Sorry, AirTran, your hostile takeover failed. An investment group lead by Northwest Airlines will buy Midwest Airlines, taking the airline private. The fate of the chocolate chip cookies is unknown. [Washington Post]


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  1. Shenanigans Was Taken says:

    My girlfriend is from Milwaukee and she has been following this story forever. I know she did not want Midwest to go to AirTran, but I am not sure she is going to be pleased with it being associated with NWA.

  2. chimmike says:

    one of the major Midwest shareholders actually prefers the AirTran bid…….

  3. B says:

    I’d prefer almost any other outcome to Northwest taking over the airline.

  4. IRSistherootofallevil says:

    I thought Northwest was bankrupt.

  5. Melov says:

    Whatever happened to the Macy’s take over? Quit believing the media!

  6. BelBivDevolkswagen says:

    So does this mean most of Airtran’s flights at the end of the month are going to be cancelled too?

  7. Gee, ripped away from evil, only to fall into the hands of Satan…doesn’t Northwest Airlines translate from Airlinespeak to “Southwest Airlines Conditions without the evils of a Legacy Carrier?”

  8. Made an error, the above should say “with the evils of a Legacy Carrier.”

  9. HaxRomana says:

    But…but my cookies.

  10. Scott says:

    If Midwest goes to Valujet a.k.a. Airtran, they’d get rid of all of Midwest’s signature amenities (although probably not the cookies). Midwest has built a successful business by offering more room and greater service instead of just trying to cram more people into their planes and Airtran just wants to expand their shitty service into more markets.

    Northwest is a part of a private equity group that would leave Midwest alone. Northwest would not be involved in the running of Midwest. Plus, the TPG bid is actually worth more than the Airtran bid.