Continental Passengers Revolt After Sitting On Tarmac For 5 Hours

Will July 29, go down in history as airline traveler’s Stonewall? 120 passengers staged a protest aboard Continental Flight 1669 after waiting on the runway for over five hours.

So passengers began drumming in unison on the overhead bins. The crew freaked out, one steward admonished them “for destroying airline property,” and eventually the police were called, who boarded the plane and disembarked the passengers Continental had said were “becoming violent.”

70 of the passengers later signed a petition which said:

We did not have water, food, toilet paper.. The toilets were clogged and completely unsanitary. Moreover, there were a number of children and older and special-needs passengers, including a diabetic and a pregnant woman, who desperately needed attention.

So…how’s that Passenger’s Bill of Rights coming?

Right There on the Tarmac, the Inmates Revolt [NYT] (Thanks to Melinda!)
(Photo: FlyGuy92586)

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