Lost Cellphone At Credit Union, Would They Turn Over The Surveillance Tapes?

“I went to my Credit Union last night to pay my car payment. I think during sometime between getting out the appropriate papers and leaving the place I must have misplaced my phone. On my drive home, I realized I didn’t have my phone. Went back to the Credit Union asked if anyone had turned in a phone. No luck. Called again this morning to see if they had found one. No luck…”

I called my phone yesterday and it rang and rang and no one picked up. I called this morning, either the battery drained out, or the “finder” has turned it off.

I asked the CSR over the phone to ask if they’d let me or the police view video from within the branch. She said I’d have to talk to the branch manager. My question is, would they let me view the video or even match up the person who “found” the phone, by transaction time and info?


This issue came up before when a mentally deteriorating and elderly aunt’s safe deposit box was raided by a conwoman who had wormed her way into her confidence and gotten her to sign over power of attorney. In that case, Bank of America refused to release video or documentation do anything without being subpoenaed. The same principle probably applies here, but it never hurts to ask. While you wait for that request to process, take the opportunity to doublecheck around the house and under the floor mats.

(Photo: Maulleigh)