Wells Fargo's Network Goes Down For 24 Hours, Customers Sad, Broke

Some of Wells Fargo’s customers experienced an service outage that lasted about 24 hours, according to the Associated Press. Affected customers were unable to get cash or use their debit cards.

From the S P-I:

San Francisco-based Wells Fargo would not say how many customers or machines were affected but acknowledged that services were down throughout the company — from personal banking and Wells Fargo corporate Web sites and ATMs to the processing of mortgage and student loans.

“Customers may continue to experience transaction difficulties or delays in our stores, at ATMs and at the point-of-sale … and processing for some mortgage, home equity, student loans and remittances,” Wells Fargo spokeswoman Julia Tunis said. “Our systems teams are working to fix those problems and we hope to have all channels fully available soon.”

If you have a Wells Fargo account you might want to drop by a teller to get some cash for the next few days while they get this stuff ironed out.

Wells Fargo customers stranded by service issues [Seattle P-I] (Thanks, Cherise!)


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  1. Nakko says:

    This affected Wells Fargo branches as well, I believe. I went in person into a branch, tried to deposit a check, and was told their system was down, and they could not accept my money. I was sad; I wasted my lunch-break…

  2. it5five says:

    It does indeed affect branches. I don’t know when this happened, but yesterday my girlfriend deposited some money, but it isn’t appearing (even as pending) in her account online. We saved the receipt, so if it doesn’t show up we’ll have proof. But I can imagine even with that it will be an uphill battle.

  3. freakinalex says:

    No wonder I couldn’t activate my bank card yerterday.

  4. howie_in_az says:

    I’ve been trying to figure out why HSBC doesn’t have my deposit and WF shows it as cashed. I called several times yesterday and was told that their machines were down. I laughed at the time since one of the reps said it was a “planned outage” — who in their right mind schedules outages during the day?

    I can’t wait to leave them.

  5. mermaidshoes says:

    whoa, that sucks. i’m glad i was able to use my wells fargo cards yesterday. i would have been reeeeally ticked if i hadn’t been able to get my cat food and diet coke after waiting in line at the store for approximately 7.3 hours…

  6. Notsewfast says:

    I was waiting for this…

    I had my wallet Stolen on a business trip last week, and was able to drop by a local branch in the city I was visiting to get a temporary ATM Card.

    When I got to the airport I was going to get cash to pay for parking. The ATM didn’t work and I called customer service who informed me that the entire Debit/ATM system was down and they had no idea when it would be back up.

    Sunday night was fun…

  7. beyond says:

    If having computers down for a day is the limit to the problems you have with your bank, stick with them.

  8. Imaginary_Friend says:

    I wonder if they’ll try to blame this outage on Microsoft like Skype did:

    “The disruption was triggered by a massive restart of our users’ computers across the globe within a very short timeframe as they re-booted after receiving a routine set of patches through Windows Update,” Skype spokesman Villu Arak said.


  9. theskyline.net says:

    i was caught up in this and called the bank to see what was the haps with my account (a merchant got a ‘call to confirm’ message when I used my debit card). Kudos to the support rep I spoke to who was informative, appropriately sheepish in tone and down-right pleasant considering she must have been on the receiving end of hundreds of angry phone-calls previous to my own.

  10. Buran says:

    This is why I carry two separate credit cards issued by two different banks with two different card network logos on them. If one fails the other should still work. If the store can’t process either of them, I’ll find a seller who can.

  11. Buran says:

    @beyond: Having everything go down, especially during the day, is unacceptable.

  12. samurailynn says:

    Hmm… I wonder if this is why I made a payment to my credit card over the weekend and the money ended up being transferred to my savings account instead. (I know it wasn’t my mistake – I clicked the “make a payment” link from my credit card statement screen.)

  13. Dan25 says:

    @samurailynn: you need to manually select your credit card from the drop down menue that follows after you select make a one time payment using online transfers.

  14. samurailynn says:


    I know how it works, I’ve been a Wells Fargo customer for years, and I have never paid the credit card any other way. I mostly added that comment to rebut the eventual comments that I probably just didn’t do it right. This may or may not be related to the system outages, but it still made me curious.

  15. After a series of horrific “Your account doesn’t exist” when I moved, this is seriously the last straw with Wells Fargo. I tried paying for a haircut during the outage, my card was declined.

    I ran across the street to use another ATM. Declined.

    So I waited on hold with customer service for an hour. (No wonder I didn’t get through, they were probably flooded).

    Worst yet, I have to wait for two more weeks till my checks from work can use direct deposit.

    Absolutely horrible…and Wells Fargo does nothing to reimburse its customers.

  16. jmschn says:

    hmm oh well.

  17. SafetyHelmet says:

    There’s not much you can do about one of their mainframes going down. I believe it went down Saturday, we found out about it on Monday, and they said (Instant Cash, a division of WF) that they were having a replacement part overnighted.

    It happens, and it’s the first outage like this that I’ve seen in over 3 years, which is pretty good.. but it makes me worry about the extent of their disaster recovery planning, when network/mainframe problems take out half of their services for the nation.

  18. North Antara says:

    @SafetyHelmet: I worked there for 5, and never saw anything this big happen.

    I feel sorry for all the folks that had to deal with it (internally)…I’m sure that Monday was a very, very bad day for them.

  19. North Antara says:

    (not that I don’t think it sucks for the customers too…I definitely do – I’m one of them.)

  20. Buran says:

    @SafetyHelmet: It doesn’t “happen”. You have backups. No excuse. None.

  21. BrockBrockman says:

    @Buran: I wish you were right. Statistically speaking, I think it was bound to happen, even though I agree that there really should be no excuse.

    This is what happens in an automated world dependent on computers. I hope you that next to your second credit card, you have a stockpile of cash; and next to that stockpile of cash, a stockpile of precious metals; and next to that stockpile of precious metals …

    I seriously hope Wells Fargo tries to make this right.

  22. Buran says:

    @BrockBrockman: My point was, if it was a single failure in one computer, where was the fallback?

  23. mwdavis says:

    I don’t think it’s entirely over yet – whatever it is. I made two debit purchases (no problems) middle of the day yesterday. They still haven’t shown up as (pending charges) or at all online about 14 hours later. Normally, the charges show up within minutes.

  24. samurailynn says:

    Sometimes your backups fail. We once had a RAID storing all of our pictures and music (the pictures were also backed up on a different computer, but not the music). That summer our apartment (which had central A/C) was constantly about 98-100F. Two of the drives in the RAID went bad at once, and everything was gone. We were lucky to have the pictures stored elsewhere, but the music was gone. Some of it we had CDs for, but a lot of it had been purchased online.

    In any case, a failure like that makes you realize that you need better back ups. Sure, if we had been a business, we probably would have had offsite back ups too, but we were just a young couple living in an apartment. We didn’t see it coming, but now that it’s happened, we’re more careful with our precious data. Hopefully Wells Fargo will learn a lesson from this too. I know this is the first time I have ever seen an outage like this from them, and I have used them for banking for as long as I can remember knowing what a bank was.

  25. dethl says:

    Bleh, this was a major inconveince for me as I had just received some money from my grandparents to pay for school. I was nervous as hell as I didn’t know when I’d actually be able to pay my bills (and not get disenrolled).

    Luckily last night I did get it and paid for everything including my books. Still have had some problems…can’t pay my cell phone bill still (gives me wrong zip code oddly enough) and Amazon.com griped at me when I bought my textbooks.