Dunkin' Donuts To Eliminate Most Trans Fat By October 15

Dunkin’ Donuts will announce tomorrow that over 50 menu items, including donuts, will become virtually trans fat free by October 15. The donut maker is relying on a reformulated cooking oil made from palm, soybean, and cottonseed oils. Over 400 locations secretly tested the new formula over the past four months, and according to Dunkin’, “we got no negative consumer feedback, and we sold 50 million doughnuts in that time.” The CSPI reacted favorably to the news, saying:

“It’s good news that they’re dropping most, if not quite all, trans fat,” said Jeff Cronin, spokesman for the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a Washington-based nonprofit. “If Dunkin’ Donuts can do that, anyone can.”

But Cronin cautioned that when it comes to Dunkin’s doughnuts, “we’re still talking about a food that’s mostly white flour, sugar, and fat.”

Though the AP headline boasts, “Dunkin’ Donuts Going Free Of Trans Fat,” the article notes: “Dunkin’ isn’t claiming it will become “trans fat free,” but does say any trans fat in foods including doughnuts, croissants, muffins and cookies will fall below half a gram per serving.”

Donuts may not be health food yet, but at least they are no longer such potent heart attack bait. Now if only they would tell us how calories they contain

Dunkin’ Donuts Going Free Of Trans Fat [AP]
(Photo: makelessnoise)

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