EECB Scores Direct Hit On Verizon's CEO

Roger’s bank messed up and his Verizon bill didn’t get paid, resulting in his account being shut off for non-payment. While the phone and internet were back on almost immediately, Roger toiled fruitlessly trying to get the TV service turned back on, finally writing to Consumerist in frustration.

Roger didn’t just write the Consumerist, however, he also CC’d his email to Verizon’s CEO. And it worked. Roger writes:

On Wednesday morning, I get a phone call and email from Mark D. Reddick (Executive Customer Relations) saying that he would personally handle the matter at the behest of Mr. Seidenberg (talk about action).

I was going to try to find out the name of someone in Executive Customer Relations (as per the advice of one of your interns to my first email to you guys) but was lucky enough to have them contact me first. When I got home from work, a technician called me to get my set-top box information… unfortunately she wasn’t able to get the matter fixed and she ended up scheduling a technician to come out to my home today … Suffice it to say, the tech was able to get me up and running.

It sucks that I had to email the friggin’ CEO but apparently Verizon’s computer systems leave a lot to be desired (I will say this much, their CSR’s were all very friendly despite their inability to address my issue). This goes to show you how effective a polite email that is addressed to Consumerist AND the CEO can be. Thanks for all your advice.


No problem, Roger. Are you stuck in a customer service quagmire? Emailing the top brass has a marvelous way of speeding things up. Learn how to launch an EECB by clicking here.



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  1. Toof_75_75 says:

    So does that rid Roger of his Verizon Face, or just prolong its next showing?

  2. Meg Marco says:

    @Toof_75_75: The EECB is the only known cure.

  3. gibsonic says:

    i love happy endings…wait what were we talking about again?!

  4. ghs215 says:

    Verizon failed to comply with what they promiced us and made my wife extremely mad (bad move on their part, she has a Journalism and Criminal Justice degree). She wrote a nice email and sent it to 10 of the 12 Verizon Executives (excluding general council). Within 12 hours, Executive Customer Relations contacted us. He was extremely baffled on the extensive email list (which we spilled no beans, thanks Consumerist!). Long story short and surprised on how we were treated that he compensated us 2 new cell phones, 2 car charger kits, and 2 Bluetooth headsets. Which were all overnighted to us!

  5. JohnMc says:

    Roger, don’t get all ashamed you contacted the CEO. It IS his job TOO to serve the customer. You should not have had to but when in need…..

  6. FLConsumer says:

    Please DO contact the CEO. I have a feeling he’s probably being snowballed by those below him into thinking everything’s just fine and customers are happy, systems are running efficiently, etc.

    I’m glad he got a response. I wrote a snail-mail letter to the Verizon CEO to express my disgust for their terribly inefficient and incompetent DSL tech support department. Sent it certified, return-receipt. Never heard a word back from Verizon despite having confirmation that they did receive it. Having heard from friends who’ve placed tech support calls subsequently, the same problems still exist.

  7. xanik266 says:

    I used to work for Verizon Wireless’ financial services. Let me tell you, they use some of the most antiquated software on the planet!