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  • Why Does It Take So Long To Get To The Voicemail Message?
    AParsons says: “My voicemail for verizon: “Hi this is allan. To leave a message, press star.” Pressing * on a verizon voicemail bypasses that stupid announcement and immediately plays the beep to the caller.

  • Trai_Dep says: “Think mom is a dirty little bird who will no doubt raise a girl that is so screwed up that she’ll be the first to lose her virginity in her primary school. To half the boys in class. At once. While wearing a True Love Waits bracelet.

  • Meijer Uses Receipts To Warn Customers They Bought Products Recalled For Botulism
    Cabedgrin says: “Like others have noticed, this is an excellent use of consumer data. Unfortunately other places (such as WalMart, holding one of the worlds largest consumer tracking databases in the world) do not utilize this feature, at all. Its my personal opinion that if they used consumer purchasing data to these lengths then some people won’t be as standoffish to the tracking in the first place. Kind of a happy medium.

  • Are “Customized” Textbooks A Scam?
    Christovir says: “A good teacher/professor can make an excellent course without the need for any textbooks. I always try to use as many peer-reviewed journal articles and self-made resources for students as possible. For those who are students in the US, try shopping around at – you can sometimes get the same new books for much cheaper, even after the extra shipping – though the exchange rate is not exactly at its best right now.

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