Department of Justice Says No To Net Neutrality

The U.S. Department of Justice officially spoke out against net neutrality this week, in a filing with the FCC that says such regulations would “prevent, rather than promote, optimal investment and innovation in the Internet, with significant negative effects for the economy and consumers.” The department says the free market has done just fine so far, and that “precluding broadband providers from charging [content providers] directly for faster or more reliable service” could shift the burden of cost directly onto consumers.

The Assistant Attorney General in charge of the department’s Antitrust Division added, “Consumers and the economy are benefiting from the innovative and dynamic nature of the Internet.” The department also said that its antitrust enforcers will take action when necessary to allow broadband competition, which removes the need for net neutrality regulation.

“DoJ Opposes Net Neutrality Rules” [InformationWeek]

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