New Zealand And Australia Recall Chinese-Made Formaldehyde Tainted Blankets

The formaldehyde-tainting scandal over in New Zealand and Australia continues today with a recall of Chinese-made blankets that are so full of formaldehyde that they could cause skin or respiratory irritation, according to the Associated Press.

Wholesale firm Charles Parsons said the level of formaldehyde in the Superlux brand of blankets ‘may cause short-term skin or respiratory irritation.’

The recall came as New Zealand’s Ministry of Consumer Affairs said it plans next week to start testing Chinese-made clothing for formaldehyde.

But ministry general manager Liz MacPherson said there were no New Zealand standards for the safe level of formaldehyde in clothing.

Formaldehyde is used to prevent creasing in clothes and fabrics but is also linked to health problems ranging from skin complaints to cancer.

In case you were wondering, the U.S. does have standards for the safe level of formaldehyde in clothing, but New Zealand does not.

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