Verizon Keep Spraying Our Sidewalks With The Same, Three, Permanent, Dots

David would like to know if Verizon Fios techs can’t afford glasses. Otherwise, why would it be necessary to spray paint their sidewalk three times within the past year? The dots are supposed to indicate where to dig up to install the vaunted “last mile” of information HOV lane, but it really seems like overkill. After all, it’s not like they need to be concerned about the dots deteriorating. “It never goes away,” David writes us. “Brushes, power washing, passage of time — nothing.”

The spray marks the route of the Fios wires, so the techs know where to dig when a customer requests a node connection.

David muses that the need to keep spraying in the same spot is to, “demonstrate that the wires buried under the sidewalk have not crawled away since the last time they graffitti’d the neighborhood..I understand the concept of imminent domain, and “all your sidewalks are belong to us” and all, but this is effed up.

“Surely, your readers have some ideas on how to shame these guys so they either (a) come clean the stuff, (b) switch to water-soluble paint (duh) or (c) both. Or maybe an address where we can go spray paint all
over their stuff.”