Apple May Be Plotting iTunes Movie Rental Service

According to CNNMoney, Apple may be plotting an iTunes movie rental service that would allow iPod users to rent and watch a movie for 30 days without purchasing the entire film. Rumors place the rental fee at about $2.99.

“Rights management” software would allow the movie to be played on either an iPod or iPhone for the duration of the rental period. CNNMoney points out that Video On Demand has proved lucrative for cable and satellite providers—and none of them have as many customers as Apple.

That being said, we’ve never really understood the desire to watch a whole movie on an iPod. To each his own, we guess.

iTunes movie rentals? Maybe soon [CNNMoney]


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  1. FreakyStyley says:

    I watch movies on my iPod when I’m on an airplane. Makes sense to me.

  2. DePaulBlueDemon says:

    I guess you don’t commute?

    I love watching videos on my iPod while sitting on the train. Sure it’s small, but it’s far less bulky than a laptop or portable DVD player.

  3. JKinNYC says:

    I watch movies on my iPhone on the way to work. I have about 45 minutes of subway each way. Can watch about half in each direction. works great.

  4. Buran says:

    I might try it, IF it works with the new closed captioning feature in iTunes 7.4.x.

  5. megnificent says:

    Never actually watched video on my iPod. I do, however, hook it up to my TV and watch on the bigscreen. God bless iTunes, they saved my TV watching year after my DVR box blew up.

  6. liquisoft says:

    I’ve watched movies on my iPhone. It’s not something I would do at home as a means of full-scale entertainment, but it’s fantastic when you’re on the road.

    I was on a photoshoot in Arizona, and my iPhone movies saved my sanity during the in-between time.

  7. Zgeg says:

    Nothing beats an iPod on long oversea’s flights!! On a recent trip to Norway I watched The Ladies Man, Snatch and all of the first season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force…

  8. QuantumRiff says:

    For a service like that, I would probably buy an Apple TV.. (assuming it would also work on that, of course). Screw waiting a few days for netflix or BB to mail them to me, or viewing them on my PC (in IE, only, which is hard when you run linux) That would be sweet!

    Honestly, I always forget to return movies on time. So my $2.99 rental at a local video place always turns into a $4 or $5 rental…

  9. Trai_Dep says:

    I believe that cat is generating its own gravitational pull.

  10. tozmervo says:

    @trai_dep: It’s a Katamari Kitty

  11. G-Dog says:

    That’s only slightly less retarded than Circuit City’s Divx outing.

  12. Mojosan says:

    It’s only been a couple of months, but video on my iPhone is indispensible for me already. I love it on a plane.

  13. Trai_Dep says:

    You can tell it’s a cat, though. A whale-shaped dog, for instance would allow even a Zune to be drawn into its gravitational field. Cats? Never.

  14. STrRedWolf says:


  15. BrockBrockman says:

    Is that a first-gen iPod on that cat-table?

    That thing belongs in a museum!