Money-Saving Ideas That Are, Um, Not Very Good

Blueprint for Financial Prosperity has listed a few of the dumbest “frugal” tips around. We liked (disliked?) these:

  • Buying two-ply toilet paper and pulling the sheets apart – Ignoring the fact that you can just buy single-ply toilet paper, the time it takes and the “risk” involved in using single ply is too high to make this really worth it… right?
  • Tip less than the customary 15% – If you get good service, why punish the server by saving a few dollars and short changing them on their duly earned money? If you want to save this money, don’t go out to eat!

And have to add:

Reusing Tea Bags – It’s a much better (tasting) idea to use a bigger mug than try to re-use a tea bag. Try it.

What are the dumbest money-saving ideas you’ve heard?

Ridiculous Money Saving Ideas [Blueprint for Financial Prosperity]