Buy A Japanese Robo Kitty

The Yume Neko Smile from Sega has gone on sale, which means you can now purchase your very own feline proxy.

When reached for comment, our girlfriend said, “I saw some toys like that at Nextfest last year and read about them. The Japanese are so damn weird. They’ve made those pets for people who cannot own pets for various reasons — so that they don’t get lonely and also because having a pet can be healing. But a robot pet? Not so sure…”

Freaky Robot Cat Goes On Sale, Ads Hit [The Raw Feed]


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  1. tinychicken says:


  2. ancientsociety says:

    *gasp* I NEED!…only because maybe this will finally get my wife to stop harping on me about “getting a cat”

  3. rmz says:

    Man, I would get creeped out so fast by having a robot pet watching me all day long.

  4. CarlR says:

    About 3/4 of the way through that video, I thought the cat was getting ready to cough up a hairball – now that would be impressively realistic.

    I wonder what our 3 “real” cats would think of this thing?

  5. myrall says:

    I’m thinking this would actually be a great idea for elderly folks who don’t necessarily have the resources or memory to take care of a ‘real’ pet. They take therapy animals into nursing homes – why not just give folks their own robot kitty to love on?

  6. TechnoDestructo says:


    Seriously…that, plus my real cat = at LEAST 80 bucks worth of fun. The chicks would probably be even better.

  7. Beerad says:

    Cute, but who wants a boring old cat when you can have a robotic baby harp seal that flops around and squeaks at you? []

    And I third the motion that my (live) cats would be delighted, or maybe just really disturbed, if I brought this thing hope.

  8. humbleish says:

    I bought the little chicken at the end for my wife as a gift, and we love it. It comes packaged in a big plastic egg and chirps and flaps its wings when you pick it up. It’s apparently huge in Japan (I ordered ours in April and it was backordered until earlier this moth), so it looks like they’re following up the line with more complex toys.

  9. harumph says:

    the best part is that the japanese really do grasp how stupid this stuff is but they just don’t care. the silliest culture on earth i think. brilliant!

  10. scoopy says:

    You know what I lov about Japan? Everything.

  11. bbbici says:

    The Japanese are obsessed with simulacrums. You should see their love-doll culture.

    The faster we get to the world represented in Blade Runner the happier i’ll be.

  12. MostNutsEver says:

    Is it just me, or is the link to this at the bottom of the page preventing everyone from clicking on the next button?

  13. remedies says:

    @MostNutsEver: no, i’m getting that too.

  14. zolielo says:

    @bbbici: Does it take a replicant to hunt down replicants?

    @CarlR: I am curious as well to how my two real cats, one of whom thinks he is a battling pokemon, would interact with robo kitty.

  15. kewl132 says:

    Only $68.13 Plus shipping

  16. kewl132 says:

    Only $68.13 + Shipping

  17. One thing is for sure: Philip K. Dick is smiling from his grave.

  18. B says:

    @Princess Sparkle Pony: Do Android kitties dream of electric mice?

  19. harumph says:

    @B: they probably still dream about fucking up your furniture and pissing in your bed. i don’t think that can be programmed out of any cat, real or robot.

  20. tph says:

    Am I really the only one who finds this horrifically scary?

  21. Marce says:

    The voiceover makes me laugh (understood all but one bit), the price isn’t bad, and it might be a good way to introduce young children to the concept of a pet without the possibility of them hurting a real, living creature.

  22. shades_of_blue says:

    wow…you can even pull the cats tail…

  23. Rusted says:

    I wonder if they will come out with the jumbo wood floor clawer like I have. Bladerunner, here we come.

  24. pasquinade says:

    I have two cats already, but having a robo-kitty would let my live ones know they can be replaced.