Things I Have Learned From The Consumerist

So long, Consumerist readers! The past week has been a blast – We (okay, okay, “I”) posted over 40 different items and learned as much from reading the comment threads as I did from writing the posts. Here are my takeaways from this experience:

My best wishes go out to everyone who reads Consumerist (even you lurkers who don’t comment), and I hope you all find great ways to continue saving money while keeping big business on its collective toes.

(Photo: Shannon Clark)


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  1. dbeahn says:


    I’m sure we’ll be seeing ya around in the comments ;)

  2. jmschn says:

    Don’t forget that Consumerist often takes the place of common sense in some people!

  3. DjDynasty says:

    I’ll miss you, And I’m glad I could get the fire started about the parenting skills/i hate babies debate!

  4. Jesus On A Pogo Stick says:

    More people would probably care about the Consumer Product Safety Commission if it had the word “Taint” in it. Something along the lines of “Taint Safety Commission.”

    Or maybe if the Geek Squad had stolen some porn from the people that created the commission.

    Or, if zombies from China were trying to feed Americans tainted peanut butter, while waiting in line for the iphone and learning how to save money on groceries (but not from Wal-Mart, because Wal-Mart=evil.)

  5. transiit says:

    Oh, such quality. A week’s worth of sampling is an awesome cross-section worthy of quality introspection.

    Thank you, I know what the rules are now. I can scope out keywords or topics without having to apply any sort of rational thought. Whew. I was worried there for a moment that someone might think that there were some gray areas in opinion, but now that you’ve got us sorted out, this gets a lot easier. Awesome.

  6. Uriel says:

    Jesus would want you to fight the man, wouldn’t he?

  7. Hoss says:

    Did you at least get a free cat and a Walmart tee shirt? (Great articles, thanks!)

  8. Trai_Dep says:

    Job well done. Snarky, broad range, informative. You may retire happy and proud.

  9. killavanilla says:

    wait, what was this post about?