How To Never Ever Get In Trouble For Recording Calls With Customer Service

Now you can record your phone call without peeing your pants about whether it’s legal to do so in your state, or worrying that the rep will end the call right after you inform them you’re recording. Ron Burley starts every customer service interaction with getting the rep’s name, employee number, direct line, and call center location. Then he follows up with this

Me: Boy, I sound just like you guys. [Chuckle. Then state clearly:] This call may be recorded for training purposes. [Little laugh.] Maybe you could put in a good word for me?
Representative: [Laughs] Sure.
Me: [Laugh] Thanks. Anyway, here’s what’s going on with me today…

…He’s been informed, and therefore I am within my rights to record the conversation. It’s not my problem that the customer service representative might not have taken my statement seriously.”

It’s easy to get started recording customer service calls using your computer and free or low-cost software, learn how here.

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