Southwest Airlines Thinks Your Outfit Is Inappropriate

According to the Union-Tribune, Southwest airlines objected to an outfit worn by a 23 year-old Hooters waitress.

Southwest went so far as to ask the woman the leave the airplane. So what was she wearing?

A “white denim miniskirt, high-heel sandals, and a turquoise summer sweater over a tank top over a bra.”

My god! Alert the TSA and the local police! We can see leg!

She had a doctor’s appointment that afternoon in Tucson, where temperatures had topped 106 all week. She arrived at Lindbergh Field wearing a white denim miniskirt, high-heel sandals, and a turquoise summer sweater over a tank top over a bra.

After the plane filled, and the flight attendants began their safety spiel, Ebbert was asked to step off the plane by a customer service supervisor, identified by the airline only as “Keith.”

They walked out onto the jet bridge, where Keith told Ebbert her clothing was inappropriate and asked her to change. She explained she was flying to Tucson for only a few hours and had brought no luggage.
“I asked him what part of my outfit was offensive,” she said. “The shirt? The skirt? And he said, ‘The whole thing.’ ”

Keith asked her to go home, change and take a later flight. She refused, citing her appointment. The plane was ready to leave, so Keith relented. He had her pull up her tank top a bit, pull down her skirt a bit, and return to her seat.

Ebbert says several flight attendants overheard the conversation and, after an embarrassing walk down the aisle, she took her seat and spread a blanket over her lap

We really can’t see anything obscene about this girl’s outfit (pictured above). Maybe we’re missing something, but this is America and if a girl wants to board an airplane wearing a mini skirt, a bikini top and a football helmet, she should be able to. Who cares?

Southwest declined to comment on the story, but did say that they didn’t have a dress code and that one could wear a bikini top if one wanted, so we’re assuming that “Keith” went rogue.

Southwest fashion police set no-fly zone
[Union-Tribune] (Thanks, Aurora!)
(Photo:CRISSY PASCUAL / Union-Tribune)


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  1. North of 49 says:

    wait… didn’t they want us to fly in pyjamas and flipflops since you can’t hide weapons in those? Maybe she was wearing too many clothes!

  2. spartan789 says:

    I don’t understand what her being a waitress has to do with the story. That just happens to be her profession, but has nothing to do with her clothing. I could understand if she was wearing something with an expletive, but this is just garbage. Some older lady with a teenage son probably complained.

  3. zsouthboy says:


    Why… why would you even bother someone about their clothes?

    You’re not a fancy restaurant.

  4. bnet41 says:

    It sounds like some parent or something made some noise. I see nothing wrong with that outfit and can look out my window at work and see much more revealing stuff all day long.

    Someone must have been jealous and complained!

  5. not_seth_brundle says:

    This from the airline that put its first stewardesses in hot pants. Hmm.

  6. CumaeanSibyl says:

    He was probaby hoping she’d pout and ask in a breathy voice if there was anything she could do to make sure she didn’t miss her flight. *cue porn music*

  7. B says:

    Showing all that cleavage and leg, she’d distract the male pilots, causing them to crash the plane. This happened in the 1950s, right?

  8. hc5duke says:

    @bnet41: Won’t somebody PLEASE think of the children???

  9. badhatharry says:

    I would have had more respect for Keith if he had said, “Your outfit is inappropriate for Southwest Airlines, but if you want, I could book a flight for you on Moustache Air.”

  10. thepounder says:

    She paid for a ticket, let her fly. Some frumpy woman or some stodgy man likely complained because they believe they have a right to freedom from offense, or some such BS.

    Well… I wonder how they knew she worked at Hooters. If so, maybe someone was profiling? It wouldn’t surprise me.

    US-based airlines make me sick.

    What about that shirt from that got some guy kicked off a plane? I say who gives a damn… if you don’t like it, don’t look at me. I’ll wear what I please, “polite society” be damned.

  11. jmschn says:

    Her profession is just excess flub for this article. Her being a Hooter’s waitress should have no impact at all!

    In any case, I’ve seen more displays of skin on other airlines..i guess Southwest is now a conservative!

  12. kenposan says:

    If SW uses standard procedures like other airlines, I would imagine that she would be sitting the whole flight? So no one other than the person directly next to her would even notice a short skirt and low neckline.

    In the picture she looks nicely dressed to me. I am more offended by the pajama/flip flop wearing people. Put some clothes on people, this isn’t your bedroom!

    /get off my lawn.

  13. gibsonic says:


    not likely. the chance of a straight male, non-pilot, working in the airline industry are slim to none.

    I’m surprised he didn’t ask her where she bought the outfit. Maybe a jealousy thing that she looked better in a mini-skirt than he did.

  14. hc5duke says:

    @kenposan: If the flight is more than 2 hrs, or I have a connecting flight, I wear sweatpants + t-shirt and bring a hoodie – why be uncomfortable when you’re sitting next to a bunch of strangers? Why would that bother you? Miniskirt + tank-top wouldn’t look good on me, I’m a dude.

  15. thepounder says:

    @badhatharry: Now that would have been a better response. baa-zing.

  16. acambras says:

    The only thing I can possibly imagine being an issue is if she was going Commando. If that was the case, I imagine that would have made it into the story.

    I see nothing wrong with that outfit, especially flying into Tucson-Freaking-Arizona in the middle of summer.

  17. So beyond stupid it gave me a headache. I don’t care if she’s a nudist. She was dressed and nothing was falling out. 106 degrees! Maybe someone should tell Keith that some of us have to spend time outside.

  18. Yep says:

    Need to remind the guy what Southwest’s own flight attendants wearing not too very long ago…


  19. SaraAB87 says:

    I see nothing wrong with that outfit and I see much worse things when I go to the mall. I see children wearing similar outfits nowadays and no one gives a boo about all the children that are walking around in high heeled sandals and shorts so short that they are riding up. The clothes fit her body type so there is nothing wrong with what she is wearing. I take more offense at the people who wear clothes that leave several rolls of blubber hanging out of them to the point where it looks very very indecent. If you have the body to wear the clothes by all means go ahead!

  20. foghat81 says:

    I’d go rogue in a second!

  21. yg17 says:

    She can force her way into my cockpit anyday….

  22. HeyThereKiller says:

    man i cant wait to fly southwest home from chicago on the 11th wearing my incredibly offensive homemade NVR FRGT shirt!!!

  23. dmolavi says:

    @Yep: .sigh … the good ol’ days…

  24. Freedomboy says:

    Ugly folks are next then Downs kids.

  25. thepounder says:

    @gibsonic: I thought they typically followed the male hairstylist theory myself.

    I know it’s technically “profiling” but to me it doesn’t matter when I’m correct in my assumptions. “Oh girl, is that skirt a Versace?!”

    Oh, and people outside their homes in pajamas just disgusts me; those are indoor clothes.

  26. Razzler says:

    So … was the appointment in question a gyno visit? Because while it’s certainly ridiculous to ask the poor woman to get off the plane – on such a brief flight, who would notice or care? – that is still a VERY short skirt, and I really hope she was wearing underwear.

  27. humphrmi says:

    I remember the days when, if you wanted to fly First Class (no business back then), gentlemen were expected to wear jackets. Of course, the end of that era is exactly what gave airlines like Southwest the market they have today.

  28. Chicago7 says:

    The guy is either one of those Conservative Christians or a Mormon. He’s probably fighting a boner and worried about going to hell because of it.

  29. faust1200 says:

    I think Keith was just jealous that someone was looking more “fabulous” than he was.

  30. torid110 says:

    I wonder what would’ve happened if she was wearing a burkha ?!?!

  31. bravo369 says:

    I wouldn’t mind sitting on the tarmac for 6 hours if i was sitting next to her. They should make that outfit the uniform for the stewardesses. it’ll probably make the flight and the wait more pleasant

  32. catskyfire says:

    Ooh, can we also complain about fat guys with their guts hanging over their belt? Can we make them go and change, too?

    Her outfit isn’t that bad, especially for the climate she’s been in.

  33. nardo218 says:

    I think his idea of hitting on someone is to exercise his godly power as customer service manager. Some men get off on humiliating women.

  34. lincolnparadox says:

    If she had made a fuss, then the steward could have sicced the TSA on her. Or called for an air marshal. You can’t even raise your voice on planes anymore.

    Which may be good, or may be bad. It sounds like this guy was just messing with this lady. Air Fashion Police…

  35. nickripley says:

    @badhatharry: Comment of the day!!!

  36. Flackette Goes Retro says:

    She looks perfectly fine. Her skirt is a bit short, but as long as she isn’t waving her legs in the air flashing vagina, whatevs. Now, can someone do something about the large gentlemant with plumber butt crack who always sits next to me on flights?

  37. letoofdune says:

    They could have sat her next to me – I wouldn’t have complained, promise.

    Maybe I’ve become desensitized to this stuff, or maybe I’m just a 23 year old guy, but this doesn’t bug me as much as some of the other things I’ve seen. I find a 12 year old wearing something similar much more offensive than this.

  38. dbeahn says:

    Sounds like SouthWest owes this woman a huge apology and a few vouchers. Talk about public humiliation.

  39. Paul D says:

    I week’s pay says “Keith” is a, ah…religion enthusiast.

  40. CyGuy says:

    @acambras: ‘The only thing I can possibly imagine being an issue is if she was going Commando. If that was the case, I imagine that would have made it into the story.’

    Note the description of her clothing: “A ‘white denim miniskirt, high-heel sandals, and a turquoise summer sweater over a tank top over a bra.’ “

    The fact that they list a bra but not panties makes it seem like she must have been going commando. My guess is while in the boarding area she inadvertently pulled a ‘Basic Instinct’ which was caught by either “Keith” or another passenger who brought it to Keith’s attention.

  41. Youthier says:

    @acambras: That’s what I’m thinking… but seriously, even then. A flash of vag never killed anyone.

  42. Razzler says:

    @Cy Guy:
    I’m starting to think that’s what really was going on – Keith simply couldn’t think of a non-awkward way to tell an attractive woman that her vagoo is visible. It would probably be a sanitary/health issue, as well.

  43. Perhaps she shot poor Keith down earlier, and he sought vengeance?

    Stupid story – has anyone here seen any photos of Pam Anderson in an airport? Maybe Pam doesn’t fly Southwest.

  44. VeryPlainJane says:

    If Southwest cared so much, their planes wouldn’t smell like piss and BO.

  45. Optimistic Prime says:

    Apparently she had “Keith” pretty hot and bothered, he had to question whether he was gay or not…

  46. SOhp101 says:

    Is she showing her nipples? Is she showing her ass? Is she showing her snatch?

    Okay then, let her on.

  47. Benny Gesserit says:

    @flackette: The mental image of her flapping her legs around (and yelling “Wooo-ooo” of course) during take-off made me almost spit 7-up on the computer. Thanks, I needed a good laugh today.

  48. mandarin says:

    Keith has the same outfit….

  49. killavanilla says:

    we just don’t know enough to pass proper judgment. Perhaps her goods were showing? Maybe the flight was full of nuns, preists, devout muslims, and kids?
    Southwest is a family airline now….
    Personally? Let her fly nekkid.
    I’ll buy a ticket.
    Doesn’t hooters own their own airline? She could have made some extra bucks!

  50. Her skirt is no shorter than anything they wore on Ally McBeal. This is effin ridiculous. She’s not falling out of her top or anything. For the privilege of getting stuffed into an economy seat and paying $300 for it, I now have to put up with fashion consulting from my grandma?

  51. dantsea says:

    So let me see if I understand this: Southwest has no problem letting legions of smelly bro clones stumble on board looking like they just woke up, wearing wrinkled, dirty t-shirts, shorts that haven’t seen a laundering since March and flipflops showing off their greasy, nasty feet… but oh my god a woman in a short skirt and a tank top shows up and it’s time to break out the burqas?

    Keith is a fuckwad, and I hope that one of his supervisors has had a word with him.

  52. humphrmi says:

    @killavanilla: Ironically, Hooters Air went out of business, somewhat in flames (figuratively). They got pushed out of some key airports by the majors, and the CEO of the airline threw in the towel. Too bad, they had leather seats and Hooters girls onboard (in Hooters outfits, BTW) serving wings.

  53. CapitalC says:

    I’ve seen strippers wearing more. Then again, they took it off and showed us their cookie.

    I was on a flight two weeks ago where there was a girl who seemingly forgot to wear more than lingerie. That skirt was little more than a denim belt. Did anyone ask her off the plane? Nope – people probably asked for her number instead.

  54. synergy says:

    Her skirt is too short. *shrug* And if that’s after she pulled up her tank top… Anyway, I agree. Hopefully she was wearing underwear and pulling a Britney Spears.

  55. synergy says:

    Oops… NOT pulling a Britney Spears…

  56. Elviswasntmyhero says:

    Does the fact that she’s a Hooters waitress make her seem more easy or less so?

    C’mon now, Meghann.

    And by the way, “Keith”, how’s about asking your American Taliban superiors for a less gay-sounding identity? You know, something like, “Kyle”.

  57. ddhj says:

    this is a joke right

  58. peggynature says:

    Southwest can also randomly decide whether customers are too fat to fly (based on no objective standard), and deny them boarding unless they pay for two seats…even if the customer can prove he/she fits into one seat. Great company, that Southwest.

    Eff ’em.

  59. ddhj says:

    how is her outfit remotely relevant to her flying?

    i had to fly next to a guy with a tank top on. and his back hair made him look like he was wearing a wool sweater underneath. he turned out to be a funny dude and we had a nice conversation but i have to tell you, i really wanted to give him a T shirt. No one stopped him from flying. i keep thinking there has to be more.

    like she jumped up and flashed the passengers a la girls-gone-wild. if not, it just doesn’t make sense.

  60. Razzler says:


    Wow, an Ally McBeal reference. How are things in 1998?

    But seriously, there are shades of gray between “BURKHAS FOR ALL AMERICAN TALIBAN RAAAARGH” and “Please make sure the other customers can’t see your labia.” You guys are really rushing to judge on the basis of a rather vague and one-sided story.

  61. philipbarrett says:

    SWA is the only airline I’ve seen that has the balls to force oversized patrons to purchase 2 seats. All other carriers would rather make YOU (the person seated next to them) suffer than risk a confrontation.

  62. swalve says:

    I’d love to hear some context on this. She looks quite proper and Ann Coulter-like in the photo, but what did she look like at the time? Was she disheveled? Nipply? Wearing those exact clothes, or just a similar outfit? Were her cheeks hanging out? Could you in fact see the vajayjay?

  63. swalve says:

    @philipbarrett: I agree, and I respect SWA for that and many other of their other policies.

    They do have a problem with regular enforcement, however. I have heard a story where a family of five, where the dad was a larger gentleman (5’11”, 380), and they bought an extra sixth seat so they could have a nice block of six seats and the dad could have some breathing room. The SWA people were apoplectic because they had overbooked and a flight attendant wanted the seat. His logic was that he’s fat and took the time and money to plan ahead and accommodate for that, and he’s not giving up the seat.

    So it cuts both ways for SWA.

  64. sly100100 says:

    Do you hear that sound? That is the sound of our civil rights slowly eroding.
    Everyday it is something new. California making a law that prevents people from embedding tracking devices under the skin, not being able to leave a store with out showing your receipt. And now we can’t wear what we want even when we pay for the right to be on the plane!
    It’s getting pretty scary when just anyone can interfere with what wear, think, or say.
    Suing doesn’t seem to make an impact on large corporations or individuals either.
    How can we stop big brother from entering our homes,bodies, or bank accounts?
    It’s gotten so bad, I wonder if moving to another country wouldn’t be a better choice.
    America is no longer the land of the free.

    *shaking head*

  65. bourgeoisie says:


    Everyone says “oh no we can’t do that, what about the economy? what about vacation? (etc)” but what about your fucking dignity?

  66. wring says:

    tsk Keith. that’s no way to pick up a chick!

  67. humphrmi says:

    @bourgeoisie: I agree. I’ve stopped flying for family vacations because it’s just not worth the trouble and hassle and risk that my family of five will get stranded somewhere, worse yet maybe on a tarmac with a 3-year-old. We drive now for all our domestic US vacations. It doesn’t cost much more, and we have more fun. Next year, we plan to tour Europe. Plane to Rome, then trains and coaches across Europe, then plane from UK back to the states. As little flying as we have to do to get across the pond. Eff the airlines I say, if they can’t make travel easier for families.

  68. swalve says:

    @sly100100: What civil rights? Comments like yours belittle and offend people who fought for real civil rights, like being able to go to the same schools as other people and eat in the same restaurants.

    Again I ask- what civil right was violated?

  69. DTWD says:

    I saw a girl in a flowy, halter babydoll shirt with white daisy dukes and black stiletto heels while stuck in a layover.

  70. skeleem_skalarm says:

    Aw, Keith’s just jealous he doesn’t look that good when he’s wearing his matching outfit.

  71. Chese says:

    My vote is she was going commando. Seems like there must be more to the story than this.

  72. shades_of_blue says:

    I did not note panties mentioned on that list of what she had on… perhaps the staff got a ‘beaver shot’ and booted her off.

  73. sly100100 says:

    @swalve: Civil rights? How about the right to express yourself? Everyone has the right to free speech, the right not to have your privacy invaded and to have a fair trial. Choosing the clothing you want to wear is a personal choice along with your hair style and shoes. Since when do we give people the right to become fashion police just because we bought a plane ticket!?
    Look I wasn’t trying to offend all the people who have fought for our rights. I was pointing out that the rights that Have been fought for are slowly eroding and if we aren’t careful we wont have any left.

  74. Berklie says:

    As says Southwest: DING!

  75. reykjavik says:

    20 bucks says “keith” is her friend and this is all one big marketing gimmick to advertise her new porn web site. She works at hooters, and dresses like a slut, which means she’s trash. Trash doth pron. I’m totally subscribing to her site.

  76. Jean Naimard says:

    Keith is most definitely, like all male flight attendants, a cocksucker. I’m sure if I walked aboard the plane wearing a fluorescent green spandex singlet pulled up my asscrack (I *do* wear one on the street when I go biking), he would have oogled me and perhaps even offered me to join the mile-high club with him.

  77. travisbickkle says:

    Your statement “this is America” is implying (i think) because it is America she should be able to board a plane however the “majority” see fit. I am assuming you think freedom of expression applies to private businesses (which is doesn’t). They can tell her she can’t fly just because she looks ugly. It is their business! Now of course if we had a free market the means of boycotting Southwest airlines would be more effective, but nonetheless we can still choose to not fly with them for harassing their passengers and they should be ashamed for letting someone go through that. Strange story though =P

  78. thewriteguy says:

    People are being taken off U.S. airplanes for speaking in Arabic languages, wearing anti-Bush T-shirts, and now for being a hot female. WTF has happened to this country?

  79. spinachdip says:

    @JeanNaimard: Enough about your fantasies, but really? Fluorescent green spandex singlet? You can lose your Gay Card for fashion crimes that are half as offensive.*

    *Since, you know, we’re going with stupid steotypes and all. But I think My Gay Friends (TM) would be in agreement here. Plus, gay guys like pretty girls in slutty clothes.

  80. Jackgym says:

    Well, if the young lady had any flesh at all (read curves) to display it’d be a different story. I mean, she’s no Patricia Arquette, is she?

  81. mconfoy says:

    @JeanNaimard: Tell the truth, you have done that before and it didn’t work, right? That’s why you now plan for time in airport restrooms, right?

  82. thedreamingtree says:

    I’ve seen more skin in some mega-churches. Usually aging beauties who want to pretend they are still youthful.

  83. Musician78 says:

    This has probably already been said; I didn’t read all the responses… but…. seriously… it was either a gay male… or a fat female complaining. *Sigh*.

  84. spinachdip says:

    @reykjavik: I just Googled her name and all I got was a few blog mentions that cite the same news article. I typed in her name and .com as a URL, nothing. I typed in, still nothing. Some publicity stunt, this is! Is the bet still on?

    But seriously, do people really consider this “slutty”? Sure, she’s showing a lot of leg, but it’s not particularly scandalous for a 23-yea-old living in a desert climate.

    And working at Hooters is “trash”? They actually, don’t show a lot of skin, since hose is part of the required uniform. They’re tacky as hell and the flirting is transparent and borderline creepy, but there just isn’t a lot of skin exposure or suggestion of sexuality.

    By the way, the 50s called and they want their curmudgeon back. They need someone to complain about deviant haircuts and loud “rock and roll” music.

  85. Vicky says:

    When I was about 11, I took a vacation with my parents and some family friends and we used some sort of employee discount credits for my ticket. I was a child so I really don’t remember whether it was Continental or Southwest or the details of how the fare worked. When we went to retrieve our tickets, I was told my outfit – jeans, sneakers, and a t-shirt – was not appropriate for my fare class and I would need to change. A relative brought me a Sunday dress from home and a pair of heels and I changed in a bathroom before they let me board.

    Strange memory.

  86. ahwannabe says:

    She can wear whatever she wants, but she’s crazy to wear that getup on a plane. Those things get ice cold once they’re in the air.

  87. iflyswa says:

    This coming from the airline with LUV. I remember when Southwest got started. Their stewardesses were cut Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders who wore cowboy boots, daisy duke cutoff jeans, button-up shirts tied at the breasts and a cowboy hat.

    Times have certainly changed.

  88. drawp says:

    23, my behind. She’s older.

    But there’s nothing wrong w/ what she’s wearing.

  89. iflyswa says:

    @Vicky: Up until the 70’s flying was a big deal. I remember as a little kid having to get dressed up like i was going to church whenever we flew.

  90. Protege says:

    Maybe the ‘Airline’ producers had big Keith pull this 23 year old (ahem) tart off the plane for a quality television moment?

  91. reesebw says:

    Ironic that they get upset about something non-offensive yet still show
    the violent and sexual tv shows and movies in flight. Consitency from
    the airlines would be nice.

  92. Crazytree says:

    no whore outfit is complete without a tacky Gucci or Louis Vuitton purse.

  93. Vicky says:

    @iflyswa: Indeed, flying used to be a big deal, but I was 11 in 1990. :)

  94. LukeCopyfighter says:

    All posts about the customer are entertaining…

    but the real issue here is administrative/security decisions left to untrained/unqualified personnel. The same patchwork of experiences at TSA checkpoints mirrors the treatment of this customer on this flight by the airline’s rep.

    Whether government or corporate, if you’re going to empower employees you should being doing so in a way that allows them to IMPROVE SERVICE. If not, you better pick the right people and give them the right training or reap the backlash.

    Brave new world of flight notwithstanding, this is not the Southwest Airlines that I know.

  95. BadDolphin says:

    I liked this country a lot better when it was still America. Back then, we used measurement, observation, science, mathematics, logic, and reason to further the interests of Americans and mankind.

    Now, in the former American republic, the most important human accomplishments have been discarded and replaced with a “this is the post-911 era” auot-reply. Tens of thousands of years of human progress automatically set aside.

    Expect more of this sort of bizarre behavior from the authoritarian heart of the Vagina Police.

  96. Canadian Impostor says:

    Now that we got the gay jokes out of the way, stuff like this is really scary.

    Since, as someone pointed out above, the air hosts and hostesses have the power to sick the TSA on you and it’s your word against theirs, situations like these become very tense. I understand that as a private business Southwest can tell you they don’t like your face and to get off the plane, but I feel like Southwest’s rights as a private company should be limited given the power the TSA has, the relationship between airline employees and the TSA, and the severity of punishments being meted out.

    If she hadn’t played it very cool and lost her temper she probably would have spent a night in the county. That’s fucked up when she was basically humiliated and provoked by an airline employee.

  97. usadave says:

    I fly on Southwest Air for all my travel needs. I have seen much more revealing outfits than this. Not sure what the problem is. I once had to endure a flight sitting next to a man with bad body odor, other people noticed it and commented on it, but he was not removed from the plane. That was much more offensive than someones clothes. This is just stupidity.

  98. TheBigLewinski says:

    I saw this girl on the TODAY show, very good looking… Anyway, they showed a shot of her standing and when she went to sit-down, you could see her white panties till she crossed her legs.

    Maybe she was in such a hurry to catch the flight that she forgot her panties.

    Hmmm, I definately would not kick her out of bed for eating crackers….

  99. cmhp says:

    Southwest has a history of humiliating their passengers. If they have a dress code, publish it. Otherwise, tell the male employees to stop harrassing and humiliating young women. I bet this would not have happened if she had not been traveling alone.

  100. Dr.Ph0bius says:

    If what youre wearing doesnt violate local decency standards or a posted dress code, it shouldnt be an issue.


  101. nursechristi79 says:

    Though this photo of her sitting and another thats floating around of her standing up may not seem offensive to some, these photos were taken AFTER she was asked to adjust her clothing by Southwest. (Pull down her skirt some & pull up her shirt to cover cleavage) I can only imagine how much of a free show this girl was giving prior to adjusting her clothes, that skirt is ridiculously short, she may as well have just gone around in panties. It is offensive when women dress so trashy in public places like that. I wouldn’t want my daughter to exposed that.

  102. anatak says:

    @TheBigLewinski: exactly

    “white denim miniskirt, high-heel sandals, and a turquoise summer sweater over a tank top over a bra.”

    hrrmmm what seems to be missing here?….. let me think…..

  103. bourgeoisie says:

    @nursechristi79: You have a right to be offended, just like she has the right to offend you!

    Isn’t America great? Stop wasting your time complaining and censoring other people. Her clothes are her business.

  104. justranting says:

    I actually hope that she does sue the pants off the airlines. I could understand their concern if she was having a “wardrobe malfunction” event. Since the airline did not point out a specific reason for asking her to leave then it is evident that it isn’t the case. And even if she was having wardrobe problems, what they could have done is simply point out what it was and allowed her to rectify the situation and not humiliated her. I believe that unless she is flashing sensitive parts of her body it is her right to dress as she wishes.

  105. Ein2015 says:

    Worst flirt ever.