Delta Names Former CEO Of Northwest Airlines As Their New CEO

Delta has named Richard Anderson, former CEO of Northwest Airlines as their new CEO according to CNNMoney.

Yes, that Northwest airlines. We can only assume that a merger is in the works (though they deny it), and the combination of Delta and Northwest… We don’t even want to think about it, but we will speculate that if those two operations merged we’d have to hire another e-mail intern.

Anderson’s appointment as Delta’s (Charts, Fortune 500) chief, which takes effect Sept. 1, stoked speculation that Delta, the No. 3 U.S. airline, and Northwest, No. 5, could join forces. But Anderson said in a conference call there are no plans for a merger between the two.

Anderson, 52, has been president of UnitedHealth Group’s (Charts, Fortune 500) commercial services unit since 2006. He joined UnitedHealth after a 14-year career with Northwest (Charts, Fortune 500), which emerged from bankruptcy this past spring.

Grinstein preferred a choice from Delta’s executive team that helped in the recent turnaround. But the board went in another direction.

“After a thorough search, the board concluded that Richard Anderson possesses the right blend of seasoned leadership, strategic skills, international experience and airline knowledge the company needs to navigate the industry’s challenges and capitalize on its opportunities,” said Daniel Carp, chairman of Delta’s board.

Hmm. Whatever. Our most important task will be to give Richie a nickname. Richard “Northwest Airlines” Anderson? Richard “Traitor” Anderson? Richard “Anyone Want To Buy An Airline?” Anderson?

The comments are open for suggestions.

Delta names Richard Anderson as CEO


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  1. unamericanvalues says:

    My vote for a nickname is Richie “save the sinking ship” Anderson. And if a merger truly is in the works that could only mean one thing, the most repulsive airline in existence by far.

  2. gilman says:

    You know when your airline is in trouble when you turn to a former CEO of Northworst to get you back on track.

    Maybe if he doesn’t work out they can hire the new Chrysler CEO

  3. Major-General says:

    *Darth Vader Voice* The circle of suck is now complete.

  4. Jozef says:

    Wall Street Journal ranked Delta worst among ten largest US carriers in combined score for on-time arrivals, overbooking and canceled flights. I don’t think there’s much left to mess up by the former CEO of Northworst.

  5. dadelus says:

    When I worked under him at UnitedHealth we always just called him “Macgyver”. Although his results weren’t near the same.

  6. dadelus says:

    Although, to be fair, like MacGyver he did push us to do more and more with less and less!

    Unfortunatley in return the exec level seemed to do less and less with more and more.