Jordan Fogal Responds To Your Comments About The Rotten Lemon Tremont Homes Sold Her

Jordan Fogal was heartened to see our post on her story and read your comments. Here’s her response to some of your questions.

Thank you Ben! Now how do I respond to these comments … they are the ones I usually get.

First: We did use a licensed realtor.

Two: We did not understand the true ramifications of arbitration, or it’s unfairness. No one who has not been caught in this snare does. We did not know that almost always big business wins. We thought it was like, OK kids lets sit down and not argue and fix this situation. We did not know the system was rigged. We did not understand the builders were repeat clients and the arbitrators meal tickets. No one understands arbitration companies are just the middle men. You still have to put on a trial and have all the costs associated: witnesses, subpoenas, expert testimony you even have to pay for the room to hold the arbitration in… We would not have had to pay a judge as we did an arbitrator or room rent or the astronomical fees charged by arbitration companies. Our arbitration fees alone were $9300. dollars. That does not include going to the kangaroo court where the rules of law no longer apply behind close doors. That was nearly $30,000 dollars…

3) We did have an inspector. Without invasive testing, he could not have know what was behind the freshly paint walls. Ask you builder if you can do a little destructive testing before you buy the house and see how far you get.

4) We did get legal advice. We are on our third set of lawyers. One advised us to go into foreclosure and bankruptcy and get on with our lives because in the state of Texas we would never receive any ration of fairness or justice. The builder’s lawyers know how to eat up your retainer before your check clears.

People make these comments because they still just do not understand. The public cannot accept that this can go on the this county and they have no recourse. The court house doors are blocked.

Those who run from trial prove their guilt.

If arbitration is so fair why is it mandatory?

Thank you for trying to help us all and informing the public.

Jordan Fogal

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