Reach Wachovia Executive Customer Service

Wachovia calls them the “Corporate Service Solutions Team,” but it’s the same as any other members of executive customer service team; high-ranking customer service employees equipped with superhuman powers to address problems and complaints no matter what their origination or how deeply rooted their cause.

Samuel Hinnant 704-427-8747, VP


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  1. Spamboy says:

    Would’ve been nice to know this awhile back, when I was fighting with Wachovia over their new, mysterious, unretractable Quicken Download Fee, which prompted me to switch banks entirely.

    • ma3145tt says:

      @Spamboy: I had the same thing occur. A simple, close my account was enough to have the fee taken off. Now I’m just waiting for my Wells Fargo card.

  2. nffcnnr says:

    Thanks, i think i’ll send this article to my parents, they use Walk-all-overya bank.

  3. k4_pacific says:

    Whenever I here the name of this bank I always picture some low life character from a mob movie.

    “We’ll Wachovia money for ya. Wouldn’t want nuttin’ bad to happen to your money, would we?”

  4. Dweezil says:

    I called Bruce Cusic (he thought I accidentally got transferred up to him) and he took the time to get my information, gave me his direct number (not knowing I had it from this) and promised someone would give me a call within the hour since he “doesn’t have access” to my account.

    I got a call back 20 minutes later from someone in “executive customer service” (?) who asked me about my situation.

    I was hit with an overdraft fee for $70 on 8/27 which brought my account to POSITIVE $163.34- I don’t understand why this happened, and neither did the woman who called me. Two other purchases went through on 8/28- one for $187.94 and a Walgreen’s purchase for some reason was split into two separate charges. Had the $70 fee not been there, I would have been at $-11.06 from only one charge. I was THEN hit with a $105 overdraft fee, totaling $175 in overdraft fees for what have should been a negative $11 balance- and I had a check today (less than $24) for a $332 deposit. My paycheck was a day late.

    The woman I talked to was helpful, refunded my $175 even though she could have “charged me $35” for $11.06 in the negative (what the hell is their overdraft fee tier?) and less than 15 minutes later I see the credit to my account (which I never see at this speed with anything else.

    Thank you for saving me about 5 hours of wasted time talking to low-level customer service representatives that would have cheated me like shit.

  5. Wachoviasux says:

    You should have went in and talked to their “managers” at the kiosk(first person they see is the best—yea right)…they plug in your situation, hit a button and if you’ve been a loyal customer, with accounts, loans, etc…they’ll give you back $18 out of $210 in NSF…until you leave the bank, call someone who knows his butt from a hole in the ground (not the mgrs. or the local market leaders) and prove to them that there was no, zero, none, notta error on your account. Wachovia uses the debit card hold scam on people who just don’t know any better and can’t afford an attorney to get back what is rightfully theirs.

  6. ibodog says:

    FYI: Bruce Cusic is moving to the Phillipines per his voicemail message on Feb 22, 2008.

  7. amazon79 says:

    Kenneth Thompson, CEO

  8. nosebleed says:

    Thanks for this contact info! I just emailed the CEO after not being able to solve my problem through regular customer service (I got tons of NSF fees after getting charged twice for a bill payment) and the nice lady from his office was able to refund my NSF fees. This works, but ONLY do it if you have exhausted any other means of getting your issue solved (call customer service, speak to a supervisor, etc.)

  9. InfoFreak says:

    Kenneth Thompson, CEO

    His name is actually G. Kennedy (Ken) Thompson

    Office of the President fax: 704-427-3459

  10. BillyBlade says:

    Has anyone ever attempted to cash a check at Wachovia? I had a check written on a Wachovia account and went to cash it at a local bank in Atlanta, GA. I was charged a $5.00 dollar fee. I was told the only way to avoid the fee is to become a member of the bank. Why would I want to bank at a place that charge’s such high fees? I informed the teller that I would complain about it and he said I was more than welcome to call their 1-800 number, however he states there is nothing I can do about it.

  11. 10felines says:

    I have been banking over the internet for some time and with a couple of banks, Wachovia being my latest. About once a year (at the most) I make a mistake and incur an overdraft fee. The banks will usually forgive one set a year so I have been ok. Lately though with wachovia I have had a series of overdraft fees and just yesterday figured it out.
    There are those payees that do not have “an agreement” with Wachovia to accept on line payments. I knew that. So they send a check to them. I knew that too. But what I didn’t know, and what has not been the practice at my other banks in the past, is that they mark that bill paid in your bill pay screen but do not take the money out of the account until the check is paid. They treat it as though I had written the check. The only problem is that I didn’t know this. When I called “customer service” (ha!)they showed me that if I went through three screens (that’s three) I could see the information that explains their procedure. Ok my bad, but I would check with bill pay and it showed the bill paid. Who knew? I would check my balance and think wow I have more money than I thought! Duh.. So I would go ahead and spend more $$ thinking my bills were paid and I just added wrong. Not! I incurred $55 the first time and $140 the second time. The first time they forgave them but not the second. I now only use my checking account to pay bills. I put enough in it to pay them and do not use my debit card or checks. I was going to open some accounts for my business with them but when I saw the FOUR pages of fees for my “free” checking account I have reconsidered! Yikes! Free is taken away the minute you make a mistake or don’t understand how the system works. Should I change banks? They are all the same so why bother….Am I just dumber than most or have they figured out another way to take our money? GRRRRRRR!!!!!!

  12. 10felines says:

    Ok I have to let you know the end to this story. I pulled the info off of the web site for the President’s name and e-mail. Yes the pres was no longer the pres, but I figured someone might get the e-mail. Actually I didn’t figure I would get anything out of it except my own venting….Anyway, I sent an e-mail explaining my experience with their bill pay and my frustration with their system and how it cost me $140 in fees. I tried to be civil and explain the situation calmly and clearly. Weelllll….yesterday I got a phone call from the Presidents office. Needless to say I was extremely surprised! He apologized for my frustration and said he had confirmed the issue of having to go through three screens to find out the information on how they handle bill pay checks the bank sends for you. I really couldn’t believe someone cared whether I was happy with Wachovia. I told him I was very surprised and thanked him for his concern. Bottom line for me was that he refunded the $140 in overdraft fees I incurred! Although I can use the $$, it really was the fact that he took the time to call me and resolve my problem. Very impressed! So it does work! Stay calm and clear, get to the top of the food chain, and maybe, just maybe, you can win! The little guy, (woman), the people, can prevail! Wooohooo!

  13. Aisley says:

    I don’t see myself using Wachovia any time soon. A very good friend of mine works with a non-profit foundation that provides social services. One day, and compleatly out of the blue, they froze the foundation account. The executive director, who’s also of my acquitance, tried to find out what the problem was. This is the time, almost three years later, that they still don’t know what happened.

    For a moment we even thought that there could be an investigation (this is an Islamic non-profit). But they did not answer to ANY questions with anything else than “NO”.

    May we inquire as the reason for the account freeze? NO
    Have we in any way done something wrong in the management of our account? NO
    Is this an occurance of identity theft? NO
    Has the FBI requested this freeze? NO
    Is our account been invstigated by the FBI? NO
    Was it the CIA, are we been investigated by the CIA? NO
    Is the secret service, the US marshalls, the local police, or anybody else investigating our account? NO
    Is therre anybody we can talk to so we can find out what happened and why? you guessed it! NO.

    The poor exec director had to take it upon herself to contact all the law enforcement agencies above mentioned to find out. In that one thing the bank was right, there’s no investigation on them, nor they suspect any impropriety.

    In the end, they had to have a lawyer contact Wachovia, so they could get their money out and to another bank. And, could you believe that Wach still have not told them why the account was frozen. you gessed again! NO

  14. kookie says:

    I had some similar problems with Wachovia…they charged me 18 overdraft fees ($630.00) for overdrafting my account a total of $80. My friend gave me this site…I called Samuel Hinnant and kept talking to him…explaining how absurd this is….he told me to send him an email and had Holly Atkins call me. I missed her call, but called her back at 866-642-9407 ext. 70112. She was able to give me most of it back…not all, but most. I was so tired of calling and talking with them I took the offer. Good luck to whomever else is helped by this.