Customer Videotapes What She Says Is Escape From "Spot Delivery" Car Dealership Scam

This is a video a customer’s daughter made after she says Brad Benson Mistubishi of NJ tried to scam her mother with a classic “spot delivery” scam.

In this setup, a dealership lets you drive away before signing a contract, saying the “banks are closed.” Then when you come back, surprise surprise, the financing terms have changed, costing you thousands more. Scam dealerships know that customers will find it hard to part with a car after forming an emotional attachment with it, but if someone tries to pull this on you, that’s exactly what you need to do. Drive the car back to the lot, hand them the keys, thank them for the free rental, and get the heck out of there.

That video was posted June 22nd. On September 1st, 3 days before it was set to appear on national TV as part of ABC’s i-Caught, Brad Benson posted this rebuttal video.

She said, he said; there’s two sides to every story. Brad decided to tell his after taping his i-Caught interview. His dealership has an unsatisfactory BBB record.

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