To Get Telemarketers To Stop, You Must Specifically Say "Put Me On Your Do Not Call List"

According to a reader who works as a telemarketer for a timeshare company, it’s not enough to say say, “Stop calling me,” to get yourself off a company’s calling list, you must unequivocally request the removal.

“If you want a telemarketer to stop calling you, do not say “Quit calling me” or “Don’t call me again.” In some companies, Reps are informed under strict guidelines to only delete records if the customer specifically requests they do so. Telemarketers are only required to put you on the “Do Not Call” list if you SPECIFICALLY request to be put on it. Be clear about this and ask for written documentation to be mailed to you if they have your mailing address, but don’t provide it to them if they do not.”

Furthermore, if you’re on the National Do Not Call list, you can report the infraction to the FCC here. An important caveat is this technique will only work for non-skeezy, non-fly-by-night telemarketing operations.

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