Sorry About Delayed Posts

Server issues hamstrung us this morning, preventing any new posts from being made. Our techs worked diligently to solve the problem, but it ended up being a vendor issue beyond our control. The situation seems to have normalized.


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  1. Cowboys_fan says:

    We forgive you, I guess, THIS time!

  2. dbeahn says:

    As long as I don’t have to show my reciept when I’m done reading a post, and you don’t cut the price of the blog by 33% after I read it…

    But since it wasn’t working, am I obligated to hit my computer with a golf club, kick it with a boot, then run it over with a red-neck-mobile?

  3. Bryan Price says:

    Today it’s the 20th. The server finally recognizes me without having to relogin. Again.


    Well at least everything seems to be working now!