iPhone Price Chopped Already, 8GB $200 Cheaper

Hey, early adopters! You’ve been screwed! Again! Steve Jobs announced at his keynote speech today that the 8GB iPhone is getting a price chop and the 4GB is going away completely, according to our sister site Gizmodo.

Consumerist always advises that eager beavers take a moment to relax and think before running out to buy the next new thing.

As former Consumerist editor Joel Johnson once said: “Stop buying this crap. Just stop it. You don’t need it. Wait a year until the reviews come out and the other suckers too addicted to having the very latest and greatest buy it, put up a review, and have moved on to something else.”

So, the next time you feel the need to wait in line to get a pretty new gadget remember that you could have saved $200 bucks by waiting, uh, about 2 months, and 8 days. Give or take.

8GB iPhone Price Cut by $200, 4GB iPhone Gone

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