Get Your Complaint Resolved By Posting It To The Company's Stock Forums

Another of Ron Burley’s techniques for getting large businesses to fix his complaints is to post it in the message boards devoted to discussing that company and its stock price.

Most major companies have at least one person whose job it is to monitor these forums. Go to a place like CBS MarketWatch or Yahoo! Finance, and make a post containing the following:

  • You are a longtime customer
  • The company has treated you poorly recently and it would so simple for the company to solve you if they weren’t adhering to dunderheaded policies
  • Say you’re taking your dollars elsewhere and you know of other longtime customers who are doing the same.
  • Include your contact number or email. This way they know you’re for real instead of trying to nudge the stock price.

Investors, writes Burley, “all have their fingers to the wind, looking for trends. A potential decline in consumer confidence in a company is a strong wind indeed. The company watchers know this and will respond quickly to stifle a cool wind from the wrong direction.”

You can then expect a call from the company, which you should respond to in a cool and professional manner. Think like a business and talk like a business. You’re making a business deal, your goal is either some kind of service or remuneration, not an apology.

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