Why Do You Hate The Gap? The Gap Responds To Your Complaints

Mike Antonucci at the San Jose Mercury News took your complaints to the Gap’s top brass and got some interesting responses. They even responded to our editorializing about the Gap’s general state of failure with some upbeat sentences touting their own profitability. Whoops! We guess we were wrong and everything is just fine. Wait, what about the three-year sales slump, the recent layoffs, and the fact that same-store sales (the most important indicator of the health of a retail operation) have fallen in 12 consecutive quarters. Teehee! Sorry, we were sooo mean!

Gap also responded to your accusations of boring clothes by admitting that their products “haven’t resonated with customers” and by reminding you that their classic white shirts were just on the cover of Vogue.

When asked about the inconsistent sizing and ill-fitting clothing that so many Consumerist readers complained about, Gap had this to say:

“The sizing and measurement of our clothing remains the same, although thanks to new fabrications, the fits and silhouettes of our clothing have changed. For instance, like many apparel brands today, we use stretch fabrications in cotton and denim because many customers want a fit that’s closer to the body. For this fall, Old Navy’s new denim line offers three new fits, and Gap is in the process of reducing the number of styles in our stores to make it easier for our customers.”

Did that answer the question? What was the question again?

Oh yeah, the question was, “Why do you hate the Gap?” Check out the Mercury News for the rest of the response. It’s good stuff.

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