Like Horses? Don't Ride NYC Carriages

The next time you visit the Big Apple, you might want to steer clear of those romantic carriage rides through Central Park if you’re an animal lover. According to WCBS TV, “A New York City report says the horses that take passengers on carriage rides in Central Park and around Manhattan work without enough water, shade or veterinary exams.” The report, the first of its kind by the city, was prompted after a carriage horse collapsed and died last summer in front of onlookers.

New York City Comptroller William Thompson said the horses never received any veterinary examinations between July 2005 and March 2007, and that the carriages were only inspected twice a year instead of the required three.

The director of operations at one of the stables countered, “”Our horses have a better health care plan than most people,” as he pushed a horse into a furnace. We’re kidding. But he did say that.

Audit: Bad Work Conditions For NYC Carriage Horses [WCBS TV (text and video options)]
(Photo: Getty)

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