Comcast's Official Water Jug Changing Policy

In today’s go-go economy, savvy companies know it’s important to draft official policies for a variety of circumstances and surprises that can crop up in the middle of a busy workday, clearly communicated and readily available.

There need to be documents employees can refer to, pantra-laterally, to help steer their decisions through times of uncertainty and deal with rapidly fluxing global business enterprise environment.

Like when you need to change the water jug.

Inside, Comcast’s official water jug changing policy and instruction manual…

When you notice there is no coffee left, and/or you have used the remainder of the water, please follow these steps to replace the empty water jug with a full one.

1) Locate a full water jug from the stack and place it on the floor.

2) Take the empty jug from the cooler and place it in the full jug’s previous location.

3) There are 2 options to prepare the jug to be placed on the cooler:

a. Less water will come out from the opening:
(Recommended for less spilling)
i. Peel back the plastic tag
ii. Poke the stopper down into the water

Or use the other option:

b. More water will come out from the opening:
i. Remove the entire lid by peeling the blue portion hanging from the lid.

4) Lift the jug. (Use your legs, not your back).

5) Aim the jug opening towards the center of the water cooler opening.

6) Gently place the water cooler to fit into the large opening.

The water has now been replaced.




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