Comcast Testing "Do-It-Yourself" Phone Install Kits

Let’s face it, you are probably smarter than your last Comcast technician—at least, you probably think you are.

Comcast’s new telephone self-install kit is for you, smarty pants. Comcast saves money, you save aggravation. (This is where you cross your fingers and pray that what we say is true.)

Comcast tentatively plans to charge customers $250 for three cordless phones that link to their cable modems. The total time from opening the box to getting a dial tone is 30 minutes or less, Avgiris said.

“It’s for the customer who says, `I want the service, and I want it now,”’ said Avgiris. Subscribers who want their wired phones to work still need a service call by a Comcast technician.

Let’s just hope it works. Install kits are being tested in San Francisco and are coming soon to Boston, Denver and Comcast’s home town of Philly.

Comcast Tests Do-It-Yourself Install Kits for Phones [Bloomberg]
(Photo:Spidra Webster)

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