my shock subside over the strange hold Comcast has taken to my life. I realized I have spent 5 days telling anyone I could how bad their service was. Anyone who would listen I told. Somehow I had allowed Comcast to rob me of my serenity and invade my home.
    I called Comcast, because that is all I have to do in my life, the girl found my account and confirmed that sure enough they cancelled my appointment. Not only did they cancel my appointment but now I had to reschedule for Sunday 12/21/2008 between 1-4. This representative was nice enough to waive the rest of my installation. I explained the whole thing to her and realized there was nothing she could do. She had no way to get a tech out at the original time. I asked her what is to prevent them from cancelling my appointment again? She said they might but she put notes on to say not to. She said I should call tomorrow and Sunday and keep confirming it.
    So now, I am going to call tomorrow and Sunday to keep praying that Comcast will please come to my house and make my Internet work.

  88. Mohamad Ali Hamie says: